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Sun, February 07, 2016

1 cable Kitchener,
Been with for a year now. They have fantastic support people who speak english as their first language and actually have a phone support line when you have to talk to someone. I've had consistent high quality service with no down time or disruption.

Sat, January 09, 2016

-1 cable London,
Paying $45.20 for 10mb download and 100gb Usage and upload well who really cares about upload these days, but yeah talk about being ripped off I mean this is 2016 and most 3rd party internet sellers are still super pricey I mean why or who in their right mind would think 15mbps and 200gb a month for $40 +tax is a good deal in 2016? Same goes with 30mbps for $50 like really? And what is up with the 60mbps being like $65 a month but for just $10 dollars more you can get 100mbps? there is zero logic in these pricing and speeds but then again like all internet places they just keep saying it's the CRTC fault blah blah blah. Sorry start you do have good solid cable internet speed that is not a lie but it does not give you the golden key to charge crappy package prices it's a rip off. No one wants to use 5 or 6 or 10 or even 15 download speeds in a city and no one should be paying like close to $50 or more an I don't care if it's cause the CRTC maybe in the country those speeds would be better fitted . how about you grow a par and tell the CRTC off and give ppl some real speed like the rest of the world how about offering 60mbps and a 300gb cap for $50 a month? Why can't you do that eh? That deal seems a lot better and more up to date or how about offering 25mbps and a 150gb cap a month for $25 or $30? Like who owns start? The CRTC? Anyways like I said your internet is rock solid for cable and I been happy for the most part but I feel and been watching for years and what you get for your money just doesn't add up or seems worth it. Enjoy my $45.20 a month which to be honest I should be only playing under $25 a month for what I'm getting so enjoy for a few more months but once a get my new custom build computer up and running I'm done I will not be ripped off I pay a lot and get so little in return for internet CRTC or not I do not care. I can live with out internet and as for the modem I been renting for years from you guys well I think it's funny if I want to buy the modem I will be charged full price and and on top of that the modem I have can only go up to 60mbps which says on your website so let's see I pay full price for this modem and if I decided to go with 100mbps I can't cause te modem only goes up to 60? Smh btw renting out modems makes your bill feel like $15 dollars more imo modem rentals should be free. Anyways enjoy my poor rant but I will not be ripped off but crap low end speeds for a high price, it's time to get with the times. First, I guess I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your solid internet from us. :) Sorry that we aren't able offer the service at the prices you've come up with, but unfortunately they don't reflect the costs we pay to provide the service. Our margin on your plan is about $2/mo so offering it for half the price just isn't realistic. If and when the pricing is corrected by the CRTC, we'll be happy to pass those savings on to all of our customers. Thanks and have a good weekend.

Fri, January 01, 2016

1 cable Toronto,
I've been using Start for about a year now.What can I say.Excellent speeds,no down times at all and superior customer service.Polite and always looking to address any questions or problems you may encounter. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your feedback and review. We're glad to have you aboard and happy to hear you're enjoying your time with us. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Mon, December 21, 2015

1 cable Brantford,
The best ISP I have ever had since 1994. Best service. Best customer service. Affordable, fast and reliable. And extremely customer orientated. (vs corporate/shareholder) Wow, always great to hear from one of our longer customers ... 12 years and going strong! :) Thanks for your support and super glad to have you with us. Have a great new year!

Tue, December 15, 2015

1 cable Hamilton,
We joined Start near the beginning of 2015. I did quite a bit of research before choosing them and was very happy with my decision.

Their prices are competitive. Their service is exceptional. The service people are friendly and knowledgeable.

We have unlimited 20/10 MBPS internet and cross-Canada digital phone. It's an older package that isn't offered anymore but satisfies our consumption requirements.

My hardware is fully owned and self-installed. It was easy and straight-forward.

There were some hiccups at the beginning with the phone service, however, they stuck by and corrected all of the problems and comped us on the problem month.

One of the clinching points for going with Start was that friends with other ISPs weren't realizing the speeds they were purchasing. High-demand times dropped their bandwidth to unusable speeds. With Start, I've seen it drop to half capacity. However, that's still fully functional for 2 devices streaming HD Netflix.

Very pleased.
Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and I'm glad to hear that you're very pleased with our services. Appreciate your support and looking forward to that 1 year mark. Have a great day and happy new year!

Sat, November 28, 2015

-1 cable Burlington,
I was very happy with Start Communications for the first 4 months of service. I did not experience any problems with connectivity or speed. This all changed a few weeks ago when I started experiencing buffering and stalling when trying to stream NHL and NBA games, as well as Netflix. A quick call to a technical service representative (very professional and courteous) determined that there were issues with some of the "numbers" he could read when he had me perform some ping tests and such. He proceeded to get a service call scheduled for today (Saturday November 28th). I was given the 2-5pm time slot.

At 4:37 of the same day as my appointment, I was called by a representative of Start Communications to inform me that they were cancelling the tech visit due to the technician being ill. No backup, no apologies, just very matter of fact. I completely understand that if someone falls ill, there's very little that can be done. What I can't get over is the fact that I got called 20 minutes before the time slot I was given expired. Also unacceptable is the fact that there was no contingency plan. No backup tech...nothing.

This situation was particularly upsetting since I had just sent my wife and kids to a "Bubble Guppies" (I know, lame) kids show in Toronto alone (because I was waiting for Start to show up). Not only did I lose $100 on the ticket to the show that I was supposed to use, but I could have accompanied them had I been told even 40 minutes before I was called to cancel.

I know that the universe doesn't revolve around me, and I know that shit happens, but this is completely unacceptable. I'll have to take the only recourse I can possibly take and just cancel my service with Start and move on to another provider. I guess the worst part was that the poor service rep wasn't even equipped to help with the situation by passing me on to a manager or anything like that. She was just the messenger, I realize that, but in cases like this, I'd like to think that the person calling to deliver the news can do something to mitigate the situation.
I'm sorry to hear that the technician scheduled to your job fell ill and was unable to attend during the originally scheduled time. If we had been able to predict or known any earlier we certainly would have advised you. Additionally if there was a way to send another tech in their place I assure you we would have however the reason it was cancelled was because the contractor we have to use (ie same company that the cable carriers use in the area) did not have a replacement available for this window. As you mentioned sometimes stuff happens, and I do apologize it has ruined your otherwise very happy experience with us. If you'd like to speak with a manager please give us a call and we'll be happy to do so, but unfortunately we still won't be able to get a tech out tonight for you. Thanks.

Thu, September 24, 2015

1 cable Toronto,
I received the service on September 21, and we are very happy so far. The speed is really good. The installation process was very fast and I only had to set up my own router by myself. I hope a good customer service in case some problem. Welcome aboard, I'm happy to hear all is going well and glad to have you with us. If you ever need something just give us a call and we'd be happy to assist. Thanks for providing feedback and have a great weekend.

Mon, September 21, 2015

1 drydsl Milton,
Just wanted to say a big thank you to the tech who came in today to do the install. Job was handled very professionally and was able to use the connection within 25mins. Coming from 25Mbps Bell Fibe to 25Mbps FTTN. Speeds have been some what similar which is good but expecting the connection to be more stable in terms of the speed. Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad to hear you're happy with the installation and service. We really appreciate your support and glad to have you with us. Have a great weekend!

Mon, September 14, 2015

-1 Oakville,
I tried to to switch from bell to star. When I call them first over weekend a lady really tried to help me. Thank God I didn't sign up at that time and call them back next day. The guy on the phone was exactly same like bell support. I was thinking to sign up after considering the comments on their service but not anymore. Why would I switch for the same service if all would be the same. They all look same to me now. Really very dissapointing. I'm sorry to hear you didn't have the experience you were expecting however I'm not exactly sure what you mean that we're the same. I can assure you we're about the furthest thing out there from "the big guys" and really care about our customers which is why we're consistently rated the highest recommended ISP. If you'd like a manager to review the call please email me at with details on the date/time (and if you know who you were talking to) and I'll be happy to see what happened. Thanks for your feedback and hopefully we'll still be able to show you that we're pretty decent folks over here. :) Have a great day.

Sat, September 05, 2015

1 cable Richmond Hill,
Best. Switch. Ever. Same equipment (modem & router) from an unreliable ISP, more stable/reliable speeds - Definitely have room for improvements with regards to having more consistent speeds, but happy to be with Start. Awesome, welcome aboard! Thanks for your feedback and glad to have you with us. If you need anything down the road just let us know. Thanks again and enjoy your day.

Mon, August 24, 2015

1 drydsl Guelph,
Been very happy with Start.I have been using them for 3 years and looking forward to use them again in my next town. very good and helpful service. good work guys! keep it up! Sounds like a deal, we'll keep doing what we're doing and you keep being happy. Win win! :) Thanks for the review and truly appreciate your support. Have a great weekend.

Mon, August 17, 2015

1 cable Collingwood,
There were a lot of issues with the installation and communication between Rogers-Start-Myself. The CEO of Start became involved with resolving the situation after my previous review almost instantly. It still took a bit of work to get everything setup but the service has been good ever since. Their prices are great and they have a CEO who cares about an individual customer. I have now had a few co-workers switch to Start from Rogers/Bell because they won me over. Thanks for working through a bumpy installation, but glad to hear that we were able to get things back on track. Things don't often go wrong but we certainly do our best to recover when they do. :) I appreciate you taking the time to post another review update and for your trust in referring your co-workers over to us. Have a great weekend!

Thu, August 13, 2015

1 dsl Welland,
I should have come back sooner! I have been with the service for over a month, now. It has been just great! I am happy with Start and if things stay this good I will be with them for the foreseeable future. I could not be happier and glad to be done with the conglomerates. Awesome, welcome back and we're glad to have you with us. If you need anything in the future just let us know and we'll be here for you. Thanks again for your support and have a great weekend.

Wed, August 12, 2015

-1 cable Milton,
Horrible Customer Service! My internet has been up and down for over 2 weeks now. I've spent hours on the phone with their support centre without any success. Then they had to schedule a Cogeco service visit (which I had to wait 5 days for!) only to find out that didn't fix the problem. Now they've sent me a new modem and was told that I had to wait until Cogeco activates it (24hrs). I finally call them to complain (have literally spent hours upon hours trying to fix this problem) and they offer me 1/2 off my months rate???? 1/2 off are you kidding me?? This isn't cable tv where I'm only not able to watch tv. This is my internet! I use this for work, email, etc. It is my livelyhood. Not to mention all the extra data I've accrued on my mobile bill because my internet keeps going down. Not to mention all my time spent on the phone with these guys and waiting for Cogeco to show up. Thanks Start for my $45 discount, I really feel appreciated. Pretty sure I'm done with these guys. I've been with Cogeco in the past and had very little problems other than the fact they charge a bit more for service. Plus it seems Start has to call Cogeco every time they want to wipe their noses anyway. Save your money and eliminate this middle-man company! I'm sorry to hear you've had up and down issues, unfortunately intermittent problems are always the hardest for any company to trouble-shoot but we are persistent and will get to the bottom of it. In regards to compensation we try to be fair so I'd like to look into the details of your situation if you email me at Thanks.

Sat, August 08, 2015

-1 cable Ajax,
Installation appointment mix up because of Start's staff. Wasted 4 hours on weekend waiting for tech. No clear reason given, CSR tried to imply it was me who requested a change (not true).
extremely disappointed
I'm sorry to hear that there was a mixup with the installation and hope things got sorted out. If you'd like me to take a look for more details please email me at and I'd be happy to do so. Thanks.

Fri, August 07, 2015

1 cable Windsor,
Very pleased with the service and the price point. Also very happy with the referral program! Start currently knocks $25 off your internet bill for each customer that references your name when signing up. Very kind, and a pleasure helping customers and business alike. Thanks, we really appreciate your feedback and referrals. Glad to have you with us and I hope you have a great day.

Sun, July 12, 2015

Comment dsl Welland,
I am pleased to say that contrary to what I had previously understood, Start promises to support me through the configuration of the new router and I have "Tim's" word they will not leave me on my own to get the networking problems fixed. My anxiety was much reduced by his call this evening and confidence has been re-established. It's been a rough week with networking failing and a spouse that blames me. Thanks, glad we were able to assist with your configuration.

