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Tue, December 16, 2014

-1 drydsl Toronto,
Lately the download speed is getting worse. The speed at night is only 3M bps. We are using Bell dry loop, the speed should be up to 15M bps as the service we are purchasing.

And technical support is not up to standard. When I called tonight, all I got is the repeating music, and the worse is after about 6 minutes, it got transferred to voice mail. I don't think it's acceptable.

If CIK is unable to address network speed and customer service issues in timely fashion, many customer like me will be leaving soon.
update: issue fixed at 10:15pm and you have full speed.

sorry about this. One of our Bell 10GE fibers just had issue around 8:00pm, that is the reason why you got lower speed and due to all of incoming calls at this time, so we can not pick up every call.

We are expecting this to be back to normal by 2:00am today as Engineering team is working on this.

I apologize to the inconvenience caused.


Fri, December 12, 2014

-1 Vaughan,
CIK is fine when its working. Too bad that's about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time is living hell. Ping is so high basic tasks such as opening google takes about 10 minutes. A few months ago our problem was that the internet disconnected too much, but although this problem was somehow resolved, we have a new problem of it being unstable. They also throttle you immensely. If one person is downloading a movie its actually impossible for anyone to do anything else. Customer service is also bad. Most of the time they don't know what theyre doing and cant get the problem solved. Only good part is its cheap. But no internet is also pretty darn cheap and its almost just as good. Sorry about this. If you have any issue, pls contact our tech support to report issue. I guess most of our 100,000 customers do not have the issue as you have. Also we would recommend customers moving downloading non-real time files to non-peak hours (out of 6:00pm to 12:00am).

After you contacted our tech support and your issue can not be solved, you can send your ticket to our customer relation department and we will investigate for you.


Thu, December 11, 2014

1 cable Brampton,
Now i know why internet and the information online is such a disruptive reason for some business. 4 month ago before i switched to CIK TELECOM which my neighbor suggested, i came online and researched on Google and saw a bunch of negative comments and feed back. I re-consulted with my neighbor again who assure me that they had minimal problem and outages i decided to give it a try for the first time. Yes sometimes internet is a bit slow, sometimes down, but the frequency was as frequent as when i was on other cable company paying double the price. Modem WiFi range needs to be improved though, and phone techs need to be educated more, but other than that, i would recommend CIK to everyone who is still skeptic out there, just give it a try, why not~ there is free trial period anyway~ Thank you very much for the recommend. Actually no company in the world is perfect, we do have some problems from time to time but we are keeping improvement very fast with best effort. You will every month we are improving -:). recently we have added more field support and try to solve issue within 24 hours, we have invested big on our core router and upgraded on 12/8, we will have new call center system for 6 support centers in a week. You will not regret use us -:).

If you have any issues not solved within 48 hours or have suggestion/advice, please feel free to contact our customer relation department We will try our best to help you.

Merry Christmas.


Tue, December 09, 2014

-1 cable Kingston,
CIKTel is selling me 55Mbs cable internet service, and providing me with 2Mbs internet service at peak times.
The WORST cable internet provider. I switched from Start Communications, and had NO ISSUES AT ALL while with Start, but with CIKTel, the peak use slowdowns last for hours, and are so bad, you can't use the service AT ALL.

Very, very poor response too, given an open ended estimate of 7-10 days before they *might* address the problems.

I'm cancelling it as soon as I possibly can.
update on 12/10 from Engineering, we identified one routing issue in Cogeco during the core router upgrading in the early morning of 12/8/2014, if you test tonight, you should see the speed is normal now.

sorry to hear some issue, could you pls contact our customer relation department to report your issue and we would like to investigate. We have over 100,000 customers now, and ever month over 3000 -5000 new customers joining us. Recently we have some problem of slow speed in rush hour in Rogers network which we found out the reason and have solved. It looks like you are in Cogeco network which we just applied CBB last week, so we would like to investigate if it is related to the core router upgrading 2 days ago or not.


Sun, November 23, 2014

-1 toronto,
tested 5 mins ago

I live in Downtown Toronto.

Download speed 2.31mbps
Upload 1.51mbps

Very very very disappointed...

Sorry about this. Currently we have rush hour slow speed in Rogers network in which due to unexpected high usage. From October 1st to Nov 6, we added 4000M capacity but added only 970 new customers in Rogers network and our cost increased 64,000$ a month, however still could not bring the network back to normal, we have another big increase of capacity on December 1 for 1800M temporary to solve the issue, but we suspect this could not solve the issue. I guess you received your notice by email in middle of November for our efforts as from December 1st, we are starting monitoring customer peak hour traffic and we encourage customers to move download to non-peak hour as much as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience caused as I believe all ISPs have the same issue as us right now.

If you have any further question and concerns, you can contact our customer relation manager:


Mon, October 27, 2014

1 cable Barrie,
Had issues with consistent download speed, and ping spikes when playing online video games.

Aside from that service was decent, especially for when i recommended CIK to my parents, who spoke very little English. Think they have tech people in quite a few different languages.

The speed, when they're good is pretty awesome, but sometimes can get annoying when it goes down to 200kb/s. Compared to my experiences to Bell/Rogers tho, I do think that CIK has more to offer just on the fact that there's no bandwidth caps alone.
Sorry to hear you have speed issue. Here you can test: 1) test using a wired cable connecting computer to modem directly,(you might need to reboot the modem when doing so) 2) stop other downloading/game etc 3) test in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Generally you can not use Wi-Fi test which speed various a lot and also need to turn off other applications such as movie/download.

So we can find out it is Wi-Fi issue or rush hour issue or your home network issue.

For network capacity, we are adding network capacity almost every week to meet the increasing of customers. We just upgraded for Bell 10GE circuits last Friday and Rogers today again.

If you need any help and if regular tech support can not help you out, pls obtain a trouble ticket and send to our customer relation department, we will be happy to assist you.

Don't worry about network capacity as we are upgrading every week to meet customers' need.

we just need to find out for your case, where is wrong.

Thank you using our service.


Mon, October 13, 2014

-1 cable
Their is no aspect of this ISP that has ever impressed me. There phone has been broken and near unusable during the first 8 months I have been using it. Every time we call for customer service its always this sentence that comes out of the idiotic customer support." Unplug your tv, modem and router. If it still doesn't work then call us again". We have heard this over 19 times and result was noticeable. There customer support seems like they read a sticky note on there desk every time we call them. The next terrible service is there tv. The TV would stutter and buffer non stop. It would play and buffer on and on until we just give up on watching it. We call customer support and get the same message back but one time they told us to go to there store and to check if its the box that causing it and also asked us to bring out router. They checked it and says that our router has "something wrong inside" which is funny that I able to stream videos at 1080p online without any disconnections or problems. So we buy a new one and the box still stutters so we request them to do something and they give us a new tv box. Guess what it still stutters. The third terrible service is there internet. They of course don't give you advertised up and down and the constant disconnections that we had during the first couple of months made it impossible to even enjoy a service we paid for. So in conclusion or tldr, CIK is worst ISP awful and has awful customer service and their "customer is king" bullshit is just pathetic. Sorry about the issue you have but I feel you have bias to our service. Any of telecom company if you have any issue, the first thing they will ask you to reboot the modem/router. that is common thing, I don't see why our customer service are idiot while other companies not. Also some of your comments are not making sense, you had issue with the phone for 8 months, our standard repair time for most of issues is 48 hours. If I were a customer, I would just cancel my service within 30 days if my issue not solved. We have over 100,000 customers and every day there are around 100-200 new customers joining us, I don't think what you described is true. Please contact our customer relation department and we will investigate and help you as much as we can.


Sun, October 05, 2014

-1 cable Mississauga,
I started using CIK on 2013-07-16 with a 1 year agreement of 45mbps download speed with tv/homephone bundle. During the time of a year, I submitted many complains as the internet was unstable most of the time, with speeds that were less than what they guaranteed. After a few customer service calls, Cik technicians said that it was OUR LOCATION that was the cause of the unstable internet, and that they would send us better modems and equipment immediately once possible to help fix the problem. This never happened even thought they DID get better equipment.

At around the time of Sept 2013, I had also purchased a long-distance calling for the month, telling them that I would like to have it cancelled after the month of September. In Oct. 2013, I called them again just to make sure that they would cancel the long-distance calling service, later did I find out in that they didn't cancel it even thought the Customer Service said they would. After that I told them that I would like to cancel their service once the 1 year contract ended (Start of August 2014), and to make sure to notify me 1 month before the contract ended. Not only did they notify me, but charged me for the month of August as well.

By that time, I was complained many times and in the end, they offered us a 60mphs upgrade for a year agreement at the price of 45mphs. I agreed on this, making sure to tell them to start the service at the beginning of the month of September as they had already charged me $61.22 on August 7th at 10:16:36 AM for the month of August. A week later I found out that they had ignored me request and started the 60mphs agreement in August charging me $845.10 on the same day at 6:40:39pm.

This meant they had charged me twice for the month of August and 20 days earlier than they should have for the 1 year contract. After calling them again, I told them that It was fine to have the contract start in August as long as I get refunded for the $61.22 i payed already for the Month of August, and they agreed. After 1 month, when checking my credit card bill, I noticed they did not refund the money and so i called them again. They told me that they had given me $61.22cr on my account and I could use that amount for my billing. I than asked them how is this fair as it meant I could only use the money in the account 1 year later since i already payed for the 1 year contract already, telling them I wanted it refunded into my credit card not into the acc, but they said no, they will not refund it. This made me furious and I told them I want to cancel the service, and have all my money refunded I knew than their service was faulty, telling them how I have never seen such customer service before, compared to services such as bell or rogers.

They than said that they will not do it, threatening me to go get a lawyer and sue them if I really wanted the sum back. In the end, they finally agreed to refund the money, BUT ONLY after deducing processing fees for absolutely EVERYTHING. After all deductions( deduction for month of September, processing fees, refund fees, etc) they told me I would get $714.03. I told them that I wanted to have the money refunded into my credit card by the month of Oct( the end of their services), and that they would start the refund process immediately as it would take a month for it to go through the system, and they agreed.

Now on Oct. 5 I called them today to see if they had refunded the $714.03 but I found out they have cancelled my services, but havent even started the refund process and it will take 1 more month before i get the amount they owed me.


Dear Customer: I apologize for the issue you have. Could you pls contact our Customer relation department And we will investigate and help you on your issue right away. Don't worry, we will take care of you as Customer is King is our slogan and we are serving over 100,000 customers now. I regret you haven't been working with our customer relation department before your cancellation as most of customers are very happy as they are the final step to assist customers for satisfaction. So don't worry, we will make your issue solved quickly.


Thu, September 18, 2014

0 cable Brampton,
I am very disappointed with the service I received from CIK. My issue was that the speed was not consistent, I will get 24mbps and next minute I will get 0.7 MBPS. I called CIK too many times. I was forwarded to second level support third level support with no results.
The most annoying thing was that I will call and tell them I need help, internet is working but is very slow and inconsistent. after a few days I will call again to ask why no once called to resole my issue and customer service would tell me that because I told them that the internet is working. in the last four months I have been calling them almost every week with no results.
I finally got fed up and changed my ISP. I called CIK to tell them and was told that they will charge me $25 to port my number back. such a crappy service for a year and charge me $25 to port my number (which was not mentioned in the original contract. If everything goes fine it is good service but when there is an issue, they are the worst company to deal with. all they have are very good customer service persons answering the phone calls so they talk, talk and talk but no action. they do not have resources to send to the customers to resolve issues. I regret my decision to move my services to CIK. I ended up paying the same as I would have paid to Bell for this time period PLUS the aggravation.
sorry, I don't know your exactly story. But I guess you must be testing using Wi-Fi which the speed could vary a lot. We provide an escalation for issue not solved over 48 hours by our customer relation team which is listed on our web site. you can contact by email to they can look at your case. Regarding porting out charge, we charge 25$ for numbers to be ported out because we paid for number port in/out.

I hope you still have time to contact our customer relation to escalate your issue, they do help customers for everything from technical to non-technical and almost all cusotmers are very happy after contact them. I wish we could do more to help you and apologize for the inconvenience caused


Thu, September 18, 2014

I have been using CIK for a little more than 2 yrs now. In the beginning of the second year, I called customer service and complained that the internet speed was not up to par and they said we should upgrade. So I spent more than $100 out of my pocket to upgrade and get a new modem, and the speed was just ok after that, but I didn't say anything about it since it was enough for my purposes.
This past weekend I received a call from CIK saying that they had made an error with the billing, that they had continued to charge me the same rate as before I upgraded. They then continued on to say that I had to now pay a lump sum for the services that THEY had failed to bill me for in the past year. (I have my mastercard set up for automatic payments so I was not particularly aware of this).
It's not that I am not willing to pay for the service that I'm using, however, for me to basically take responsibility for something the company did wrong is unacceptable. I argued with customer service customer service for a while, and I decided that I would terminate my account with CIK, and they said that:
1) I must provide them with 30 days' notice (perfectly acceptable), and
2) They would get a DEBT COLLECTOR to collect the "debt" that had accumulated due to a mistake on their part

At this point, I am more than very frustrated with the customer service of this company and I am seriously considering the possibility of filing a complaint with Consumer Protection. I feel that if CIK decides to continue on this way, soon nobody will want to use their services, ultimately hurting the company, and so I strongly urge CIK to train their customer service employees better!
Dear customer, please contact our customer relation department and one of our senior managers will review your issue and get this solved for you quickly. don't worry too much, we are a big company with over 100,000 customers, customer selects us because they trust us as we treat customer as our king. I'm sure you will be happy to get your issue solved once you are working with our customer relation team.