Sat, July 11, 2015

0 dsl Welland,
I began using start July 8. First we had to program the "smart rg" modem router. My printer stopped working and no matter what I tried I could not get it to be "seen" by the computer. I uninstalled and cleaned 3X with no luck, then counter intuitively, I installed it for wireless and it worked. It will not work plugged into the router in any of the available slots. Then I found my home group was not available and in house network failed. I am told I need to get a new router at my own expense (just ordered from Best Buy) and when I get it I will need to shut down the "Smart rg" router and use it only for the modem. Worst of all, none of my external drives can be found on my computer so back-up fails until the new router is installed. Sadly, there was no warning about these possible problems. Tech support has been friendly but the router issue and the ability of router to read my network or other drives " is not our responsibility"; in other words, it's my problem. I must confess this has been a most unpleasant experience. They tell me setting up the new router will not create any issues BUT it will need to be done through D-Link rather than Starts service. I was told the ISP change would be problem free. That has not been the case. Plus, I am renting a "Smart rg" and there is no discount for the fact that I must supply my own router. I did not and will not set up email with them because it remains to be seen if I will stay and a second email change would be disastrous. I am forwarding all mail to hotmail and will keep that as my primary email to avoid any further business losses. We use VOIP for phone make our living via the internet so the down time and lack of network between the computers has been VERY stressful and has caused on-going anxiety. This was not a smooth transition and I am still holding my breath until I see if a new router will solve my problems. They did say any router will do. We shall see! I'm sorry to hear we weren't able to help you get your network printer/drives working. We certainly do go out of our way to assist with third-party hardware and complex home networks where possible but there are certainly limitations on other hardware that we can support. When something is outside of the scope of what we can support we do our best to provide an avenue to the hardware vendors support line who are experts with their own hardware products. While the SmartRG itself is primarily a modem, it does offer wireless and routing features which satisfy the vast majority of customers. Hopefully you're able to get it sorted out, but if there is anything we can help with we'll be happy to try again. Thanks and have a good evening.

Fri, July 03, 2015

-1 cable Collingwood,
There have been 3 installation times scheduled, all 3 were missed by them and only once were we called and notified. It has been over a week and we have already been billed for "time used" and our "installation". Contacting them via phone and email they say they will get it sorted but it never is, they were suppose to call us this morning and give us an update but never did. There is a huge lack of communication and care with their customer service. I'm sorry to hear you've had problems getting connected. I'm not sure if you're saying there was 3 options requested and we were not able to accommodate it or if you had 3 confirmed appointments but I'd certainly be happy to take a look if you email me at In any case you'll definitely have your charges adjusted for when your service is actually started. Thanks.

Wed, July 01, 2015

1 cable Kitchener,
This is a followup to my original review submitted on June 26th. I contacted Peter at his email and he fixed the issue (prorated the service for the last month).
Thank you start communications for being a solid and reliable ISP.
Glad we could get things sorted out for you. Good luck on your move.

Fri, June 26, 2015

-1 cable Kitchener,
I am really upset at Start communications.
I have been their customer for almost 7 months now. To be fair, the quality of service has been really good.
Nevertheless, my problems started when I wanted to cancel my cable internet as I am moving out of Ontario for work. I called their sales and informed them that I want to cancel the service on the 15th of July. I expected my bill to be prorated based on the number of days I will be using their service. However, I was told that I will still have to pay for the whole month of July even if I cancel the service on the 15th. This is very unfair: to make me pay for a service that I am not using. Moreover, their TOS do not mention anything about me having to pay for the whole month.
Sorry to hear of the misunderstanding on our terms and that you're leaving, but glad that the internet was good at least. :) We do offer no-contract-month-to-month service which can be cancelled at any time up until billing on the 1st for that term. Most of the issue is around cancelling after billing has run for a prorated period, however in your case since you haven't been invoiced yet for July if you reach me at I'll take a look at your specific circumstance. Thanks and hope you had a good weekend.

Thu, June 11, 2015

1 cable Brampton,
I want to start by saying that I have tried several ISPs over the years; Bell, Rogers, TekSavvy Cable. I recently switched over to Start Communication because of pricing on their unlimited 30/5 tier on the cable side. I have nothing but good things to say about Start. The customer service provided by this ISP is unmatched (and also locally based). I don't want to go into details but I will tell you this, ff you select any other ISP other than Start, you are making a mistake. I have also noticed that Start's routing is much better than my other ISP. I am seeing consistent 2ms ping times in many games. That is glorious insanity for cable. Thank you Start Communications, I wish their were more companies out there that value their customers like you guys do. Thank you very much! We certainly focus on providing the best possible customer experience we can - both from a customer service perspective but also technically on providing an excellent network. I'm glad to hear that it's won you over and I really appreciate your endorsement. If we can ever be of assistance just let us know. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Wed, May 20, 2015

1 cable Kingston,
I've been with Start for nearly a year now (20/10 plan, grandfathered then upgraded to the 30/10 plan). So far, absolutely no complaints. Speeds are always reliable - in fact, speeds are sometimes higher than advertised (I've gotten 32-33mbps when 30mbps is the plan - a great surprise). The folks on the phone are very helpful, and calls don't take very long! All in all, a very good service, especially for students like myself looking for a good deal outside of the big telecom companies. Would definitely recommend to friends! Thank you for your feedback and recommendations, it's glad to have you with us for nearly a year now and we really appreciate your support. I hope you have a great weekend and if you need anything in the future you know we'll be there for you! Thanks again.

Sun, May 17, 2015

-1 cable Toronto,
I am back once again. Last time I experienced severe, intermittent disconnections while streaming and playing online games. These disconnections took an abrupt stop for about a week or two and have now started again except this time the frequency between disconnections is getting smaller and smaller. I disconnected a record 4 times in literally 10 minutes. It's next to impossible to study, play games or stream videos when you're using an unreliable internet service. This definitely is NOT a hardware problem seeing as I have experienced 3 different ISPs before using START. Sorry to hear you're still having problems, but as I mentioned on April 27th at your first post I'd highly recommend you contact our support team and we'd be happy to get you fixed up. Unfortunately as this is not a support site, rather a review site, we are not able to effectively provide technical support through review posts. Thanks.

Wed, May 13, 2015

1 cable Orleans,
So I have been with Start for approximately a year now, what a difference. I am so glad I got rid of rogers. I have even signed up for Starts home phone. What adifference this makes. As the techie of the family and all my family living out near lonbdon and surronding area's I can finally call and fix there computer problems over the phone instead of being limited to how much time I had on my long distance plan. As for my internet I couldn't be happier. I have already sent 5 clients over to start and they can't beleive the differnce in speed and reliabilty. Only had to call tech support twice and both times had someone on the phone in less than a minute and had my kids e-mail address setup in less than 2 minutes. Try and get that with another provider.

Thank You staff of Start communications you guys are awesome.
Wow, thanks for the great review and we really appreciate your trust in referring your family and friends. I'm glad to hear that everyone is enjoying their services and we'll keep doing our best to stay awesome! :) Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

Tue, May 12, 2015

1 cable Toronto,
Made the switch to Start two months ago, no regrets what so ever! If you are reading the customer reviews and are considering switching definitely put them on top of you list. I can't comment on other ISPs, since I have only been with Rogers prior to switching, but as far as customer service, speed and price, I think these guys have set a very high bar which is going to be difficult to beat. Thanks, we really appreciate your feedback and comments. We're glad to have you with us and if you need anything in the future just let us know. Have a great weekend!

Fri, May 08, 2015

1 cable Markham,
My cut-off date with Rogers is April 30. On May 1, I plugged in the new modem in the morning around 7:30 AM and after few minutes, I was connected. Tested the speed and everything good. also called me on Sunday and asked me if there is any issue. Very good service.

It has been a week now and no complaint at all. I am glad I switched.
Welcome aboard! I'm glad to hear your transfer went smoothly and that you're enjoying your service with us. Thanks for your feedback and if you need anything just reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to assist. Have a great weekend.

Thu, May 07, 2015

1 cable Brampton,
Been with Start for a year or two now and honestly I don't have enough praise. The internet and customer service has been impeccable. So, so highly recommended. Wanted to write this review to show my thanks for the phenomenal service. It's the least I can do. Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback and glad to have you with us. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Mon, April 27, 2015

-1 cable Toronto,
This company considers itself as 'reliable' yet I experience disconnections at least 3 times daily. At key moments too, like when I'm doing work or playing an online game - the Internet just cuts out for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. It's definitely not a hardware issue as I've been with multiple Internet providers and this problem has never occurred. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your service. Give us a call and our support team would be more than happy to get to the bottom of it for you. Thanks and have a great night.

Sat, April 25, 2015

1 Guelph,
Firing "Robbers" (Rogers), was the best thing I have done! Start Communications made the transition for phone (VOIP)and internet from them seamless for me. They provided quick, effective customer service and technical support right from the beginning. So glad I made the switch!!!!! Welcome aboard, we're glad you made the switch too! I'm glad to hear our support team has taken good care of you and if you need anything in the future just let us know and we'll be here. Thanks for your support and feedback. Enjoy your day.

Sat, April 18, 2015

1 cable Kitchener,
Very happy with Start service. Called in to upgrade my plan to unlimited. Time from start of call till end of call was 1 minute 23 seconds!!! Good luck getting that type of service anywhere else. Internet Speed is bang on. We'll try to get that down to under a minute next time! :) Thanks for your feedback and support, it's really appreciated and glad to have you with us. Have a great day.

Fri, March 27, 2015

1 cable Toronto,
Finally dumped Rogers and made the switch to Start Communications today.Woke up this morning plugged in their modem and 20 minutes later I was online. It is only the first day but I am very impressed so far. I will post more comments and ratings as the time passes. Welcome aboard, glad to have you with us! If you ever have any questions or need anything else just give us a call and we'd be more than happy to assist. Thanks for your feedback and have a great day.

Tue, March 17, 2015

1 cable toronto,
(I write this comment because I have read dozens and dozens of comments about other ISP's before I decided to go with START)

Well. I am very VERY glad I decided to go with START after looking at other ISP's. Admittedly I was nervous because i thought it was going to be a nightmare trying to find an ISP other than rogers or bell and get a good speed. But START made it so easy. got the modem in mail in no time. Tech showed up the next day and BAM got me new internet, nothing but excellent speed and not an issue. And the price. it doesn't get any better. I literally never have to worry about internet again thanks to start.
I tip my hat and say thank you to the good people at start for making the transition very smooth and easy.
Welcome aboard, we're glad to have you with us and thank you for sharing your experience and feedback. Your support is very much appreciated. Have a great day!

Mon, March 09, 2015

-1 cable Brantford,
I refered Start communications to my friend. He called them a month ago. Since then he has had to wait 5 full days where the technician was a no show. Twice they sent the tech to a Mississauga address...he lives in Welland. I drove from Brantford to Welland on one of those days to help him setup his computer once he was online. He didn't have a modem yet...we thought the tech might have it. It took them two weeks to realize that they hadn't even sent him a modem yet...even though he had paid for it on his first phone call. They told him last Friday that Today would be the day. So he cancelled his plans for today. They called him this morning and told him it would now have to be tomorrow...with the promise of a refund of his modem if they don't show???? With the amount of bullcrap that you've put him through you'd think they'd be offering to cover at least a month of his time with another service provider that can hook him up the first time.
TOTALLY Disappointed with Start Communications!!!
Yes unfortunately this order went sideways due to Bell initially registering the account in Mississauga by mistake. When the first installer "didn't show" we scheduled a new tech, however at that time we still were unaware it was being incorrectly routed to Mississauga since our end shows Welland correctly. When the second install also failed too we dug deeply to find out what was happening and with some work determined that Bell had made an error on the initial order. We worked with them to escalate this as a "disconnect in error" so it could be treated as a repair rather than having to wait 5 days to install again and that is what is scheduled for tomorrow. I see that on March 7th we already credited the account back for a free month for March and I've also waived the installation. As for the modem itself, it was picked up and signed for by the account owner on March 2nd at 5:28pm. Again sorry this didn't go smoothly but I think that we certainly worked hard to overcome the error and tried to make good on the mistake, even though it was not our own. In any case what is important is your friend getting online which is scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks.

Fri, February 27, 2015

0 cable Mississauga
Whenever I experience some technical problems, I'd simply dial the number and in less than 10 seconds, I'd get to speak with agent. However, since last night and today, I called them but the phone kept ringing. This is highly unusual. I am still like this company, but I wish they'd inform us about any current technical problem/s they maybe experiencing on their side. Or at least not make me wait in line. Hi, I'm sorry to hear you had a problem with the phone but I'm not aware of any issues we had and generally any are posted on Twitter (links available on our web site) if it's something wide-spread. If you haven't resolved things yet I'd suggest contacting our support team at 1-877-78-START or emailing and they can help get you fixed up. As this is a review site unfortunately it isn't well-suited to be able to provide end-user support here however we'd be more than happy to assist by phone or email. Thanks.

Sun, February 15, 2015

1 drydsl Mississauga,
I moved to Start two weeks ago from another ISP. Modem was received with 4 days of placing my order.

Through no fault of Start, two Bell technicians have to be sent to set up my internet service correctly. All along Start staff have been exceedingly helpful with constant feedback and explanation of what have being going in getting me started at the correct speed as per my order.

The experience that I have with both sales and technical staff of Start were excellent. At least I have been talking to some very patient human beings.

Keep up the good work.
Thank you for the feedback and sharing your experience. We're glad to have you with us and happy to hear everything went well. Thanks again and have a great day.