Thu, September 04, 2014

-1 drydsl Montreal,
Joined CIK last month (Aug 2014) for 10M/1M connection. Only about 4-5Mbps as per Occasionnally get 8.5Mbps. Sometimes, it drops to 0.5Mbps. When that happens, I unplugged the modem multiple times and sometimes, the speed went back to 4-5Mbps, but last time it took me a whole night of unplugging to get it back online. Over the phone with the tech, he told me that it's normal that the ISP decreases my speed if my download is higher than 1-2GB per day. After hearing such blasphemy from a tech, I was flabbergasted. I signed up for unlimited bandwidth and the tech was telling me that it is very common that the speed will decrease due to "excessive" download. He even told me to google it to verify his nonsense. I respectfully told him that I would but it simply sounds ridiculous to me. I googled as suggested but found nothing related to his claim. Regardless, the speed remains at about 4-5Mbps as of the writing of this comment Sept 4, 2014 1AM. I am not happy so far with the service due to:
1. Speed not the same as advertised
2. Need to purchase a modem for 99$
3. Keep saying that they "fixed" my problem on their end, but not sure what they actually did b/c nothing changed.
4. they do call back to check up on me but not at the time we agree. upon. e.g: they said they would call me back in 30 min to continue the troubleshooting but didn't do so until the next day.
5. Tech Helpline will be disconnected while waiting if they don't have enough English speaking tech, even if it was transferred internally from customer service to their tech support. I had to call back multiple times until someone who speaks English to pick up the phone.
I apologize for the issue you have. If you could provide your account information/calling number and time and language selected, we can investigate and get the QC to listen to the recording. Recently due to our call center system upgrading and one of our major English support center moving, we have lower ASR for English support, but we are trying to get everything back to normal within next 2 -3 weeks.

Regarding the slow speed, I apologize for this as one week ago, we have sent possible FTTN upgrading notice, due to one of FTTN fiber installation delayed from August 26 to Sept 15, caused some congestion in rush hour. also due to currently we are using over 10 1GE fibers, so some fibers congested but some might be empty, that is the reason why you reboot and speed got normal, as it switched to one empty fiber. As we are upgrading all of our 1GE fiber to 10GE fibers by end of this month, then we should solve this issue.

If you still have any question, you can either contact our support online via online chat for immediately reply or email to for any further question and concern.

Thank you very much for using our service and we are trying our best to improve our quality and service as well. you will see another big improvement this month.


Tue, September 02, 2014

-1 cable Waterloo,
I have been with CIK for about 2 years. I started with a bundle service (cable network, IP TV, IP Phone) with one year prepaid to receive the then time promotion $49.99 per month plus free initial hardware boxes and free future hardware upgrade commitment. I subscribed additional local TV program with additional $20 per month and was told I could cancel anytime. Today when I called them to cancel, I was told if I cancel the local TV but want to keep the free Chinese TV program, I have to pay from my own pocket $129 for a new TV box due to the system upgrading at the end of 2013.

As an ordinary customer, I do not know much technical details. What is in my mind is CIK'S commitment for free hardware upgrade and no one provided me a head up or a general notification for the impact of CIK system upgrade. I am not satisfied with the current situation I am in. If CIK is not preparing or unable to keep their commitment, they should, at least, let their existing customers know so they will have a choice.
Dear friend: actually there is a misunderstand, due to we have too many different kind of TV boxes, actually for local TV box, when you cancel the local TV, you can keep using the local TV box for Chinese TV, you can do either way: 1) no need to do anything just enter the Chinese TV from the local TV interface 2) upgrade the firmware to Chinese version but the same box. if you have any question which customer service can not help you, please contact our customer relation manager, I'm sure your issue will be solved. You will be proud of our customer service policy.


Mon, September 01, 2014

-1 Ottawa
Terrible service. I know it's cheaper to use Indian support centre but using dumb indian support staff is an insult to those of us knowledgable with internet protocals and machinery.

First when I openned the account, I call their centre to pay with my credit card. It was a damned zoo on the other end. People with accents I can barely understand and all trying to scream over each other. It was like the other guy was trying to take my credit card while watching a football match.

Ok got that sorted out. Today, I lost the internet and not only took me 6 tries to get through. Forget about leaving a message. They ain't calling back. And what the hell is leaving me hanging on for 20 minutes telling me I'm in que only to have me to leave a message?

And when I finally got through, all I wanted to know was a simple answer. Was the CIK network down?

A straight yes or no. I've done enough of these things to know when it is a hardware failure on my end.

Instead, I've got the freaking run around asking me about the lights on the modem and then having me to read the details on the transformer.

You guys sent me the hardware. Don't you know what you sent me? And if it is transformer failure, your tech doesn't know enough that there wouldn't be any power at all to the modem?

A simple yes or no to whether your network is down would tell me to wait it out on your end or to start an RMA procedure.

How friggin hard is that?
Recently we spent 200k upgrading our call center system for 6 national support centers which I believe your issue is caused by part of this upgrading. We switched to the new system on August 29 and one of the major issue caused is most of call agents can not pick up phone and we have switched back yesterday. Could you pls send you contact information to our customer relation department and we will assign one of senior managers to contact you to investigate your issues. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and as Customer is King so we are keeping improving our product/service and management.


Wed, August 27, 2014

0 Scarborough,
After reading all the reviews, and having previously taken a chance with another small ISP (Acanac), I thought why not CIK, the prices was pretty amazing.

Thing really didn't start off on the right foot. I selected the 25/10 DSL with first month free, but after paying the invoice and contact their service dept with regard to my order, I was told they can no longer offer the first month free. Apparently, this offer is no longer valid after September 1, 2014.

I am a bit annoyed, why are you still advertising this special on your website (today, Aug 27, 2014), and why did you allow me to pay for the plan and then change it after you already charged my credit card?

Dear Customer:

I apologize for this as the free trial was ended for activation after August 31,2014 but yesterday we have decided to continue it as it is too popular and caused our network congestion. As we will upgrade our FTTN network to 10GE fibers, so we would not have such issues going forward, so it is resumed.

You can contact customer service to confirm the free trial for this month.

If you have any problem, just contact our customer relation department

Thank you very much for the support.


Fri, August 15, 2014

-1 Maple,
My experience with CIK went bad when it was the time to renew after old contract expired.
Now, I have to pay $49.99/month for 18M/512k_internet while they are selling 30M/5M package at $44.99.
Dear customer:

I think you have some misunderstanding. CIK is giving all new customers first year at lower price and 2nd year 10$ higher. I think in your case, you have some confusion: 1) for 18M, our price is 39.99$ unless you have a bundle service which is 49.99$. 2) for 30M/5M, the first year is 44.99 and 2nd year must be 54.99$ and it is single service. So actually you are comparing bundle cable price with single price first year. 3) the 18M is an old speed which ROgers stopped offering over 1 year ago but old customers still have it, the new speed is 30M and our cost has increased 10$ more.

So I suggest you to review what you actually have right now before discussion with our customer service. also we do not have any renew price as for single service, usually we do not have any contract and for bundle service, we have one year contract due to free hardware and 2nd year no contract.

I believe CIK is the best company in Canada in Telecommunication as many our policies other companies do not have such as 30 days warranty, hardware life time warranty, 2 year hardware upgrading program, price is good.

That is why over 100,000 customers using our service now and every month over 3000-5000 customers joining us.

You can email to if you have any further question.

Let me know if you have any further question.


Fri, August 15, 2014

Comment Maple,
Such a first year service is $10 cheaper policy discourages loyal customers. Don't understand why you value new customers more than old customers which are paying you longer. But please be aware that new customers will become old customers any way.

Tue, August 12, 2014

-1 Mississauga
I had bad experiences with CIK internet. They couldn't solve the issue like Bell does. It took them two weeks to install internet on my house. July 25th first installation failed after technician spent five hours here (two hours waiting on the line with CIK tech support) he had to leave because CIK didn't pick it up the call). The more pain became another whole week waiting. Normally Bell will do it on the second day. On August 2nd, 2nd installation finally made it through. But internet are quite unstable. I never get good connection more than 5 hours a day, i did more than 100 speed test with log saved. CIK technical support is a joke. They couldn't make it work for another week. I decided to cancel their service because this. They called Customer is the KING, kind of BS to me. I am the one calling them every single day for help. Nobody will help in the end. I paid one year bill for $647 in order to get the discount. They took money from my bank account and CSR said it may take 4~6 weeks for credit back. Be aware what you will get on CIK.

FYI, I had Bell internet installed within hours with stable 25M download. Very impressed compare to CIK.
First I apologize whatever issue you had but you can not blame everything on CIK such as Bell tech visited and spent 5 hours and left because can not get hold on CIK. We and Bell using same tech support, why Bell can install for you quickly and can not do for us? We never thought we can get better support from Bell, what you have mentioned is what Bell want you to feel. If all customers like you, I can tell you there is no competition in the market, your telecom bill would be doubled. Bell loves customers like you to support them. Our advantages is 1) 7 languages 7x 24 support 2) bundle service 3) cheaper price. Because we are renting lines from Bell/Telus/Rogers/Shaw, we don't think we can provide better and faster support than them. Please understand this and support us and support Canadian independent ISP.

If you have any extra issue for refund, if can not be solved within 48 hours, you can contact our escalation team with your ticket number, we will be happy to assist you.


Thu, August 07, 2014

Comment barrie,
I post here, because I am unable to get my issue resolved by contacting them by the phone, I signed up with CIK last summer, it was ok, its the same line used by the rogers, right, the issue being not able to get problem resolved when it arise, since the beginning of the year, I keeps getting disconnected for a minute or 2 and connection comes right back through out the day, sometimes multiple times within a hour, its not normal for connection to behave like this, I only called a few times at first, cause I thought it will probably gonna fix it by itself, but appreantly not, so everytime I call in now, the rep just asking the same questions over and over,(why not just look at my account history note) then saying a tech will call us, couple days later, sometime they do call, and basically just confirm the same info, then basically thats it, usually around the line of lets just keep an eye on the modem light, and give us a call when the connection dropped again. and if I call them back, it goes through the same process, which getting nowhere, and end up wasting everybody's time. to be clear of things, I already connected the modem directly to the line that come into my wall, thats like 1 meter from the outside box, I have the best possible signal. I know about all these hardwired connection, wifi, reboot, light pattern, modem power levels etc. so its either faulty modem ( i find the chance to be pretty low ), or the line outside, rogers end. I do find it understandable cik not trying to get tech to check for issues as it cost them.

if atleast get this looks into, I am ok with it, but if this connection keep up like this, I'll be gone soon for sure.

btw, the last rep was nice enough to give me a ticket number of 100064867, but no followup.
Dear customer:

Sorry to hear you have internet unstable issue. On your account there is a trouble ticket number opened on August 1,2014. From August 2nd, our tech were trying to reach you and the numbers all wrong. and we have contacted many times. I will ask our customer relation department to follow up with you by email to provide your the logs and also help you fix the issue. Or you can contact as seems your email address is also wrong. We need to talk to you to do some troubleshooting by level 2 team.

Thanks for using our service.

Sat, August 02, 2014

Overall comment: Horrible!!! I never had such bad service!

My Situation: So I just had the internet and phone package installed and after 2 days it still doesn't work!!! I've called 10 times and the customer service reps and tech support can't help at all!!! One of the tech guys said that: "You probably don't have service and/or there is something wrong with the wiring". I don't know where CIK gets these installers who can't even do their job properly! The CSR are horrible and they just want me off the phone. I tried to get their supervisor and they stuff me with excuses. Not one of them can do anything for me!!!

For anyone reading this: please don't go with this company. They trick and deceive you into getting something that is not worthwhile. Their customer service is horrible and you won't get anything done beside getting a hole in your wallet.

For CIK: Do not tell me to go to customer service because I did that 10 times already. You guys should be charge with fraud for all the claims (such as your "excellent" service) you've made. So far, I have received nothing but disrespect and empty talks.
Sorry about this. I don't know what happened to your case. From our web site, there is a way to escalate your issue to our customer relation department, please send your ticket number to, we will investigate and get back to you quickly. I don't believe our customer service and tech support are so useless as we have over 100,000 customers now and every month there are 3000-5000 new customers joining in. Our standard is to either solve or have solution for majority of issue within 48 hours. So please send your ticket to and If you don't mind, I can post your case here for our investigation for why.


Sat, July 19, 2014

-1 north york,
very bad. I ordered cable service from CIK on may,2013. On activation day, one roger cable technician came to my home and stole my cable splitter (worth $80 value), however, the internet didn't work. I called CIK every day, they told me i had to wait and they didn't send anybody to fix it, after one week, the network still not work at all. I called them and they told me I had to wait and they had too many customers to handle. I had my business and need the internet. I lost $5000 because i didn't have working internet. So i called CIK and cancelled the service, they charged me about $200 around. I ordered service from rogers again and the rogers made it work only one day. Before i ordered the service, CIK told me 30 days trial and actually they still charge customer. Sorry to hear you have some issue. If your service already disconnected then I guess nothing we could do for you for technical issue. The technician we are using is from Rogers, it is not CIK employee, if you claim they stole sth from you, we could ask Rogers to find out. If your internet was not working, we can not send CIK tech to help, what you said we told you we have too many customers so that we can not help is not true, we do have over 100-200 new customers per day, but if customers having issue, most of them solved within 48 hours. If Rogers involved, we need to send tech via Rogers, that is why delay coming. also I'm not sure what exactly problem you had, if it is DCHP issue, it can not be solved by sending a tech. For CIK 30 days warranty, I don't think any ISP in Canada offers same as us to waive the monthly charge if cancel within 30 days. We also accept returning modem, but we do not refund processing fee 69.95$ as we paid installation fee to Rogers plus shipping. you can refer to for 30 days warranty. We accept whatever reason to cancel the service within 30 days, but we need to charge at least the processing fee to convert a portion of cost. I don't think any independent ISPs in Canada could be doing better than us. Because we are getting service from Rogers, so we could not do better than Rogers. By using our service, we need our customers to support us as we provide lower price but support is slower than Rogers and Rogers tech would not want our customers to use our service at a lower price -:).

If you still need any help from us, you might contact our customer relation manager

Fri, July 18, 2014

0 Toronto,
I wanted to swith from existing ISP to CIK. Had terrible experience while asking for the quote. First I went to their website and found if I maintain $100 security deposit (to be refunded after on e year) then I get the free modem and VOIP adapter. So, to make sure I sent them e-mail and got the reply that they dont know anything about the promotion so I have to contact with the sales people over phone. I called the no. and the lady was so rude. She said she does not know anything about that promotion so if I want to order I have to pay for the accessories. When I said then howcove I saw that in the website she just said she does not know anything so order online. How do I order if I am not sure. I wanted to go to their place phoysically. But too far. So, i gave up. So, whatever they say "cusotmer is king" don't believe on those cheap advertising slogan. Their customer service is terrible. Sorry about this. I think there are some misunderstanding. Our Internet footprint is largest covering from west coast to east coast and we are providing 7 different languages 24 hours support. So we have different promotions according to different community/languages/area, there are a lot of different promotions. If you are asking online support team or email support team, they would not tell you exactly the promotions unless you have a specific promotion code. So the best way is either you place order online for general promotion or you can call our sales and select the language and ask them what they have.

Sorry about this, this is nothing to do with our slogan but just because our network is too big.