Sat, February 07, 2015

1 cable Stoney Creek,
2 years later update..I was sad to see that Start had changed some of their cable options with some slower speeds and less cap. but as a Loyal customer I was also Grandfathered so that no changes were made to my acct even though new users would have different choices than I had. Having said that still very happy with this service. some were changes were made to my service where I lost some of my download speed but my up load speed was increased so in my opinion it kinda balanced out a bit there and my bill has risen only 4 cents a month in 2 years . I haven't noticed any real issues service wise. I have noticed ( just a theory here) it appears Sunday evenings seems to be the only time I notice a dip and I am beginning to think they do a lot of server maintenence at this time. I have recommended people and received a discount on my next bill and just the other day I received a upgrade in download speed at no cost!.. who says there is no customer loyalty anymore. As I stated in my last review. I would recommend this ISP to anyone in a heatbeat! Thanks for your business and being with us 2 years, we really appreciate that. I'm glad to hear that new packages are working for you and for your endorsement and referrals. Earning our customers trust is definitely something we value very much. Thanks again and enjoy your day.

Wed, February 04, 2015

1 cable Toronto,
After a rocky start with the transfer of our Robbers phone and internet service to Start Communications, I felt compelled to write this review.

To make a long story short, I recently transferred our phone and internet service to Start Communication after the frustration of dealing with Robbers and Hell over the last 25 years. I researched the company and read the reviews on this website almost all of which were very positive.

Since we've had our coveted 416 phone number for 20 years, I wanted to ensure that it would not be a problem to keep that number. The internet hookup itself was seamless, but the transfer of our 416 number from Robbers did not work. I initially called Robbers and was told that Start hadn’t sent them a portal request and that since it was past the date of transfer I had lost my phone number for good.

After several calls and speaking to countless Start reps (all of whom were very polite and helpful), we were told contrarily that the request for transfer had gone through (Start keep digital records of these types of interactions) and, instead, Robbers had rejected the portal request and, according to Robbers, there was nothing that could be done!

We were extremely distressed at the prospect of losing our phone number and initially felt like we were left as a monkey in the middle to fend for ourselves. However, after yet another call from Start with no resolution, my wife got a call from the actual owner (Peter) of Start! He assured her that he was going to try to find out what was going on because this had never happened before in all of the 1,000s of transfers they had done previously. Without promising that the situation would change, Peter took it upon himself to get involved and within an hour or two of that conversation; my wife got a call on our 416 phone number from Peter himself explaining that Robbers had mucked up!

We are very relieved and extremely thankful for the owner of the company stepping in and resolving the issue. We've only had service for a couple of days, but in this particular situation, the company did exactly what it had to do! All in all, Start are absolute rockstars.

A lesson from our experience is watch out when transferring your number as Robbers apparently can be untruthful to cover up their blunders!
Thank you very much for the detailed review and your patience/support through this unusual circumstance. We're always here to go to bat for our customers and glad we were able to come out victorious on this one. Thanks again for your business and have a great day.

Mon, February 02, 2015

1 cable Ottawa (Kanata),
Offers good and reliable service for a lower price than most other ISPs.

I've been with Start Communications for about half a year now and haven't had any issues. Connection is fast and reliable, and the speed is as advertised. Very happy with my choice so far.
Thank you very much, I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback and share your experience. Glad to have you with us and happy that you're happy! :) Enjoy your day.

Sun, February 01, 2015

-1 cable Toronto,
Long story short:

My mother was switching from Start to HeroNet because she felt betrayed by Start while she was abroad.

After the switch, Start sent mail telling her that she needs to return her modem, and she thought she would need it for service with HeroNet, so she bought it from them over the phone with a customer service rep. 2 hours later she found out from HeroNet and she can't use Start's modem, so she called back and they refused to allow her to return the modem claiming something about not being "their property." Nothing changed in that time other than she found out that she cannot use that modem.

Maybe she was wrong, maybe she wasn't. But she had no idea what was going on, and was in a rush to get internet up and running at home because she needs it for work. Not helping a customer who has been with them for over a year, and sent them numerous referrals to make a quick $49 is despicable.

Sorely disappointed with Start's customer service. So far, HeroNet has been very accommodating with our circumstances.

Would not recommend. Start's prices are hardly competitive, but this sort of customer care is not worth it.
I'm sorry to hear of your story, however it seems like there might be more to it based on the comment about previously betraying her. It's also unusual that the new ISP would say she can't use the modem with their service since we all have the same list of modems that are available. In any case, I'd be happy to take a look into it and refund the modem purchase once it's returned. We'd normally rather get the modem back than sell it for half price. :) You can reach me at - thanks and have a great day.

Tue, January 20, 2015

1 cable cobourg,
I ordered internet on a Friday afternoon, and it was installed/set up and ready to go just 5 business days later! I'm already very impressed and have been telling all of my friends/family to switch. I have one convert so far :)

Not only is it super affordable, I love the option to pay with interac online, and of course, the unlimited usage option! The customer service has been great as well. Thanks for making the switch so easy and painless!
Welcome aboard, and thank you very much for your feedback! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it and I really appreciate the referrals. Make sure they mention you at signup and you'll get a $25 credit as well. Thanks again and enjoy your day.

Fri, January 16, 2015

1 cable ottawa,
I am new to Start. Just switched from one of the Big Two... All I have to say is that so far the customer service has been excellent. They gave me a date when the switch would happen... and it actually happened. Right on schedule and painless. No issues. I can't believe I didn't switch sooner. So far so good. Very impressed. Great speeds. Great customer service!

Thu, January 15, 2015

-1 cable Erin,
We switched from Rogers to Start Communications. In the beginning we were happy with our decision as their Customer Service department seemed better, however, you really can't judge this until you have a technical problem. Unfortunately, when there is a problem, Start Communications customer service has to escalate to Rogers to resolve your technical problems because it is Rogers network you are actually using, and Start is just a third party in the middle of your transaction. This just adds an extra layer of service people to communicate with, and an extra 24 hours to your response time for technical assistance due to their contracted service commitments with Rogers. Then, you either get a Rogers tech or and third party (not Start or Rogers) tech to your home who does not have access to your complete account information making it impossible to sort out more complicated technical issues. In the end, after several months of intermittent service, we cancelled. It took two and 1/2 months to actually get the services cancelled and our billing stopped.
I'm sorry to hear you had troubles with your service. We generally are quite good at working with Rogers when needed, and additionally we're quite involved with industry proceedings with the CRTC to further improve that situation for all Canadians, including those with our competitors. Unfortunately some more intermittent type issues do require more work which is true whether the customer is with an incumbent carrier or an independent. If you'd like to email me your information at I'd be happy to take a look as I'm quite surprised about it taking 2.5 months to end billing as we believe in making cancellation just as easy as signing up for the simple reasons that it's both the right thing to do, as well as quite often we have people come back to us when they find the grass isn't greener somewhere else so we want to make sure that all interactions with us are as pleasant as possible. Again, I'm sorry that things didn't go well with your experience and if you email me your name I'll certainly review and work to improve anything we could have done better. Thanks again for your feedback and we hope to see you back with us again one day.

Sat, January 10, 2015

1 cable harrow,
Great real problems... the only reason I left... cuz I found a cheaper UNLIMITED cable service and they showed NO effort to keep me... even if they matched the price ($6 difference) I would have stayed.. the only response I got from them was... "we are fair in pricing" I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your service with us and sorry we're not able to price match. We believe in the same fair pricing for everyone and while we can't always be the absolute lowest price we have a competitive price and never skimp when it comes to delivering the best possible internet experience and stable rates. If you find that your new ISP raises their price or you're not happy with the service we'll be here and more than happy to welcome you back. Thanks again for the feedback and have a great weekend.

Tue, January 06, 2015

1 cable Beamsville,
Two years with Start with not one issue. Service provided has always been exactly what I'm paying for. I've converted multiple friends and family over to start who have had the same experience as me. Always prompt responses from support when I make inquiries, even on weekends. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the feedback and referrals! Appreciate your business over the past two years and hope to have you with us for many more. Have a great weekend.

Sat, December 27, 2014

1 cable Brantford,
We went from Rogers to Start Communications a couple years ago after I did some research on alternatives. I have to say that it has been a couple years on internet bliss. Always a rock solid connection and today was the first time I had to call the support line because our internet was out. Within 30 seconds I was on the phone with a local support technician and less than 10 mins later the problem was solved. I've been recommending them at every turn and have convinced two friends to change over and both of them are incredibly pleased with the service and support. You guys are great and keep up the good work!!!!! Thank you so much for the feedback and referrals, we really appreciate your trust in recommending our service. Here's to many more years of bliss! :)

Tue, December 16, 2014

1 cable Cambridge,
Great service! I've used Start at my apartment for about a year now, and have convinced my parents to switch over as well. You get the speed you paid for (with their previous provider, they were paying for 60 mbps and only getting around 10). The only issue I had during set-up was with the modem, which wouldn't register when plugged to a router. Thankfully, the issue was resolved very quickly and efficiently (needed to clone MAC address) - excellent customer service as well! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your service and you've brought your parents online with us too. Thanks very much for the feedback on our service, and for your business - it's very appreciated.

Tue, December 02, 2014

-1 cable Hamilton,
I've been a customer for at least 5 years and been happy for the most part, although I've never been able to achieve the speed I pay for.
Recently they have decided to try and charge my credit card automatically every month, something they have never attempted to do before. I have contacted their support and they pointed out there is a clause in their terms of service that states: "Residential accounts are required to be paid through automatic payments". They never exercised that clause before and I have certainly been able to pay for their services via their web site all this time. Their payment web page even has a check box that indicates if you want them to store your credit card for automatic payment, so it seems to indicate the automatic payments are optional.
I don't like to use my credit card/bank account for automatic payments due to security reasons, so I'm switching over to another provider.
If you are like me and rather pay every month through bank payments or other means, look elsewhere...
I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our payment polcies especially a long term customer. Generally if you had been on legacy terms we'd have had no reason to reach out so I'm not sure of the circumstances such as a missing payment that would have led to this. We do require automatic payments as our low prices do not enable us to spend time manually collecting payments, ie every minute we spend on collections is a minute we aren't spending helping customers. That said if you want to email me at I'd be happy to review your particular case to see what happened. Thanks.

Thu, November 13, 2014

1 drydsl Brampton,
I have been using their internet and VOIP service since June this year and the service is been outstanding. Never had any issues with connectivity or speed. Only time I had to call them after the initial set-up was for a minor issue with call display on the phone. I consistently get 25Mbps downloads/10Mbps uploads 24/7. Already referred few of my friends to their service. Thank you very much for your support and taking the time to leave feedback. We appreciate your referrals too and glad to have you with us! Thanks again.

Fri, October 31, 2014

1 cable London,
I was with a much bigger company previous to being with Start Communications. They always offered a decent connection and would always offer me good to great deals upon wanting to leave. I finally grew tired of that game and wanted to try to support a smaller independent and local ISP. After following the forums for while and listening to reviews from Start customers and the feedback from Start support staff and the owner himself, I was impressed at how focused they were at making sure everything was running fine for there customers. So on Aug 28th I finally made the commitment and signed up with Start and I must say my first few months have been great. The transition to Start was seamless. They had even arranged for my equipment to be picked up on a holiday. My connection which is probably most important to everyone in my family has been flawless to date and to top it all off I save a few bucks also. I would suggest that if there are others who are hesitant to make the switch to an independent ISP like Start, like I was for many years. I can tell you it was the easiest and most satisfying transition of service I have experienced. Thank you to the staff at Start and please keep up the great performance and the great service. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with us and I'm glad to hear the transition was painless. We truly are committed to providing a better internet experience for all our customers and are happy to have you with the Start family now. Thanks again, we really do appreciate your support and look forward to having you with us for a very long time. Have a great weekend.

Fri, October 24, 2014

1 cable Orangeville,
Switched over to Start a couple years ago. Other than maybe a handful of outages which were fixed by hardware reset, it's been excellent compared to Rogers, service, reliability and especially price.
Now my only problem is they don't offer a TV package!! Any chance that's in the future??????
Thanks for your business over the years and your support and feedback. We are involved with the industry groups to help create a framework for competitive TV options in Canada so keep an eye on us in 2015. :) Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Mon, October 20, 2014

1 cable Mississauga,
Very good service
more than two years start communications is my ISP
I am very happy with the service in every respect, I would recommend to anyone
Thank you, I appreciate your feedback and recommendations. Thanks again for your support and have a great weekend.