Wed, July 16, 2014

1 richmond,
Ok it was a rough start but your staff was super helpful.
so my parents have your service for about 1 year now, and recently i have decided to switch over as well. same with everyone I was skeptical about the product and service, but was attracted by the pricing.

SO i ported my number over to CIK and waited patiently for the schedule installation. When it was done i was not informed until i called and told by the staff that the service has been activated and ready to use.
Didnt know i was suppose to hook up all the device myself, and i ddint know how. Called and ask for help, but the call center was not making sense. So i went over to the richmond office behind staples and no.3 road.
The staff was helpful and went through all the connections with me, which actually wasn't hard. so i went home and tried it, and recieved a call from the tech guys asking me if everything connected ok.

it was a bit of a hassle to start with, but i am pleased with my internet! we need more of you to compete with the expensive provides in BC!
Thank you very much for the support. We will keep improving the training for our people and planned to deploy 18 local customer support centers in national wide. We have deployed 2 in Vancouver and 1 in Toronto in past 4 months.


Thu, July 10, 2014

-1 Richmond,

Which IPS customer service hang up on its customer???????!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I'm not sure what your issue was, pls provide detailed information to our customer relation department and they will be happy to assist every of our customers. Our customer number increased 25 times in past 5 years, and every day there are over 100-200 new activation. Our policy is to treat every customer as king as possible, customer service is not allowed to hang up customers as basic policy. But there could not avoid some disconnection due to system or IP connection issue as we have 6 national support centers to provide 7 languages in 7x 24 hours.

So pls provide detailed information to Jack and he will investigate for you quickly.


Mon, July 07, 2014

-1 TOR
Caveat emptor!!!

Price is cheap -- for a reason -- at least to me.

Customer service - below bare minimum.

Order dry-loop DSL internet service FTTN15/1 plan at sale price $29.99 per mth (for first twice mth). I thought I got a good bargain.

How wrong I was!!! Ordered service, arranged installation date. But the modem didn't Not arrive before Bell's visit. So when the installation was finished, I had no idea if it was working or not. Plugged in the modem and connected the phone line etc, just flashing light (i.e. no DEL service). Called CIK technical support, my call was dropped repeatedly. Sigh.

Spent next two days dealing with this non-existent technical 'support'. I was asked to bring the modem in for them to check. I spent a total of two-and-a-half hours for this visit, they found my modem worked fine but forgot to give me back the power converter. So another trip the next day to their HQ. I also reminded the customer rep to note in their file that my internet had not worked yet. ( :( Before I went, I tried to give them a call to confirm to no avail.) I was told they will schedule another visit from Bell. Spent endless hours on internet chat (and phone) trying to see the day of visit but this internet chat service is totally useless. The best they could say was the technical support would call me later. What a waste! Why can't the internet chat connect with 'real' customer service or technical support, instead of just wasting customers' time.

Then my internet worked. Got a bill from CIK that covering the period when the DSL was not working. Another call to them. The rep told me in fact they are charging me the month of July, though my one month of 'free' service would start from the date of installation, i.e. including those days when I got absolutely NO internet service. SERIOUSLY? Is This A JOKE???
Sorry about this, We have over 100 new activation with Bell FTTN everything, there might have different installation for about 5-10 customers, but we are trying our best to help our customers as possible. Per bell policy, if new installation visit is missed, the portal will allow us to book another visit time after 5 business days, however we can escalate to Bell to get it rescheduled at the earliest day if the issue is due to Bell tech. So please send your ticket number or order number to Jack don at our customer relation department, and we will help you to look at the issue right now.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Tue, July 01, 2014

Comment Coquitlam,
I signed up for CIK service October 2013 for their deal of a bundle service at $39.99. When I first called their Customer Service Agent and I was assured the deal's price was guaranteed for life as long as I pay for a whole year before then end of October.
I signed up for it paid $600+. Service set up by Shaw technician. Set up was a bit hiccup but I had similar experience with Telus and Shaw before. And imagine it was harder to coordinate with other ISP staff. Service was in general good UNTIL I TOLD THEM I WILL MOVE TO A NEW ADDRESS.
I was told by different CS staff the price will go up to $49.99 because of different reasons: cost is up for CIK, my deal was only for one year as a promotion, it it CIK policy, etc..
I told them CIK charged me for moving I didn't complain because I KNEW this fee before and I am OK with it. BUT PRICE GO UP AFTER MOVING WAS NEVER COMMUNICATED TO ME BEFORE!!!
I just want to get what I was promised for by CIK. Make sure you record conversations with CS staff if you are interested in their service. I wouldn't call CIK a liar but think it is humiliating to try to grab money out of your customer base not by improving service level but by simply bluntly breaking contract.
Dear Customer:

Sorry about this. Actually let me explain to you as service company, our cost for HR and everything increasing every year, that is why all internet and phone companies increasing price every year. For CIK, usually our first year price is below our cost to attract customer signup, and 2nd year price is a little bit higher and usually we do not increase price for 3rd year.

For your case, if you are committed 2nd year price is the same, (we might offer such promotion for 1&2 year same price or it is same price), if you are in such promotion, it will be showing on the order with plan detail and shipped to you with the hardware. you can look at the order paper to check what is your 2nd year price. If you have any question/concern, please contact our customer relation Senior manager Jack Don and he will review your case immediately.

Thank you very for using our service.


Wed, June 11, 2014

-1 Richmond,
the internet phone service has never work since day one, customer service just ask us to reset the white phone box provided. Cannot neither dial in/dial out.
Internet is ok, chinese channels are mostly from China
Could you pls contact our customer relation department if you have any problem not solved over 48 hours? please provide the ticket number so that he will investigate for you.

Thank you very much.

Wed, March 26, 2014

-1 Ottawa,
Signed up for the service in September 2013, cancelled under their 30 day warranty policy due to poor transfer speeds compared to what I was paying for. I just received the refund today March 26 2014. Totally forgot about it. Just showed up on my credit card and I realized that it was the refund. Beware of this company. Our standard refund time from receive the hardware till refund complete is about 4-6 weeks due to several depertments involved. For customers not receive refunds over 6 weeks, can escalate by contacting customer service which will be sent to quick refund which should be done within 1 week.

I'm not sure why in your case it took so long to get refund but we finished our commitment of 30 days warranty and also refunded you as our commitment.

Also I guess CIK is the only ISP in Canada providing such 30 days warranty and harfware life warranty. As we already have over 86,000 customers now and it is till keeping increasing 2000-3000 customers per month.

I could not comment your speed as it is depending on each site and situation.

Anyway, I guess we still have a lot of things to improve as we are getting bigger and bigger.


Sun, March 23, 2014

-1 Mississauga,
I feel extremely dis-satisfactory with the CIK.
First of all they arrange some rogers technician, left some box of router in my home, and that's all their installation.
Then, their internet is extremely slow and with frequent disconnection;
their TV is slow and unstable, the remote of TV can jump channels by itself.
Internet phone is very unstable, many of my friends complain for disconnection, noise, unstable during calls with me.

Very regret to trust CIK. Repeatedly called and complain to CIK, asked for partial refund to terminate 1-year contract, got a straight "NO WAY".
Asked for clarification of what service quality the ISP is looking for, their rep (Chinese lady named Catherine )never give straight response. Asked for a record showing how much time spending on calling tech support, no result.