Wed, October 15, 2014

0 cable Hamilton,
Had this service for just under a month, had to wait 2 weeks for install, we have cable 50/10, initially they set us up with the wrong plan but a quick phone call resolved that issue. Now just barely a month into the service internet is down inexplicably and we need to have a tech come into to take a look at our service which at the time of calling would take 2 - 4 days depending on if I will be home when the tech comes as the tech window is 8am-5pm. When the service is online its very quick and consistent but having a 2-5 day outage one month into service is absolutely unacceptable, if it's a hardware issue that is definitely not okay, if it is a service issue, it should be able to be taken care of remotely, i'm not exactly sure what a tech is supposed to do other than change the modem. I chose start because I'd rather support the small guy than a giant behemoth like bell, but this is quite frustrating, especially since no compensation was offered. If this happens again I will definitely not be able to continue to do business with start as I rely heavily upon my internet for many things and when it goes down I must tether to my phone which is quite expensive... I'm sorry to hear you have an outage. Based on your package speed and comments it sounds like you're in a Cogeco territory which has 8-5pm appointments for repairs for the big and small guys alike. If you want to email me at I can take a look and put you in touch with a supervisor if needed. Thanks and we'll get you back up and running 100% as quickly as possible.

Sat, October 11, 2014

-1 cable Belleville,
Staff have no clue: originally had a static IP when initially signed up, staff argued with me that I didn't years later when I wanted to go from ADSL to VDSL2+. Then recently moved, wanted to cancel my DSL and get cable, staff put down old phone number on work order, even after telling him the phone would be disconnected, and didn't change it when I replied to the email confirmation telling them the number was wrong, so cable tech never came for appointment. Then scheduled for another date, waited all day for a no-show, call them only to find they couldn't get an appointment for that day and rescheduled it for a week out without telling me. Staff wouldn't even try to keep my business, didn't seem to care, would only offer to keep new appointment. No concessions at all. Terrible service. I'm sorry to hear you had an unusual and unfortunate experience. In regards to static IP's, they are not included unless you explicitly order one but I'm certainly happy to look into your situation if you want to email me at Thanks for your feedback and have a great Thanksgiving.

Thu, October 02, 2014

1 cable Ottawa,
I have been with Start for almost a year and I have recommended Start to 8 other of my Freind's and Family. The Speed is always consistint, freindly and fast customer service and really relaiable. I have always acheived the maximum speeds with the package I choose and I am really happy. Thank you very much for your feedback and trust in recommending us to your friends and family. We look forward to having you with us for many more years to come. Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving.

Sat, August 30, 2014

0 Newmarket,
Okay I have been with Start for a bit less than a year now with the 25/10 FTTN package and I now have this problem where my Internet keeps dropping. When my internet is online I always get at least 25 down and 9.5 up which is a plus I guess. It's been happening for quite a long time now. It started surfacing around 3 months ago. The first problem I had was really weird. I was only able to access some websites and others would say "Unable to load web page" or something but point is some websites just didn't work. If I used a VPN like Hotspot Shield everything worked fine (other than slower internet). I called Start and then after I reset the modem I wasn't able to connect at all to the internet. I had to wait for the technician to come and even after he did the internet didn't work. The internet just magically went up the next day. After this happened I started having problems where the internet dropped randomly. The "Internet" light on my SmartRG SR505N was the only one that turned off back then and DSL was flashing. I've had many calls with Start and after many reboots and resets they replaced my modem. It still didn't work though and I am still having drops that I notice every 2 days AT THE MOST (normally daily). I've also had 2 different technicians that have done a test on the lines outside of my house and they say it is good. Their customer service keeps trying to help but it doesn't seem to fix my problem. When my modem drops now both the DSL and Internet light dies. Then the DSL comes back on and starts flashing until the Internet light comes back on. When it drops the system log shows "kernel: Line 0: VDSL2 link down" I've had countless calls with Start and they aren't able to fix it. They say they can't send a technician into our home to do inside wiring because they just can't because Bell won't do it since they only test the connection to my home and not inside. If that is so then how did I get a technician inside my house 2 times to install my internet and the other to fix my internet when it was permanently down? I don't know but I would like this annoying drops fixed because I use Skype and VoIP a lot and interruptions like this really are bad.

Note for ISP: If I can't get this fixed can I switch to the 30/5 cable plan with modem rental but with 300 GB instead (my family is a heavy user) with the installation fee voided and me paying the same price I do right now for my internet which is $55 (plan + modem rental). I like the stability of FTTN but I guess I have to switch to a shared cable network if this keeps continuing. Are you able to do custom plans? Thanks anyways! Hope we can work something out. I put this rating as neutral because Start really does try to help and has a great customer service but they won't fix this problem that I am having.

P.S. I inquired my problem on RedFlagDeals and if you want to go more in-dept then here you go.
I’m sorry to hear you're having some issues recently. Unfortunately as this is a review site it doesn't have a very good way for me to help with trouble-shooting here - but I'll do my best. :) The first thing I might recommend is making sure you have the current firmware for the modem, ie if you're seeing the DSL solid but the PPP is going out then this might help and we have it available online at What is odd is that you say it works fine with a VPN, quite often that indicates that either your computer or modem may be compromised, ie especially if you're not getting the DNS assigned automatically from our servers any more. If updating the firmware and checking for virus/trojans doesn't reveal anything then I'd suggest please calling in and letting them know if this is a chronic issue. If you don't feel you're getting adequate attention from our support team you can also have a supervisor take look at the call - Tim is on this weekend and can assist there. In regards to the inside wiring, it depends on a number of variables that I don't have enough information to give you an accurate answer here, ie where the jack was installed, what other wiring exists or was modified in the home, etc but if the DSL light is not going off, without knowing what your signal levels are it's hard to make a recommendation there. I'm also not sure that just switching to cable is the answer as it's really hard to say where the problem actually lays. Anyway, please give us a call again and we'd be happy to take another look and if needed just ask for a supervisor and explain the situation and we'll get things made right. If you’re looking for more of a public trouble-shooting site instead please check out where there is a great community of support as well as many of our team also regularly check and assist customers through that avenue. But I’d suggest starting with the firmware, checking next for exploits and if that doesn’t help give us a call as that will be the most direct avenue to getting things fixed up. Thanks for the chance to make things right, have a great weekend and we'll get you back to that stellar service you used to have.

edit: I just read that other RFD thread and saw that you mentioned that the last time the PPP session dropped was at 2am on August 4th which sounds like it was likely just a reset due to maintenance so your line and the PPP is probably fine. If the issue is with unable to access web sites intermittently and a VPN works then that really does sound like you may have had your router/computer exploited and a rouge DNS server added. Updating the firmware and making sure your DNS is set to 'automatically obtain' may take care of your issue. If not give us a call and we can help determine if it's a line issue (which is unlikely given how long your session is up), or if you have a virus/exploit. Thanks.

Sat, August 30, 2014

Comment Newmarket,
Reply To The ISP comment on my previous post:

1. The drops now all turn off the DSL light.
2. My modem has been replaced so I'm pretty sure it's not that.
3. The VPN thing happened a long time ago back before my internet dropped. Then I called you guys and we reset the modem only to find out my internet would be down permanently after that and I had to wait for a technician. My modem did once have the DNS compromised but that was after I got my new modem and after the internet outage. I have already fixed that.
4. In terms of wiring go to the second page of my RFD wiring for all the info. If you also want to know how my modem is attached to the wires too then here you go. My modem is connected via a phone line to a technician-made jack (since the one that came to install said the others wouldn't work. The wire from under the jack runs through my basement and is stripped. The rest of the wiring is said on the second page of my RFD post.
Thanks for the additional information. Unfortunately I'm not able to provide detailed technical support through this site as it's a review site and not a support forum. If you call in, or post in the support forum I linked in the previous reply, it is monitored by our support team and we'd be happy to assist there. Thanks.

Sat, August 30, 2014

Comment Newmarket,
I posted my problem on the dslreports forums like you told me to and it is put as held. What does that mean?

Wed, August 27, 2014

-1 Toronto,
Here is what I learned from my time with an "Independent" Service provider Start Communications. I have had their Cable Internet Service for some months now and had several long extensive periods of downtime.

Every problem is not their fault, it’s with the infrastructure owned by Rogers.

They have little to no influence with their service provider. If they have an SLA with Rogers it’s an embarrassment to the industry. As a direct customer of Rogers you will have much more influence than it appears Start Communications have. You may not Rogers service, or the cost, but why go with an Independent who takes your money but gives you nothing in return?

Technical support is limited and toothless. Unless you have a problem with the operation of your computer they add no value to you as a customer other than as a contact center.

Creativity is non-existent. I begged their technical support to look at the information in front of them and look for alternative solutions. Maybe validate the information they got back from Rogers since it seemed to me to have some significant inconsistencies. Nothing. This is our process, this is all we can do was the response.

As long as your say "Please" or "I'm sorry to hear that" then you have met all your responsibilities as a Customer Care representative at Start Communications. Problem resolution is not a core objective, politeness fixes all issues.

Now I live in Toronto, the 416 area code. My service went out (was disconnected by Rogers, not Starts fault of course) on Monday. I'm to expect a technician to look into the problem on Saturday. Toronto is listed as one of the top ten developed countries in the world and yet I'm being told it will take 5 days to find an engineer to turn back on service that they turned off in error. Really? This is acceptable? I'm sure I could go much much farther down the list of developed countries and still have better service than this.
Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today.

I appreciate your feedback and while the experience you had is certainly not typical, the fact it happens at all is not acceptable to me and through our involvement with CRTC and government we are working very hard to make a positive difference for all Canadian ISP's (including our competitors) where service intervals are uniform across all provider and we hope to see the fruits of that hard work early next year.

As mentioned on the phone, it seems the root cause of the issue was in the transfer request to another TPIA provider and Rogers actioned that request early. When you notified us of the outage on the evening of the 25th, we immediately put in a ticket, had the root issue identified first thing the next morning and booked a technician to restore the line that had been disconnected. Unfortunately the first available technician was much longer than we'd like to see, partly due to the time of year with back to school and summer vacation schedules.

I wish things had ended differently between us but wish you the best with your new provider.

Sun, August 17, 2014

1 Windsor,
Ordered the 20mb down/10mb up cable package with the unlimited add-on, $60/monthly. Modem was shipped to me within a few days and the technician came on time for setup as scheduled. Using I am getting the speeds I ordered. No complaints whatsoever, and a much greater value than cogeco (my previous isp). Would recommend to everyone! Welcome aboard and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your service with us. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience, it's very much appreciated. Thanks again and have a great week!

Thu, August 14, 2014

1 Oakville
After Peter Rocca replied to my previous comment, I got back to him with more details about my internet blues, and he quickly took matters into his own hands and, showing great professionalism (technical and otherwise) and customer service skills, he went ahead and made things right, fixing the issue and restoring my internet service to a consistent 50/10. Thank you, Peter! Thanks for the updated review and glad I was able to help. Have a great weekend.

Sun, August 10, 2014

0 oakville,
Switched from an expensive Bell's Fibe package (which included phone land line, TV and a 25/10/75 DSL internet connection) to Start's 50/10/300 DSL internet connection, in order to stream everything thus reducing costs significantly. However, the actual upload speed fell well short of the promised 10Mbps and got around 3.6Mbps instead. A Start's rep called me to tell me that was the best they could do for me citing some obscure technical limitations in my line (mostly BS I'd say), even though I told him that I was enjoying full 50/10 for a full day with their newly installed modem until Bell (the infrastructure owner in my area) seemingly pulled the plug to reconnect it to the slow lane instead.
My conclusion is, if Start Communication, for whatever reason, is not capable or willing to provide the service speeds as advertised in a given area, it should stop offering it; I don't know if that's illegal, but for sure it's cheating and unethical. And they should offer some compensation their customers when they can't live up to expectations.
I'm sorry to hear you're having slow upload speeds, and generally where the maximum speed is not available we do our best to advise the customer in advance. Your comment about it working at 50/10 for a day however is intriguing so I'd like the opportunity to investigate further. If you'd like please email me at with your account number and I'd be happy to take a look to see what the conditions are. Thanks and have a great day.

Mon, June 23, 2014

1 Oshawa,
If you are looking at this get Start Communications rate 10/10 Thanks, we'll aim for 11/10 next time! :) Have a great day.

Fri, June 20, 2014

1 Ottawa,
I got fed up with having to continually my Rogers modem and paying too much for what I was getting so I moved to Start about a year ago. Fantastic switch! I set it all up online, the modem arrived in the mail, I plugged it in and it worked. Easy peasy. I've also set up the direct payments every month. It's been fantastic! I wish every company I deal with was this smooth! And I've been with them for over a year now. Oh, and the price is much better value than Rogers. I highly recommend Start and I have been telling everyone about them when they moan about their ISP. "Hey, switch to Start and all your problems will go away and you will pay less for better service. Yes, it really is that simple!" Thanks for your business and telling all your friends about us! Word of mouth has always been our best advertising so I'm happy to hear we've earned your trust. Thanks again, it really is appreciated when people like yourself take the time to provide feedback on their experiences with us. Have an excellent day!