VERY BAD, period.
I understand you have some issues. It looks like you have some understanding. 1st We rent the cable from Rogers and we sent Rogers tech to visit to test signal and the Rogers tech would not leave any router/modem. What you mentioned would not happen. All companies using ROgers/Bell as local loop is the same. 2nd, we have over 85,000 customers in Canada, and everyday over 100 new installation, if you have any issue, you should call our 7x24 support and if issue not solved within 48 hours, you can escalate to our customer relation manager with the trouble ticket number. There are over almost 30%-50% Chinese in Canada using our service, if our service is so bad as you said, how could be possible? Our support is the most efficient in Canada. So please report the issue and we will follow up with you.

Thanks for using CIK.

Sun, March 02, 2014

-1 Mark ham,
This ISP is horrible. I signed up for the phone + 15mb FTTN + tv bundle. The monthly cost is 39.99, but I chose to prepay for one year. This is a big mistake.

My service was activated on feb 1st. For the next 3 days, the phone service was not working completely. Every time I called the customer service, my phone would work for the next little while.

I also have the pay as you go long distance. That doesn't work either!! Again, if I call the customer service and complain, it will work for the next little while.

Local phone voice quality is horrible. TV service is always buffering. Internet that was supposed to be at 15MB is really 6MB on average.

Folks, do not get that 39.99 DSL bundle plan that's advertised on their website now. I am feeling the pain right now. The worst thing is the rep told me I can't even cancel because I prepaid. Everything people said on this forum is true. The phone voice quality is horrible. It will only work as it should if you call their customer service and complain. Even after thAt, your service will work for the next 2 days if you are lucky.
Dear Friend:
Could you pls send your ticket number to our customer relation department to look at your issue? The phone is built-in in our 3 IN 1 device, there is no reason it would only work a while then stop working, as it is a 3 IN 1 device, so as long as your internet working, phone should be working. If the voice quality of the phone is bad, it must be related to huge internet usage, but we would give you advice. When you select prepay 1 year plan, it is contract and we gave you some discount and also even for your contract, we have 30 days warranty. so pls send your ticket number to we will get senior tech to analyze your issue quickly.


Sun, February 09, 2014

-1 Richmond,
I am located in Richmond, BC. I saw the promotion from CIK for cable internet service for $29.99. I thought it was a pretty good deal so I decided to take the jump and switch isp. Big mistake.

I was scheduled to switch to CIK on Feb 6, 2014. I was charged $39.99 for installation even though no technician came. I received an email saying that all I had to do was switch to the cable modem (Motorola SB5101) that CIK gave me. As a side note, iTalkBB only charges $19.99 for a switch fee if you are currently with Shaw so I don't understand why CIK charges that much for an installation where no technician need to go to your residence. But that's another story.

I didn't get to switch the modem until Feb 7th because I was away on a business trip that week. When I plugged in the new modem, the lights flashed for a split second and then all the lights go off. Not even the standby light was lit. So I called the hotline. Got a customer support who only spoke Mandarin. I explained the situation to her and she said the problem was probably I got a wrong power plug. The plug's output was 12V - 3000mA. She said I should have a plug with an output of 1.5A. I was a bit upset at how such an error could have occurred; aren't the modem a standard issue to all new customers? Shouldn't they be all the same? She couldn't really explain how the error could have happened but she told me to call back next morning.

So, I called back the next morning and got in touch with technical support. Again the support could only speak Mandarin. I told her of my situation and she told me I can take the power cord to the Richmond office on Monday and exchange for a proper power cord. The problem was that I *needed* to have internet on the weekend. I work in IT and sometimes I remotely connect to my office to do work. I needed to remote in to my office that weekend to finish up something before Monday. I didn't think I would run into this problem.

I explained my situation to her that I really need to get on the internet that weekend. She told me that the Richmond is closed on the weekend. I asked her, if it was possible for her to contact someone in the Richmond office and just go to the office and make the exchange. She said sorry, the office is closed and she couldn't contact anyone in the Richmond office. I will need to wait till Monday. What she didn't realize was that Monday was a public holiday (Family Day) in BC so the office wouldn't open till Tuesday.

She said she was sorry and she would give me credit for the days I don't have internet and she would offer me a 600 minute long distance calling card, which I have no use for. I told her that really doesn't help as I stressed to her I really needed internet on the weekend. Finally, she said I can go out and get a power plug. She said CIK would reimburse me as long as it is under $10. I told her I cannot guarantee that I can get a power plug under $10 and she replied that I should be able to get a power cord for under $10 at any electronic stores. She had no idea what kind of electronic stores are available in Richmond but she seemed to think the pricing at wherever she was located also applied to the market in Richmond. All she had to do was look at the website,, and see if she could find a plug for under $10. I thought to myself that CIK is really really cheap to nickel and dime me for a power cord.

Finally, I got really fed up and I told her I wanted to cancel my service. She said alright and she would arrange for someone to call me regarding the cancellation. I had to call Shaw to extend my internet service for another two weeks so that I can get internet immediately and to give me time to look for another isp.

CIK's slogan of "customer is king" is a total joke. I was going to refer my mother to this isp as she wants to switch too. Instead, I will tell her to stay away from CIK. I strongly recommend against this isp.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused, apparently there are some misunderstanding there, I would suggest you contact our customer relation department manager to look at your issue and I will try to give you some of comments here.
1. Regarding cable transfer, it is very hard to compare price between different companies. Our monthly service is around 10-20$ cheaper per month, for activation fee, it is not only transfer from shaw, there is also other cost like shipping etc, Shaw charge transfer around 20$, and new activation 78$, for us, we just make it simple same price.
2)For the issue you have, in the package, there is a hotline number for activation date, you can call between 8:00-5:00pm Mon-Friday to get instant support for activation date. If you have problem on the activation date you need to contact that number during Mon-Friday.
3) our customer service in Cantonese and Mandarin is 7x24 hours, but Richmond is our regional office for west coast, it is closed for weekend.
4)Due to we have over 300 employees serving customers, it is very hard to reach specific employees in Richmond office. But we do have plan to add 3 retail stores in Vancouver this year to provide 7 days service.
5) we have average over 100-200 new customers per day, and there are always some kinds of issues for new installation for about 5-10% new customers, normally we would need about 48 hours for issues to be solved as we depends on Shaw for local cable line. So pls expect about 48 hours time to fix issue.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused and we are always trying our best as possible to help our customers. that is how we have around 90,000 customers now and every month around 2000-3000 new customers joining us.

If you have difficulty which customer service not able to help you as regular support or issue not solved within 48 hours, I recommend you contacting our customer relation department with your trouble ticket number, we would like to help you as possible.