Wed, June 18, 2014

1 Petawawa,
Transfer from Cogeco was seamless (just plugged in the was that easy). Customer service has been great! The download speed is as advertised (20Mbps), however the upload is half (approximately 5Mbps when is should be 10Mbps). Nevertheless, very happy and glad I made the switch. Thanks for your feedback and glad to hear you had a smooth migration. In regards to the upload speeds, please give us a call and if you're in a community that supports the 10Mbps we can certainly work with you to find the cause of the slower upload speeds. Thanks for your support, and again for the feedback. Have a great night.

Fri, May 16, 2014

1 Toronto,
Excellent ISP! I've been with many ISP start communications is one of the best rock solid service and awnsome customer service, much better than other ISP including teksavvy. start communication is the only one that call customer to help them not like other customer have to call and nagging them to help you with their problem! will highly recommend anyone that looking for internet service. Thank you very much for your feedback and the referrals. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your experience with us and always happy to hear from you if you ever need us. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

Tue, April 29, 2014

Comment Toronto,
I have been with Start Communications for 6 months and have loved their service. My main annoyance with Start is the fact that they want me to pay a second installation fee of $50 with a credit card a minimum of five business days before they will install the same internet at my new place. I didn't expect this and now won't have internet for a week while I wait for them to process such a simple request, which is very inconvenient as I need internet for work. I also find the demand that it be a credit card payment irritating since I have always paid by direct withdrawal and every payment has gone on time without problems. (Also the fact that they don't charge installation for new Rogers/Bell,etc transfer customers but do for their own new customers rubs me the wrong way. You'd think they would reward the continued loyalty of a moving customer who could easily switch providers the way they would a new one.) Sorry to hear of your problem. I'm not 100% sure if you're talking about moving your existing service, or if you are installing a new service and either leaving the other one active and/or don't currently have service. We do require that installation fees are paid upfront, however generally customers with good credit history with us who are moving their service we'll bill for. We do require an installation fee for both installations and moves however since the service is being installed again, and unfortunately the lead-time is 5 days. If you're doing a move of an existing active service with us then please feel free to reach out to me at and I'd be happy to look at your circumstance. Have a great evening.

Sun, April 27, 2014

1 Waterdown,
Excellent service. I have been with them now since fall 2013 and they are great to deal with. Speed is good, fast response time. Can't complain about anything!

Tue, April 22, 2014

1 Montreal,
I'm very pleased with the service so far. I've subscribed to fttn 15mb plan a month ago, installation went without issues. I highly recommend this company to everyone.

Give it a try and you wont regret it

Well done!
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback. I'm glad to have you with us and hear that you're enjoying our services. If there is anything you need in the future just let us know. Thanks again and have a great evening.

Thu, April 17, 2014

This is to START.CA staff...

One thing:

1. Very pleased with consistency and quality of service!

Welcome aboard and glad to hear you're enjoying our service! Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback and have a great weekend.

Fri, April 04, 2014

1 Oshawa,
I just switched over to Start and the switch was flawless and took less than 3 minutes and that included setting up their modem and my new router. Billing is easy and simple. Customer service was stellar, they even called the day after the switch to make sure everything went OK. I will report back in a few months to update my review, given the service so far I am not expecting any issues. Welcome aboard! Glad to hear another seamless switch and that you're enjoying your new service with us. If you need anything the future just let us know and we're always happy to help. Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback and I hope you have a great weekend.

Tue, April 01, 2014

1 Barrie,
Just paid for *flawless* month #6 since leaving Roger$ (whom I see must now have employees posting comments here as of March 28, 2014... :)

During that time, I have already referred 3 confirmed new customers (who also each left Roger$), have 3 more in the wings, and I've never looked back.

Thanks Start and Mr. Rocca for your continued excellence.
Thank you, looking forward to having flawless month #600 with you! :) I appreciate taking the time to provide your feedback, as well as the continued referrals. Thanks again and have a great night.

Sun, March 30, 2014

1 Mississauga,
This was a solid experience. I've had some speed issues, but turns out it was my router, not the modem. I was having some contract breaking issues with some of my other rogers services, so I had to take all 3 to finish off the contract, cheaper than quitting. I will be coming back to Start as soon as that is over. Sorry to hear you got stuck in a contract with your old provider, but we'll be ready and waiting for you when you're free and clear! Thanks for your feedback and looking forward to having you with us again.

Fri, March 28, 2014

-1 Toronto,
I first used Start Communications 2 years ago and was pleased with their friendly staff and consistent service. Unfortunately, they have changed into a horrible company that everyone should run away from. They talk down to their customers and downright lie when it serves their purposes. The once consistent service, now goes down on a regular basis. If you call during an outage, they simply refuse to acknowledge the problem. I have also had issues with them billing me for services that I have never used. Very unprofessional. Save yourself the headache and avoid at all costs. I'm sorry to hear you are having connection problems and had an unusual experience with our team. I'd be happy to review your situation and see what can be done to rectify it, feel free to reach out to me at Thanks.

Sat, March 15, 2014

1 Trenton,
Having switched from bell, I have to say this company was a breath of fresh air.

I mostly do live video streaming and video upload at home, so an ISP that could provide me with good upload was important to me. While talking to the sales representative on the phone I expressed this, and they assured me I would get the speeds advertised. They even told me in advance that I would not get the normal download speeds for the service plan I was buying due to the area I live (which they even had the lower speeds for my area listed on their website, so I would have no reason to complain about this).

Installation went very well. The room that needed the internet installation didn't have a cable line, and a line was run through the wall for no extra charge. Once the line was set up and the modem running, it took about 20 minutes for the net to come online. showed me getting advertised speeds and then some of 16 megabit per second download and 2 megabit per second upload, which for my area in Ontario is very good speeds.

Overall I am very happy with my service so far, and my stream viewers are as well now that I can manage 720p live streaming in many of the games I live stream.
Welcome aboard and thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. I'm glad to hear that everything went as expected and you're enjoying the new speeds. Have a great day!

Fri, February 07, 2014

1 Dundas,
I can't recommend Start more highly after having been Cogeco'd in recent years.

Signing up was a breeze and the customer service was friendly, helpful and a joy to deal with. The customer service rep said she would call back in a couple hours after arranging the transfer with Cogeco, and was prompt in doing so. I even received my modem the day after they shipped it.

Today was the switchover to Start, and all I had to do was ditch the Cogeco hardware and connect the new modem. Two minutes later, I'm up and running.

I've been with Rogers and Cogeco, and there is absolutely no comparison to Start. These guys are the best. Do yourselves a favour and send them your business.
Excellent, and I'm glad to hear you've been Start'd! :) We really do pride ourselves on being friendly and capable folks as well as providing a high-end product. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your feedback and I hope you have a terrific weekend!

Thu, February 06, 2014

1 Barrie,
I have been with Start for my home DSL for a couple of years now and have just switched my company from Bell. Start Communications is one of a few companies left that seems to know what good customer service is all about. Friendly and helpful which is even more rare in the internet industry. Glad to leave Bell and even happier to find Start. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback and I'm glad to hear you've been happy with our services over the past couple years, and hopefully will be with us for many more! Thanks again and have a great day.

Wed, February 05, 2014

-1 Milton,
I decided to move to Start Communications after reading some positive reviews on the internet. Unfortunately I have not received the same service from them. First of all the modem you rent from them is not wireless capable so I had to buy one from them. After being promised a 10 mbps service I was told after installation it would take a week to have it ramp up. Then I was informed a day later that it was not available for our area and that the lower service of 6 mbps was the same cost because of a dry loop. In any case still less then Bell so I relented. Now since last Friday I have no internet service and after a few checks on Saturday (they were not reachable on Friday I left a phone and email message) I was told a ticket was created for Bell. I called on Monday was told that afternoon, I called again on Monday saying no sorry it was Tuesday afternoon. Bell called Tuesday PM and said it would be on this AM and well you guessed it still is not on. Only one person from Smart after my many calls ever called back to say it was being looked after or escalated, all they did was listen to my complaints and blame Bell. I even asked for a manager to call me and no response. Frankly I can get the better service from Bell directly and really question my decision to switch. When there are no problems every company is the greatest when there are problems this is the trust test of a company’s CS and commitment. I'm sorry to hear that the line to your home is not capable of the higher speed service. I think you're probably the same person who posted on Facebook about the same time and are already connected with one of our managers to assist, however if you are not please feel free to contact me at and I will ensure you're connected with a manager. Thank you.

Sat, January 25, 2014

1 London,
Switched over from Rogers due to the fact their customer service is sub-par and their prices are unreasonably high. Purchased a new Motorola cable modem I wanted to activate on my line to replace the rental. After several service techs I was told they can't activate it. So after 19 years with them I said goodbye. Signing up with was the easiest process ever. Didn't even have to call them. Everything was done online. On the day my service was activated, I just unhooked Rogers modem and put my Motorola modem on the line. Everything worked without any issues. The only small issue with is that to setup email account you have to contact customer service and give them your desired email name and password. I do not wish to do that for security reason, so I will keep using my email till they develop and online, self managing system for email setup. Thanks for your feedback and welcome aboard! I'm happy to report that on the email front, we are deep into building a new customer self-service portal that will enable you to manage your own email amongst many other things. Thanks again for taking the time to comment and glad to have you with us.

Mon, January 20, 2014

1 Rodney,

Our household had been with Bell Canada internet service since 2002----there were constant disruptions to service in the last 2 years with the failure of several of their rented 2Wire Modem/routers. The quality of their tech phone service was deteriorating as well. Pricing also became an issue.

One of our neighbours had been with Start for several years & they recommended them to us. The sign-up was simple , the people on the phone were local & knew the area , service was delivered right on time. Their billing is easy to follow & pricing will not change unless we change the service we require. Their tech support is local & easily accessible.

After dealing with Bell so many years , these guys are a breath of fresh air.

Thanks you Start

Dr Mike Popovich
Excellent, Start Communications is now doctor approved! :) Seriously though, we're glad to have you with us and thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience getting connected. Have a great evening.

Tue, December 24, 2013

1 Orleans,
I have been with start for 2 months now and all I can say is WOW. My nightmares of Rogers tech support are a distant memory. Everything is amazing. I called today to setup and e-mail address for my Daughter. It took less than two minutes from the time the Tech answered the phone till it was done. Absolutely amazing. I love Start. Awesome, thank you very much for the feedback and support. We're glad you're with us, and love you too! :)

Sat, December 21, 2013

1 Brampton,
Transfer was very simple from Rogers, no issues. Received a call from Start about service transfer and start delivered their promise, first day of service and very happy, excited. Best Service at Best Price. Excellent, welcome aboard and thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We're excited to have you with us for many years to come.

Sun, December 01, 2013

1 Orleans,
So I have been with start with a month now, things have been amazing. I got off to a rough beginning. It took Start 2 days to get me set up, because I gave them, the wrong serial number. Once we figured that out I was off to the races. I took a lower speed than what I had with Rogers and my speed is 2% slower. I am saving $20 a month. Major Bonus. I have had to contact tech support once because my speed dropped and the gentleman on the phone was amazing. He took 45 minutes to help me diagnose the problem, but he was very friendly and explained every step , just to find out my power bar was the issue. Once I replaced my speed was back. I wish I had known about Start Communications earlier. I have recommended Start to 10 of my clients, and they are all getting ready to switch. I can't wait. I have never had better service and had no issues what so ever. My Brother is with Tek-Savvy and he came over used my wi-fi and couldn't believe the speed or the price. He is going to wait till after Christmas to switch.

I can not say enough positive things about Start. If you want a reliable, best priced and super service switch your ISP to Start Communications.
Excellent, we love to hear about how we go above and beyond with support and getting people up and running. This has always been the foundation of our company as we heavily rely on referrals and word of mouth for our growth. Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback and glad to have you with us!

Tue, November 26, 2013

-1 Oakville,
It's really a horrible experience! In the first half month, every night I was drop off from internet and internet light keep red until I restart the modern. After several phone complaints, it seems to be better. Although internet service stills break down several times per night, it still can repair itself. These days I cannot stand any more, every night it drop me down several times per hour! During I wrote this comment, the network broke twice. I don't know why this company have such a high rate? Nobody has the same experience like me? Whats more, my speed should be 15Mbs,while through I have never had a speed faster than 10Mbs. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. It sounds like probably an issue with your line or inside connection and if you have called us there should be a ticket that we're working to resolve with you. If you want to email me your name or customer number to I can look at the status of it for you. We are always happy to help our customers trouble-shoot any problems and get them back up and running 100%. Thanks and have a great day.

Fri, November 15, 2013

1 Brampton,
Just completed a switchover from Rogers Nov. 13. The switch went well and Start service seems faster than Rogers. I like the simple Start interface for getting usage details.
Excellent support in getting things running on the day of switchover. No interruption in service - OK there was a minor disruption due to my own mistake.
Excellent, welcome aboard and we're glad to have you with us. Thanks for your support and taking the time to post your feedback on our support team and the process. Have a great weekend!