Sat, February 08, 2014

-1 Montreal,
So I've been an Acanac user for may years, never had any issues but decided to switch to CIK for their 15mbps internet, home home and cable service because of slightly better price. My annual contract with Acanac ended on February 1st and I called CIK in the 2nd week of January to change my service. During the initial calls, everything was perfect, ok customer service (it was hard getting a representative who speaks english). When end of January came around, I set Jan 31st as the day they will come to install my modem and everything else. On January 30th I called just to confirm, and they told me no one will be coming the following day, at that time I was stupefied, my internet service with Acanac ends the day after and they will not come to install my new service. Apparently, they have to email (yes I said email) Videotron (I live in Montreal) to have Videotron send a technician to install my service. Those retards at CIK forgot to mention when i set the January 31st as my installation date that its only the day they will send a email to Videotron to request an installation. So after an hour of shouting to multiple morons, all of whom couldn't do anything, I hung up in frustration. For the next week, I didn't have cable TV, didn't have a residential phone service and worse of all I work from home and didn't have internet. I called them every day on multiple occasions and it was always the same story, "We emailed Videotron, we don't know when they will come to install your service, they haven't responded yet, would you like us to CC you the emails we sent?" How would me seeing the email you sent help my situation? Can't you call them? You're a telecom company I sure hope to god you have a working phone!?! Those fucking morons wasted so much time of mine and I spent an entire week either tethering from my phone or having to go to a coffee shop to work (really not practical). In the end, i just ended up calling videotron and got their service, which they came the next day to install. Oh, also they made me transfer my residential number to them and now i can't have it back, I've had the same residential number for over 10 years and now I've lost that too. TL;DR: IF YOU'RE THINKING OF USING CIK'S SERVICE, MAKE SURE TO CALL THEM ABOUT 2 YEARS AHEAD OF TIME JUST SO THEY CAN SET UP AN INSTALLATION DAY. ALSO LEARNING CHINESE OR TAMIL WOULD MAKE USING THEIR SERVICE ALOT EASIER Could you pls provide us your order number so that we can look into it. We have average 100-200 new activation per day, and overall close to 90,000 customers. We are not bad as you thought. Pls email to, we will investigate what happened for your case.

Sorry about inconvenience.


Sat, February 08, 2014

-1 Toronto,
- Frequent disconnection to DNS
- Unable to fix any issues even internet was down for 3 days.
- Technicians are not very helpful. Never fix the problem for us.
- Can't communicate with English very well
- Cant stick to their 48hr promise.

ps The music they play on their hotline is terrible

- people are nice.
- Price is good.
- Speed is stable but when things get bad, it gets REALLY BAD.
Could you pls pass your ticket number to our customer relation department and he will follow up for you. Majority of issue solved within 48 hours, but if lack of enough information, it might take longer. I think your issue is not disconnection to DNS, so we would need more information. If you send ticket to jack, he will reply you quickly.


Tue, January 14, 2014

-1 Toronto,
This employee of this company is irresponsible at all!!!! We paid $75 to upgrade our speed to 15MB from 6MB. The technical person came to change the modom, but our speed is still 6MB after six days. We called 7 times with different person, they are asking us to test the speed in a speed test website every hour for 5 times. We did! Called them, they said that's not enough, have to test with a cable line. We did!! Called them again, they said, that's no enough, have to get a telephone to test and we do not have a phone. They said why don't you borrow one from your friends. What ???!!! You leave all the testing work to your customers !!! Who is the king, customer is not. Your employee is King!! Then they said it is a technical difficulty and they will call back to me in 1 hour. Then 3 days past, no one called me at all!! I called back several times, they still lie that someone will call me in an hour!! I wait hours hours no one called!! Sorry to hear you have some issues as CIK customer but what you mentioned are not correct: 1) we have no upgrading fee of 75$. It is processing fee for 69.95$+tax 2) the Bell tech will not come to change your modem as the modem is shipped separated from our shipping center 3) no tech in CIK would ask you to test the speed every hour, it is impossible as we have standard training for all techs and this is not in the training for testing speed. Your issue mostly like Bell tech installed a separated line which it is very simple for us to fix usually within 48 hyours. Pls provide CIK internal trouble ticket here, I will get our tech to look at it right away as we have over 2-3000 new customers per month and our tech teams are well trained and most issues are solved within 48 hours. So pls provide the ticket number here, I will get our tech and QC department to look into this.

Thank you very much.

Tue, January 14, 2014

Comment Toronto,
I'm replying to the previous comment from Jordan,CEO. Our ticket No is: 2488850. We are really frustrate right now,please do help us to fix the problem like you said within 48 hours.

Tue, January 14, 2014

0 Toronto,
I'm replying to the previous comment from Jordan,CEO. Our ticket No is: 2488850. We are really frustrate right now,please do help us to fix the problem like you said within 48 hours. here is our testing result from the DSLAM card, your speed at the modem is 17.980M and our tech tried to call you at 7:47pm to verify if the line is the correct but not able to reach you. What we need next step is to very if line we tested matching your actually line, then decide if should change line or not.

Test Date time - 2014-01-14 19:32:00

Line Operational Status - 416-360-7519

Line Status: In Service UpTime: 377880
Line Profile Name: al1_d17984-5056_u800-256 Last State Change: 01/10 10:32:02
Operational Status Speed (Kbs) Relative Capacity Occupation (%) Noise Margin (0..31 dB) Signal Power (0..20 dBm) Attenuation (0..60 dB) Block count












1/14/2014 7:47:46 PM Xa_Ccs_Yomi.Y Xa_Ccs_Yomi.Y if cx call in,plz test GAS did right,and test mapping.
1/14/2014 7:47:04 PM Xa_Ccs_Yomi.Y Xa_Ccs_Yomi.Y called 1-647-6075987,she said not in home,plz call5195758112,called 5195758112 sometimes,na.

one of tech called you already and identified mapping wrong and should be fixed around 48 hours:

I already checked with cx,it's mapping wrong issue,already open to bell,will fix on this Friday PM.


Mon, December 02, 2013

0 Mississauga,
Started using CIK yesterday then found the wireless is connected but not working. Gave 2 calls in 3 hours and being replied by 2 different customer services with the same answers that we will call you back soon. Waited for another 3 hours then I did myself the stupid job of connect then disconnect and power on then off for more than 20 times then it finally got working. Almost 30 hours later, got a callback from a person who sounds not working within CIK but an agent or something else. Anyway the wireless problem is over but the port forwarding is no way to be fixed for online games because CIK's SVG6000RW Router removed from the Starnet manufacturer for THREE SETUP CHOICES including Guide, Voice and OTHER but leaving only Status, Network and System for customers to see only. Port Forward must be done within OTHER which is missing. He is definitely not able to solve this port forward problem at all, just kept saying it is your router problem. I said it is new from CIK then he said not your own router? Interesting!!! He does not even know that we have to pay for the modem and router and $69.99 for installation which is absolutely not necesary since I have been using Rogers cable internet for 15 years until the Rogers guy came in yesterday and I was still using it at that moment. I did try very hard to call CIK to have the transfer working in order to avoid stay one day home waiting for installation for almost TEN days, unfortunately it is still failed since 11/15/2013 the old ISP (Rogers 3rd party too) submitted the cancellation request to Rogers with a ticket number for which I passed to CIK the same day and repeated over and over to them, however CIK just kept saying Rogers said no no no.
Hoping that they can train their staff with the proper knowledges, skills, and languages spoken. It is said CIK provides 3 languages, unfortunately none of them are correctly spoken including English, Mandarin and Cantonese. You have to guess what they said on the phone.
Another weir thing, after becoming CIK customer, 1-877-ciktele is not allowed to use, you have to call their 416 number. Why? But this 416 number is always busy, you dont have the chance to talk to CIK anymore.
looks many misunderstanding here and let me try to explain here first 1) wireless SVG6000RW phone box, this box is designed for CIK by starnet and it is exclusive for CIK. that is why you can not find user guide. Due to it is customized, so there is only one username/pwd user/cikvoip avaible and you can do limited operation/setting while rest of them are done via configuration file remotely. Tech support do not have admin pwd either. Our tech supports are separated to level 1, 2 and 3, there are around 300 agents in 6 national call centers, so might be the one you spoke to is new or not familiar it is possible. But all people are well trained for this box. We are working on developing new CIK web site which will provide better support for documentation which will be released end of this year 2)For Transfer, this is big misunderstanding as you do not know what is at the back end. We would love to do transfer as possible, however to do transfer, your previous 3rd party ISP must submit cancellation first and the date we submit must be at least 10 days prior to cancellation date. what we found out, the 3rd ISP always submit cancallation at the last minute, that is the reason why transfer can not be done. this is due to rule set up by ROgers. That is why we told you no no no, it is not because we do not want to do it. You got cancellation ticket from the 3rd party ISP which is their internal ticket, they do not submit to Rogers which is no use for us. that is the root reason 3) The CIK toll free number, it is only for customers to use outside of major cities as we have own local support line in each major cities. For GTA it is 416-8481517 which is 7x24 hours. It is impossible it got busy as we got over 10,000 calls per day. The 3 lanagues suppport are done by different call centers according different time.