Mon, November 11, 2013

1 Barrie,
Just passed month #2 with Start as Rogers continues to be a mercifully fading traumatic memory of my not so distant Internet past. I am paying for 25Mbps down / 2Mbps up with Start and I just tested my speed (2013-11-11 0030h EST) using the popular site and felt compelled to post my results: 24.69Mbps down, 2.02Mbps up! A truly bittersweet result: SWEET as I still can't hardly believe I'm routinely getting exactly what I'm paying for from Start (naturally speeds will fluctuate, I'm "just sayin" this particular random test provided for a spectacularly satisfying result), but BITTER as I can't hardly believe how many years I felt screwed by Rogers, paying for posted speeds I rarely if ever received (after nuuuumerous tests...). Thanks again Start. Looking forward to Month #3 and beyond. I'm glad to hear you're on the road to recovery! :) Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and it's great to have you with us.

Mon, November 11, 2013

1 russell,
Just recently signed on to START after viewing and emailing a few other companies. It's been near 2 weeks, with no issues. I switched up my package to one tier up, and they were fast to respond and to complete the request, with a follow-up. Welcome aboard and glad to hear you're enjoying the services. We love to follow up, that way we know our customers are happy. Thanks for your feedback and have a great night.

Fri, November 08, 2013

-1 Oakville,
So far it has been a nightmare.
Start didn't ship my modem for almost a week after I ordered it and I received it the day I was to start my service with them.
After setting it up and waiting the requisite two hours, it was still not working. So, I called customer service. The guy took all of my information and logged into my account. Suddenly my modem lit up. I asked him what he did. He said, "Nothing".
Even though I was sure he was lying, I was finally up and running and so I relaxed.
I returned my modem to the Cogeco store at Oakville Place and was told that my service would be terminated on Nov. 7 (they need at least 30 days notice).
When I came home yesterday (Nov. 7), I had no internet service. I called Start and spoke to a guy (who sounded like he was in the middle of a party with all the noise in the background) and apparently Cogeco, who Start is supposed to have an arrangement with, came out and unplugged my cable in the box outside my house.
Then the customer service rep told me that they couldn't get someone out there to hook it up until Tuesday. Five days. I was supposed to work at home today instead of having to make the trek to the east side of Toronto.
In desperation, I opened up the box on the outside of my house and plugged the cord back in. Several hours later, I still have no service.
Any company that thinks it's okay to go five days without internet service shouldn't be in this business.
Sorry to hear that your connection was pulled in error today when Cogeco cancelled your cable. As well as for the noise, we did have one of our longest employees have a milestone birthday today and I know the service desk area was a bit louder for 30 minutes or so this afternoon. If you want to email me your name or account number to I'd be happy to look at it as error pulls are usually quickly reconnected. Thanks.

edit: I believe I found your account by the details described. Looks like late this morning we were successful in getting the repair booked for tomorrow and there is a pending call for us to call you this evening to let you know the news. Sorry for the outage but hopefully smooth sailing once we get Cogeco to correct the error pull. Thanks and have a great day.

Thu, October 31, 2013

1 Keswick,

(I have been using Start for over a year now)

Being how hard it can be to find trust worthy ISP's I will write my piece on Start.

I originally came from Rogers. I was tired of paying 120 bucks for I admit fast speed but being capped at 300-400GB's is just not an option for someone who gets all entertainment from the internet. I do not have a TV service. So I decided to look around. Based on all my research I was taking a risk no matter the company I was going to choose. I looked at many and they all seem to have their pluses and horror stories associated with them.

I ended up going with Start. They came out and set up my internet within 3-4 days of ordering it. I originally joined on a legacy package which did unfortunately have cap limits. However I was paying almost half the price as Rogers so I was willing to deal.

My main point with Start is they grow and expand their options like no ISP I have ever used. In the last year I gone from 300GB cap to I believe 400. Then upto Unlimited with 45mbps down and 4 mbps up. Then I go to their website today and find they even upgraded to pro packages which offer better upload speed. Great for someone like me who wants to get into streaming. All this for an increase of about 25-30 bucks. Still light years cheaper than what Rogers offers for the same speeds and caps.

In this year I have had them their customer server is amazing. Never had a bad experience. I think there has been 1 or 2 outages that I can remember. They just keep adding value to your service will small minor hits on your bill.

Second best thing about Start. Bills the 1st of the month no matter what. You make a change, There is no prorated crap you pay your new price the first of the month. They keep it simple for me to keep track of the bill.

I assure you I am a real person and honestly after dealing with Rogers, I did not think companies like this existed.

Me personally I cannot recommend Start enough if you are looking to get away from the monopoly's. You will not be disappointed.

-Professional Customer Service
-Constantly adding value to your service without huge hits to the bottom line
-Very Very little downtime, If any.
-Billing cycle is the 1st of the month for everyone.
-No prorated crap when making changes to account.

-Website only allows you to check usage from the location you have service.
-Honestly there is not many. I have never been this kind to any company beside my beer company :D.

They at least deserve your consideration if anything.

Wow, thanks for your support and awesome feedback - we really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. I'm glad to hear that we're meeting your ongoing needs as we create new progressive options. As an internet provider, we don't often hear our industry being ranked up in terms of satisfaction with beer companies, so that's pretty impressive. :) Thanks again and have a great day.

Wed, October 23, 2013

-1 mississauga,
Have Start's FTTN for 6 weeks, still not working properly. Kept on saying try this try that and bounce the ball between Bell.
As a customer, they want a solution to the problem.
I'm sorry to hear things didn't go the normal smooth process for you. If you'd like to email me your name/customer # at I'd be happy to take a look. Thanks and hopefully we can get you back online quickly.

Thu, October 17, 2013

1 Oakville,
It was a blessing in disguise that my new neighbourhood is not served by Rogers, and I wanted a cable internet. My homework started with affordable and stable service provider. With due home work, mainly aided by forums, I landed with Start Communications. Sales call was as good as it can get. The worst part was to get the service activated. Start relies on other network providers to have the service installation. It took a hell 3 weeks from the word GO to have it done. Not sure if it was only me or many go through this. Had initial hiccups on performance of the service, but Start knew what is causing the bottleneck. Their advice helped me correct the issue. The performance is precisely to the promised SLA. I cannot be happier. If this joy lives throughout the service duration, I want to come back and keep posting my happy days. Welcome aboard. I'm sorry to hear you had a bumpy ride getting here, but glad to have you with us and running at full speed now. Thanks for your feedback, it's very much appreciated. Have a great day!

Tue, October 15, 2013

1 Hamilton,
I simply couldn't be happier...with the extremely reliable service and speeds (always a little higher than advertised), the friendly and efficient customer service, and the realistic price.

In every area, I give this company 100%!
We certainly give it our 100% too! Thanks for the A+ report, I appreciate your business and taking the time to provide feedback. Have a great day.

Mon, October 14, 2013

Comment Orleans,
Having called Start three times in just over a week, for questions, was one of the most pleasant calls I have had to make. All three times I talked to someone new and always got a positive response, and all my questions answered. With that being said, after my call today, I will be calling back this friday after I get modem, and signing up with them. It is a nice change to talk to someone who is friendly and will to answer questions with out all the BS that rogers likes to pull. After 15 yrs of Rogers BS, I finally had enough. I gave rogers a chance to match Start's pricing and they told me the only way they could match pricing was me to drop to their 25 meg package and pay the extra $10 for unlimited and they would give me a 20 Percent discount. Told them no, just cancel my service, because I can get 45Megs with start with unlimited and still save $10 a month. Looking forward to being a start customer. 23 days to go and counting. can't wait. Excellent, we encourage people to do their homework when choosing their ISP so thanks for those calls. Welcome aboard, looking forward to having you with us.

Wed, October 09, 2013

1 Ottawa,
Although the transfer from Distributel to Start took some time it finally happened!I had an issue with my modem not being released that delayed the transfer (seems to be a common issue from what I've read), however, when it did happen I contacted Start and they did a great job in getting me back up and running the same day. Things that I would like to point out are little to no waiting time to speak to somebody and excellent customer service. They actually did a follow-up to make sure everything was working. I ran a speed test and couldn't be happier with results. Thank you Start! And thank you! Sorry to hear it was a little bumpy getting here but glad you made it and everything is working well. Thanks for taking the time to review and have a great day.

Mon, October 07, 2013

1 Barrie,
A positive update on START COMMUNICATIONS - chose to rate them here instead of an email to the company because good service deserves public notice. Got my first monthly bill from Start - on time, pro-rated properly for the period, explained my service experience to a friend who was EQUALLY SHOCKED at their efficiency + great pricing (no, I don't work them... just a very service-picky customer who is SO RARELY impressed by service-anything, it is astonishing that I would not only be impressed at all, but VERY impressed...) and is now working to cancel THEIR Rogers account to start with START COMMUNICATIONS (yes, I told them to call Start *first* so they can avoid the transfer fee). Three (3) service interactions/queries to date, all fantastic, with special notice to (Derrick? Dan? I forget sorry) who looked up my account information from his call-display info of me WHILE I WAS EXPLAINING MY QUESTION to provide unparalleled service efficiency (no "account number please," mother's maiden name and a DNA scan by licking the phone receiver just for a simple service question... *AWESOME*), to the "View Usage" button on their web site which checks your IP address automatically so you don't need to register, login, password.. blablabla... just CLICK IT and it TELLS YOU. Imagine that - a company looking to make their customer's life easier. Very impressed Mr. Rocca - keep it up, but please don't EVER forget (when you defeat Rogers) that THIS is the quality of service from whence you came! :) Thanks for the incredible review and I'm very glad to hear we've exceeded your expectations. Our service is what keeps our customers happy and referring us to their friends so no worries about us changing that. ;) Thanks again, I appreciate your support and hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Thu, October 03, 2013

1 Oshawa,
Great costumer service!
I'm still in the process of switching to Start. But unlike my current provider they actually answer the phone and reply to emails. And they do all of this in a timely manner!
Welcome aboard and thanks for your feedback. We're looking forward to getting you connected. Have a great weekend.

Sat, September 14, 2013

1 Aurora,
I have been with Start for one year now and the service couldn't be better. I have recommended them to several people and some have already signed on with them.
You get the speeds you sign up for and awesome support should you need it.

I was recently down for about a week apparently because of the cable company upgrading. The people at Start did everything possible to resolve the problem for me and keep me informed.

An article in the paper the other day confirms that the cable company has been creating problems for other TPIP's lately.

When there are problems you want to have a company like Start that have knowledgeable and friendly tech support to get you through it.

Kudos to the people at Start.
Thank you for the feedback and referrals, it is very much appreciated. I am sorry to hear about your outage but glad we got things resolved for you in the end. Thanks again for the kudos and I'll be sure to also pass your feedback on to our service team. Have a great evening.

Sun, September 08, 2013

1 Hamilton
Wow, what a great company! I've tried Bell, Primus and Acanac, with some horror-story results I'd sooner forget. Cogeco was good, but Start gives me double the speed and the cap is nearly twice as high...for about 25% less money. Installation was fast and easy. To top it off, the phone service is the best I've experienced in my life!

Now I can hardly wait for Start to offer voip phone service!
Thank you very much for your feedback and support. We are working on VoIP as well and will have it available for general release in the near future. Thanks again and have a great evening.

Thu, September 05, 2013

1 Toronto,
Great service and internet. I would definitely recommend to others. They also took the time to phone after the installation to make sure everything was working perfectly. Thank you very much for the feedback and your recommendations to others. We really appreciate that our customers are spreading the word about their positive experiences with us. Have a great night!

Thu, September 05, 2013

1 mississauga ,
i really have that there is no better TPIA than this one of the best customer services i have ever seen i my entire life the best thing about is that you can talk to CEO of start really awesome company ! Thank you, we strive to be a world class service provider and appreciate feedback from our customers. Thanks for your support and taking the time to share. Have a great night.

Tue, September 03, 2013

1 Barrie,
Our home is now a certified RFZ! (Rogers-Free-Zone)! ROGERS: Fail. ACANAC: Dbl Fail. START: **FANTASTIC** so far. We are still on "Day 1" but I learned my lesson with the other two and have tested START in advance: 1/ Telephone call-in for sales (Jennifer = A+), 2/ Telephone call in for support as a test - I wasn't a customer yet (Ryan = A+), 3/ Reviews (far more good than the standard occasional and possibly "impossible to please" bad) 4/ CanadianISP rating (this was the breaking point - A+ for Peter ROCCA, owner, who answered every one of these posts, good and bad alike). // Good price, Speeds are speedtested all good, install was ON TIME and HASSLE FREE, smooth as silk except that they depend on Rogers for the hard line (reality bummer, but the delivery is all their servers, so that's good). I'm still on Day 1, but if everything continues like this - I've found my perfect ISP. Thanks, START!! (No, I don't work for them - I usually can't stand service companies in general, so for me to actually like this one enough to bother posting this, they have done their homework. Well done, guys.) Thank you very much, really appreciate your business and taking the time to provide feedback on your experience and service. I love the A+ report card too, homework pays off! :) Thanks again and have a great evening.