If you still have any question or need more communication, pls contact our customer relation senior manager Jack Don and we would be love to help all of our customers and your advice is very important for us to improve service.


Fri, November 29, 2013

-1 richmond hill ,
not honest to their customer we have over 75,000 internet customers in Canada. I don't think 75,000 customers would choose a company not honest. Pls provide details why you think we are not honest to our customers.

Thank you very much.

Thu, November 07, 2013

1 Toronto,
I have read mixed reviews and generally negative reviews about CIK telecom. However I decided to give them a shot because of price and detailed discussion with their agent.

Recently, I subscribed to CIK's Digital phone line and cable internet 25/2 Mbps with unlimited download for CAD 49.99 per month. Installation+cable modem+Activation= CAD 99.99. They are using Rogers cable service. I have checked the speed at different times it gives me approx. 24.5/2 Mbps which seems to be good. They were very frank to admit that the speeds may slow down during peak hours (between 5 to 11.00 pm).

I had some issues with my wifi setup when I called them they assured me that I'd get a call from their tech support, I got a call back within 10 hours with another repeat call just to check in whether everything is working fine.

I am really impressed with their customer service ( except when you get connected to a Chinese CSR, it is difficult to make them understand you, though they try hard to make sense out of your call).

If I get this high quality of service, I am sure I would port my bell home phone service for their free digital home phone line.

Overall I am very happy about their service at this cost. I would not hesitate to recommend to others to give it a shot, after all they offer you 30 days free trial.

Thank you CIK and keep up the good work.

Thu, September 26, 2013

-1 Coquitlam,
Three months ago, I applied for service installation and got delayed serveral times. Then I decided to cancel the installation and the service. I was told that refund would be done in 4-6 weeks. Two months later I still have not received my refund. They said cheque had been sent two weeks ago.
Usually we need 4-6 weeks to complete refund as it goes through several different departments in different locations. If you do not receive refund over 6 weeks, you can email to with your ticket number, we will investigate for you.


Sun, July 21, 2013

1 Toronto,
I am very happy with the service. I think the price is great and the people in the Toronto office are very nice.

My only complaint is I did not have a very good sign up process due to communication issues and some CSR's not being briefed regarding transitioning modems. As such I had to buy a new modem. I eventually got this issue cleared up but if every single person I speak to when I call CIK says I can't bring a modem when I can, I think it is a bit of a problem. I didn't have a problem about this when I spoke to the people in the Canadian office, only when I spoke to people in the Xi'an, China office. So I hope you can train them a little better. :)

I also believe the English website should be proof read because some of the English there can be confusing. Also there are elements of the website that is broken, such as the online order form because it will not allow you to bring your own modem without also authorizing an additional purchase of a new modem.

I believe the CIK team are very honest and good people, the prices are great, and the connection quality is good so I want to rate them positively.

If anyone from CIK reads this please do not think this is a negative review because I am a very happy customer. The reason I am made those small complaints is because I want to see CIK get better and better.

Thank you!
Dear Customer:

Thank you very much for the comments. Actually I agree with you some of our people still need to be trained as we are hiring too many people now so we need to improve training.

We will try our best to help our customers as customer is our king.

Let me know if you have any further advice to help us improve the service.

Jordan Dengt

Mon, June 24, 2013

-1 mississauga,
I have no where to complain this ISP. I hope this is where other people I see my advice. Don't use this ISP. Very very very bad internet connection. Very unstable, always lose connection with a few seconds of interruption. This is terrible especially when you use face time with your family. I will switch next month even i paid and get no refund. This is the most shitty service I ever experienced in my life. Don't use CIK!!!!! We have over 60,000 internet customers in Canada. If you are real customers, we would like to help every of our customers, pls contact and provide your account number we will investigate and see how to fix for you. there is no ISP could avoid technical issue. But we are always trying to fix as quick as possible.


Sun, May 19, 2013

Ciktel has been a disappointment so far. The first week nothing worked correctly, when things finally start to work again, it fail again. I'm truly starting to regret my decision of moving to Ciktel. Every now and then the connection fail and stop working it is really a (sorry my expression) a pain in the ass. Hopefully the connection will get more stable or unfortunately ill have to switch to another provider. pls reboot your modem as we just restarted all routers to balance the traffic. If you have any further technical issue which is not solved within 48 hours, pls provide the ticket number to who will escalate to level 3 tech to take a look...Cheers, Jordan

Sun, April 14, 2013

-1 Mississauga,
Im using since 1 week ago and i have 25mb plan..i never get more than 12mb/s....i tried call couple times e-mail and my problem wasnt resolved... Could you provide contact in customer relation and with your technical ticket number so that he can escalate to level 3 tech to investigate and solve for you. We have over 100 new activation per day, and slow speed is based on individual location and case by case. Thank you very much...Jordan Deng CEO

Tue, February 12, 2013

0 pickering,
Only have for last 2 days but services seems to be ok..customer service is ok as long as you communicate via email.The internet speed is quite good during the day..only get slow downloding speed during rush hour from 6PM till 10PM..I am using cable service with 25 MB plan and I get over 30 MBPS during the day..So I am quite satisfied so far.

Tue, February 08, 2011

This ISP is terrible for a number of reasons:

1) Their support mainly only speaks Chinese. There is maybe only one or two people there that can speak English.

2) Their support is extremely inexperienced and lacking in knowledge. They cannot fix any technical problems. This includes both the Chinese support as well as the few people that do speak English at this company.

3) Their internet service constantly goes down for days without notice or any means to fix it. Calling their support never resolves this.

4) If you use their VOIP service, you will have to use another phone line (or cellphone) to call them, which can take hours and still not resolve your connectivity issues.

Overall, extremely negative experience with this ISP. Constant disconnects that last for days on end and support that is worse than some of the worst I've experienced in the past (including Dell and Bell support).

1) cx must be using CIK server 2-3 years ago. Since 2010 July 9, CIK created a English Division which all employees are English &French only, you can dial 416-8481517 select English to see.

2) Our DSL speed and quality is same as Bell and other DSL companies. And support procedure is very fast, usually fix all issues within 48-72 hours unless the issue can not be fixed.

3) If Voip phone down, cx can reach us by email or phone.