Tue, August 27, 2013

1 pickering,
good service. no problems Thank you, I appreciate your feedback and support. Have a great evening.

Thu, August 22, 2013

1 Markham,
Just got connected with Start Communications. I purchased the DCM476 cable modem and am signed up for there standard internet package with 25M Down and 2MB Up and have unlimited bandwidth. All speeds are as advertised and service was flawless. We are very pleased so far. Thank you Start Communications for providing such an excellent service. You not only have me as a customer for life, but I will recommend you to everyone I know. I hope your company sees significant growth in the coming years! Excellent, flawless is what we aim for and I'm glad you're happy with our service. Thank you very much for the feedback and kind words. We look forward to providing you with service for a very long time. :) Have a great evening.

Tue, August 20, 2013

Comment mississauga ,
it shows on your website that i have no service available from what you provide while bell and rogers websites show that i qualify for the top speeds by the way i have your fttn so i guess your website is outdated or something because i maybe want to upgrade to cable but it shows its unavailable in my area while i qualafy for all plans that bell and rogers and teksavvy provide..... Sometimes that can happen if you have a new postal code, but please give us a call or email with your full address and postal code and we'd be happy to check for you. Thanks and have a great day.

Tue, August 20, 2013

Comment mississauga ,
i did send an email to sales and support today this morning no respond ? Sorry I don't see your request, please feel free to email me directly at or you can post via or

This site here is more so for reviews about our services and isn't a good avenue for me to be able to provide support.

Thank you and have a great evening.

Tue, August 20, 2013

1 mississauga ,
all i gotta say is thanks rocca for the support and i have never seen such a good company and i sent a direct email to you rocca! Thank you, I just received it and will reply shortly.

Thu, August 15, 2013

1 Oakville,
I signed up with Start Communications earlier this year, having cancelled with Cogeco. My main reason for the switch was the data cap. I was lucky enough to get the 400GB cap they were offering at the time before they changed their plans recently.

I briefly considered Teksavvy and Acanac but was scared by their ratings and reviews. I chose start because of their positive reviews and because of their pricing and data cap.

I am very pleased with the service and happy that I switched to Start. My only criticism would be that they should offer an unlimited data option; we stream all our entertainment at my home (we cancelled cable tv long ago) and the 'overnight no cap download' deal is useless to us. However, I would pay extra for an unlimited option. Even at 400GB, we are coming close to this limit each month during the summer - when 4 people (including 2 teens) are watching different things on different devices pretty much all day long, it's not tough to get there.

Other than this, I have no hesitation in recommending Start Communications to anyone who wants affordable, reliable internet services.

Four and one-half stars (half star deduction for no unlimited option)
Thank you very much for the review and feedback on our services and packages. We're doing our best to expand our offerings with unlimited on more plans, however it is difficult under the current pricing framework we have to work with. Nevertheless, we continue to do what we can and will try to provide the best service at a fair price. Thanks again for your support and recommendations. Have a great weekend.

Wed, August 14, 2013

1 Kingston,
I've been with Start for 6 months now. I already left a positive review when I first joined. I'm doing so again because they've continued to be AWESOME! I can't even remember the last time there was an outage. Every customer support email has been answered same day. Many thanks. Excellent, thank you very much for your continued business and for your feedback and support! Have a great day.

Sat, July 13, 2013

1 Toronto,
Start Communication is the best internet service provider ever because of the following reasons.

1- Excellent customer service. The employee are very friendly (all of them) . The waiting time over the telephone for technical support or for the sales is too short.

2- The speed of the internet is perfect. My internet speed never goes below my maximum download speed even in the peak time. Every time I checked my internet speed it was higher than the maximum speed.

3- NOW there is more unlimited planes for the high speed internet. I called the customer service before because I am using the internet for my T.V and my Phone and my computer so I exceeded the maximum usage per month. I told them I need unlimited high speed plane. They told me we will study your feedback. SO they response to every feedback from the customers.

4- The installation was on time and went very smoothly.

5- The price is really good. They deserve every penny.

So I really recommend this company for all of you. You will not find better service or better price in any other company.Actually , I recommend Start Communication for my family and my friends.

Thank you Start Communication.
Thank you very much for your detailed feedback and recommendations - it is very much appreciated. We certainly do value the comments of our customers and use that feedback to help make our company better all the time. Again, thanks for your support and have a great evening.

Tue, July 02, 2013

1 Woodstock,
I have been with Start for just under a month and cannot be happier. Everything just works and is it ever fast. The call to see how the installation went was an added bonus. Everyone I have spoken to has been extremely friendly. Also, extra points since I have not had to call back since I have setup the service. As I said it just works and works fast. Thank you very much for taking the time to post a review and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the service. We hope you'll never have to call in for support but if you do we'll be here, friendly and helpful as always. :) Thanks again and have a great day.

Sat, June 29, 2013

-1 Paris,
I wanted to go to Start. Had talked to several people there\. I have sent the required notice to Bell Canada, subsidiary of Rogers money suckers. Unfortunately we had a death in the family which was out of town. |I had called late and had filled in most of the details with a sales person. I could not finish the call and the sign up so told her I would call next day. She had left the next day and the person who took over told me she had filled in most of the details and everything was ready to go. We were going to have installation on Wednesday July 3,13. This new guy starts with the "correct" response that they need at least 5 days before install. Not bright enough to say hey, how can we work around this, what can we do about it, hey wait till I talk to my supervisor. This is not an idea start with start. I immediately lost it and said don't bother. I will look some more and find a truly good company. I'm sorry to hear about the death in your family, my thoughts and wishes are with you. In regards to the order, unfortunately we do not have any way to work around the minimum installation window to install sooner than that. If there was any way at all we certainly would have signed you up but alas the minimum lead time is truly the minimum. Sorry we weren't able to accommodate your time frame and I wish you all the best in the future.

Wed, June 26, 2013

1 Whitby,
Officially switched over my internet from Rogers to Start Communications on June 25th. I had called about a month prior to ensure I knew what to expect and to make sure I would be able to get the free transfer. The customer service rep I spoke with was very pleasant and she made everything very easy to understand. I got home on June 25th, plugged in the new modem, which had arrive within days of signing up, and everything was working perfectly and as expected. So far so good. Start Communications has delivered on everything the said they would do which is a nice change from the poor customer service that is becoming all to common in today's world. Welcome aboard, glad to have you with us and I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. Excellent to hear the process was smooth as normal and we look forward to providing you with reliable friendly service for many years to come. Thanks again and have a great Canada Day weekend.

Wed, June 05, 2013

1 Peterborough,
I moved to Peterborough last year in July and started searching for the service and found out about start.They were the better looking choice on the paper so i signed up and now after one year with them, i can say they are best in business. Very happy with customer service and technical support.i recommended to all my friends. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback. I'm glad to hear we've earned your trust to refer your friends, and we really appreciate that support. Thanks again and have a great evening.

Sun, May 26, 2013

-1 mississauga,
i have your bad service for a week now and im starting to get problems with my ping and upload people never go with fttn in with start because its a bad idea ! when i had primus atleast they were giving prefect ping and latency with you its like im on freaking dialup upload you guys said 15 down 1 up why are you giving 800 kbps not 1000 kbps and on speedtest im getting 0.65 upload and bad ping i thought you guys are better than the other guys i turned out like a dumbass
I'm sorry to hear you had a problem with the service. Please give us a call or email and we'd be happy to get things working properly. Sounds like either a profile issue or maybe just something needs to be checked on the line. Thanks and have a great evening.

Fri, May 17, 2013

1 mississauga,
i was with primus they were not bad but there cs made me rage so i decided to try out start and there cs was fantastic and there giving me what i want i just setup the 15 down 1 up fttn dsl and its amazing but and constant but the upload is giving me 0.7 from one but thats ok upload is always not that accurate and my download is the same as i wanted 15.1 down but the only thing thats bothering me is the ping the isnt so high and isnt so low i have to admit that primus was giving me amazing ping but other than that the service is awesome! Thanks for your support and providing feedback. I'm very glad to hear that our awesome service is continuing to impress! Thanks again and have a great day.

Fri, May 10, 2013

1 Mississauga,
I was with Bell for years. Did not liked their customer service and plans. Switched to Start Communications begining of this month. Everything went smoothly. Very happy with customer service and techinical support. Will surely recommend Start!! I'm very glad to have you with us and hear that you're enjoying our services and support. Thank you very much for your recommendations and taking the time to post your review. Have a great weekend.

Fri, May 03, 2013

1 Waterdown,
Before I comment, please research this for me...ROCCA

Just signed up for your cable internet in Waterdown, so far so good!
My question is I want to sign up my cottage too.

I currently have cable internet now, but the postal code thing doesn't work....

However, Rogers is the owner of the current service, formerly Kincardine cable - I thought you could piggy back off of all Roger's plans?

Can you do a thorough check on this? I'd really like to give you the business..

BTW, CS is friendly and mostly very useful.

Rocca excellent business plan and problem resolution. I just read an entire post that I can't believe I read - it was very long, but amusing... Some people don't have a clue and will argue forever... As much as it proved your commitment, I'm sure you have more important issues at hand than to deal with some of these ridiculous people....
Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear things are working well at your Watertown location. I'd be happy to check into your cottage for you, please email me the full address and postal code to and I'll take a look. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Thu, May 02, 2013

1 Mississauga,
Switched from Rogers. The transfer was literally smooth and painless. Plug and play and ta-da! What I really like about this company is the service. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Definitely would recommend Start Communication.
Welcome aboard! We work hard to make the transfer process a smooth one so thank you very much for the feedback and recommendations. Glad to have you with us and hope you have a great evening.

Sun, April 21, 2013

-1 Burlington,
Well, sales was great at getting me to sign up. That is where all the "fun" ended.

Really poor customer service. Many promises and lots of failures. Staff are not trained properly, lack communication within the company and with it's suppliers.

They even set my speed incorrectly for my internet. They are very quick to bill and then they fail miserably.

If you sign up for DSL, they only are responsible to the outside of your house. If there are any internal issues they do not tell you that you are responsible.

If you sign up for FTTN, the inside workers do not work on weekends so the turnaround time is a minimum of 4 days without internet. Not a choice I would ever make again.

They have many "resellers" which will have the same problems. If you never have any problems then you will have no problem. But if you do, it will be a nightmare getting it sorted out.
I'm sorry to hear you had a problem with your installation. Unfortunately our Basic DSL package does not include inside wiring repair with the free or dryloop installation.

We can certainly schedule an inside repair order for you, or you can get a local contractor to repair the wiring problems (generally cheaper), or with any of our FTTN or cable internet packages it would generally include the inside wiring work with the $50 installation fee. Unfortunately we cannot provide free inside wiring repair on the free installations.

In regards to the 4 days, I don't have your account details available but it sounds like you may have wanted to switch to the FTTN after discovering the inside wiring issues? If so, unfortunately that requires a new scheduled install, ie it is not possible to switch from Basic to Standard on the spot without rescheduling which is 4 or 5 days out. Repairs to existing active services of course are not restricted to weekdays and we're quite good at working with the underlying vendors where needed to fix any problems that may arise.

Again I'm sorry to hear things didn't go smoothly for you and if you'd like me to look into your specific case feel free to email me at

Thank you.

Tue, April 16, 2013

1 Toronto,
I signed up with Start and purposely waited over a month to write this review.
There is no need to mention that Bell and Rogers SUCK.
With Start I've gotten amazing speed, no throttling (on Start part), good customer service and a CEO who gets involved to make sure every customer is happy with the service.
I'm on the 35 MBs download and have never yet tested the speed to be below that. As a matter of fact my average speed is 58 MBs download!!
Thank you for finally giving us a break from the two giants. I hope you keep it this way.
Suggestion: Please put a referral system in place similar to Acanac that anyone who refers 10 customers gets free service for life as long as those referrals are active customers. It's not hard to refer something this good to people!
Thank you very much for your comments about our service and referral system. It's feedback from our customers that not only helps spread the word and drives growth but is also an opportunity for us to see ways to constantly continue improving ourselves. I really appreciate your support and thanks for being with us. Have a great day.

Fri, April 12, 2013

1 Barrie,
We've been with Start for a year now and my daughter has had their services at university in Guelph since September and neither of us has ever had any problems at all. IF you do every have to call they have great customer service. VERY happy with Start after years of crappy Bell customer service. SO glad I switched. My bill is exactly the same every month whereas with Bell is went up almost every month. We're glad you switched too! :) I appreciate you taking the time to comment on our services and customer support, those are the most important things to us and have been the cornerstone of our success over the past 18 years. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Thu, April 11, 2013

1 aurora,
Very happy with the services. Thank you, we appreciate your support and glad to hear you're enjoying your service with us. Have a great day.

Mon, April 08, 2013

-1 North York,
I have not yet even had the internet from Start communications connected yet. At this point, I do not even know if I will.

On the 9th of March, I submitted for a transfer (prior cable with Rogers internet) and as of today (April 8th) I am still without knowledge of my account.

Initially, I was told that the transfer would go, as I received a call from an agent of Start just a few days after the 9th to confirm my Rogers cancellation date.

She was wondering why it would only allow my to select the 25th of March on the account date.

Well, the 25th came and went, no modem from Start (I believe they ship it to you prior to the account setup) but just a Rogers technician dropping by my residence to advise me that the disconnect was complete and ready for my new internet provider.


As I have heard nothing from Start at this time, I contacted them the next day, to which they advised me that as I had missed my scheduled hook up date (as I did not call them on the 25th) they could do nothing about it and would have to reschedule me.

Somewhere about here, I requested to have a manger / supervisor call me back, to which one did, eventually. (can not recall exact dated)

From this point, I was repeatedly told " we can hook you up and deal with the money issue later " or " I want to get you internet and deal with the billing later ".

Thankfully, on my most recent discussion with this manager (Richard Nix) on Friday the 5th, where he advised me that they had cancelled my installation, but however, could set it up as a new installation (for which I would have to pay the 50$ fee), I declined to do so.

This was only after asking for confirmation from him no less than 5 times that if I was to setup this up and they decided to charge me the 50$ fee, would I be able to cancel it and not get stuck with the fee.

That was very difficult to avoid, and I was almost bullied by Richard to signing up. Had I not persisted, I could be in a situation (an additional one, as I am already in one) where I would be paying a fee that I was told would not be charged.

Additionally, I was told by Richard nix during my call on the 5th of This month that back on the 13th of March is when they knew that the 50$ new activation fee (remember, this is a transfer from Rogers) would be charged to me.

It seems that Start (or at least the individuals I have been speaking with) do all they can to get someone connected by either telling them misleading information or by not revealing information as they are made aware of it.

I am genuinely shocked at the business acumen and customer service I have received from Start at this point and based on this, would not recommend them to anyone, but would instead recommend that they find a different Internet Service Provider, as, in fact, Richard Nix stated for me to do in our last conversation.

ADMIN NOTE: Additional responses/reviews by the same user have been removed; Owner of Start has offered direct communication. Multiple reviews on the same ISP within the same month are not permitted.

Thank you,
- Marc
Hello, I'm the CEO of Start Communications and very sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I spoke with Richard who recalled working with you so I was able to review the notes for your specific situation.

It appears that on the 9th you ordered a transfer for the 25th however your disconnection with Rogers was already scheduled for the 20th. In order to qualify for a free transfer there are two conditions, the first being that we require at least 10 business days to co-ordinate and the second is that the service must be active, ie we cannot transfer a disconnected service. On the 10th the transfer order to Rogers was rejected by them because it did not meet the conditions above and we contacted you to advise about the required installation fee. As you mentioned, you declined and we cancelled the order and refunded the money to your credit card immediately.

I am very sorry that we were not able to provide you with a free transfer but unfortunately your conditions required an installation as the service was already scheduled to be disconnected before the transfer date. Should you wish to contact me directly please feel free to do so at and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Sat, April 06, 2013

1 Milton,
Amazing internet provider. Can't say enough good about them. I've recommended them to a number of people and all are extremely happy with the service. They even gave me a discount on my monthly bill for every referral. I pay for 8Mbps service and always get over 10. The one or twice that I called them they answered very quickly and were very helpful. Their support is located in London, ON. and not overseas. I highly recommend them. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the feedback on our services and for the referrals. Word of mouth is very important to us and we strive to keep the 'service' part alive when it comes to being an internet service provider. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Thu, March 28, 2013

1 Courtice,
I've been with Start over a year now in Courtice, Ontario. They have great support and I have never been down unless it was a Roger's (line owner) issue. I'm very glad to hear our support and service has been treating you well. Thanks for your support over the past year and taking the time to post a review. Have a great weekend.

Wed, March 20, 2013

1 Toronto
Who knew that I would ever 'love' my Internet Service provider? I switched from BELL to START about a year ago and since switching the service has been absolutely flawless. Their pricing is very competitive, but their customer service is what really sets this company apart from anyone else. They do exactly what they promise to do exactly when they say they're going to do it. This is such a well run company. I only wish they sold other products and services as I would buy the lot. Kudos START!! Thank you so much, we love doing what we do and glad to see it's showing. :) Thanks again for the feedback, glad to have you with us and I hope you have an excellent weekend.

Fri, March 15, 2013

1 London,
I highly recommend this company! Customer service is excellent, very friendly and knowledgeable. They always try to make it less expensive for you by offering their best deals and advice. I am with them for almost two years now and never had an issue with the internet. I had to change locations and that was not a problem at all either. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback and for your support over the past 2 years! Glad to have you with us. Have a great night.

Sat, March 09, 2013

1 Bowmanville,
Anyone on the GTA or outer cities (Bowmanville, Oshawa, Newcaste) I HIGHLY suggest you switch to Start Communications. We were stuck with Rogers High Speed or Bell. Bell didn't offer their faster packages at my location and Rogers has serious issues with traffic in the evening hours. Start's prices are much better than Bell and Rogers, and their caps are significantly higher. Setup was quick and easy, and by far the most helpful customer service. They have offices in your area so you will never have a language issue. Longest I have ever waited on hold was 30 seconds. Great speeds. Amazing stability. Best internet in the GTA. Period. Thank you, we always strive to provide an exceptional service and support experience backed by our local all-Canadian team. Thanks again for choosing us and providing your feedback. Have a great day.

Tue, February 26, 2013

0 North Bay,
I have been for the most part pleased with the service I have received from start. Unfortunately I have been experiencing massive latency issues with online gaming (wow). This isn't start's problem, but they have told me that i can't be re-routed around cogentco's/At&t's servers, which may force me to leave. But aside from this downstream problem i would recommend their service. I'm sorry to hear you're still having a problem with WoW, if you want to email me the IP of the game server I can take another look but this appears to be a problem with that one specific game servers upstream connection (AT&T) and not with WoW in general. We have lots of other WoW gamers without any problems at all. Our network is very robust with 4 different transit partners as well as dozens of private peer arrangements and peering at TorIX which directly connects us with another 150+ networks, giving us excellent routes in Canada, the USA and Europe. I'm glad to hear you're generally pleased and hopefully the issue with that one server clears up soon. Thanks for the feedback and have a great day.

Thu, February 21, 2013

1 Oakville,
Absolutely amazing! I've spent month's looking for an alternative to Cogeco, until a co-worker informed me about Start. I called their sales department and the staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable, which is rare to find in these days. I signed up for the Advanced Cable internet and never looked back. I did have a minor hiccup due to being put on the wrong speed profile but I know that was Cogeco's fault, the issue was resolved within 2 days. I am hoping they will soon offer Unlimited Internet, so I can cancel my cable TV service. Please Start Communications a try, you wont be sorry! Thank you so much for your feedback and glad to hear we've made another happy customer! We really appreciate your support and recommendations. Thanks again and have a great day.

Mon, February 18, 2013

1 Stoney Creek,
I have been looking for a replacement ISP for a while since Cogeco and their sad excuse for a Cap was ridiculous...Unfortunately the way Hamilton area is set up you have a choice of either the Cable CO. of their choosing based on the are you live in or Bell. Well I refuse to use Bell for any services, Anyways I researched for quite a while for what I needed and I honestly Trolled this site for a long time and deceided to switch to Start communications Cable advanced for $62 with modem rental.

That was in September of 2012, the modem arrived quickly. I was on Night shift the previous evening so I wasn't awake for the install, which turned out to be 10 mins. Now I should say in all honesty I was not happy that they charged me $50 for what looks like at first for someone to put a splitter in my line. But apparently they did work outside my home before showing up to my door.

I should explain that Start was very helpful with this including getting 2 calls from head office about my issue.

So.....Plugged in the modem, put in a load of laundry went to surf the internet... and Boom crazy fast speeds and no choking throughout the day!

The Bill was exactly as advertised with no hidden fees or charges. I should note that they do Zero balance billing at least for me as I chose to have the bill put on My Visa ( gotta collect them points! )

In early February my modem crapped out, luckily I rented it and it was replaced quickly and I have had no issues other than that minor problem.

I would and have recommended Start to anyone and everyone that is unhappy with their current provider in a heartbeat!

Excellent, we love recommendations! :) If they let us know you sent them and we'll even put $25 credit on your account too. Thanks for the review and your support. Have a great day.

Sun, February 17, 2013

1 Oakville,
Extremely impressed by Start Communications. We live in Oakville and have been with Cogeco for many years. I have nothing against Cogeco and always found them to be an excellent company in terms of technology, uptime, and customer service. Only one problem ... their outrageous rates that apply when you go over your monthly cap. We're a multi-computer and iPad household and we like to watch Netflix, Youtube videos, and so on. Also, I'm an IT person with two teenage sons that both spend a lot of time online. We were signed up for Cogeco's fastest and highest volume plan but found we were going over by as much as $150 EXTRA per month as Cogeco charges $1 per GB of overages. I made the switch to Start and haven't looked back. Their customer service was amazingly friendly starting from my first call all the way through to the cutover. In case you are wondering, here's all it takes to switch: 1. call Start and pick a cutover date at least 10 business days ahead 2. order a Start Modem ... I bought it for $99 but you can rent it if you prefer 3. modem will be delivered in a few days 4. when cutover day arrives unhook Cogeco modem and switch in your Start modem towards end of day 5. take your Cogeco modem to Oakville Place Cogeco store and cancel your service (they will cancel on the spot) ... you can keep Cable TV with Cogeco. No need to warn Cogeco ahead of time, they can cancel Internet service on the spot. Don't feel sorry for Cogeco ... it's still their cable entering your house so they will still get reimbursed by Start. Have been on the service for a month now ... speed is exactly as advertised (I took the top plan), no downtime, seamless cutover, great service, and no contract! What else can you possibly want? OK ... an unlimited option would be great but my plan gives me 400 GB per month which is excellent. Start, if you are listening, I'd be interested in an unlimited high speed option ... even if it costs me a bit more! Also, VOIP phone service would be interesting too. My only regret is not switching earlier ... seriously! Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. We're waiting for a CRTC decision that may make unlimited possible, should know soon. For the 'switching list' looks pretty good, thanks - just a quick comment for others, if you're cancelling everything with them best to check first that you don't have a contract or need to give them notice. If you're keeping TV with them then we've heard the same thing from customers which is that you can simply cancel after the fact. Thanks again and glad to have you with us.

Fri, February 15, 2013

1 Kingston,
So far so good! We transferred from Cogeco with no problems. We had internet up and running in about an hour. Speeds are exactly as advertised and a much better deal than anywhere else I've found. No complaints from this customer. Excellent, welcome aboard and thanks for the review!

Fri, February 08, 2013

1 Orleans,
I have been with Primus DSL (dry loop) for 4 years. Their service although slow was solid. Recently their price went over th $40 a month and I decided to look into other options. I called Start to ask some questions and was impressed how polite and knowledgeable the agent was. It was down to Teksavvy and Start and I chose start because of all of the positive reviews and feedback. I chose their

Standard Cable Internet ( 25 Mbps, 2 Mbps, 150 GB, $39.95 -Install $50 .

I understand the install fee as someone has to pay to have the installer come out and connect and tag the cable line.

I purchased a Thomson DCM476 from Gentek for $90 tax and delivery included and registered online for the standard internet package with start. I received a message from start as well as 2 emails welcoming me to start as well as details of the install. The install was scheduled a week later and the Rogers contracted installer was on time and did a good job with the install.

He had to run a temp cable from the rogers box to my house as the current cable had a poor connection. He said he raised a ticket to have Rogers come and put the bacle underground in the spring.

After I connected the modem I got to the rogers page saying...we are having troubles attempting to connect to your modem please contact Rogers customer service...

I emailed Start and the next morning and they suggested doing a reset of the Modem and then call them to raise a ticket with Rogers if that doesn't work, but when I got home from work the connection was fine. (The delay was on rogers end...I have read they often take a little longer with 3rd party provisions).

The speed is great with no noticeable slowdowns and our Voip phone works flawlessly.

Other than taking a little long to provision my Modem everything else has been great. I should have switched a while ago.
Thanks for the feedback, it really is appreciated. Sorry it took a little longer to get started than usual but glad you're with us and things are working well. Thanks again and have a great day.

Sun, February 03, 2013

1 Milton,
Issue update, spoke to Start tech agent yesterday (and don't want to give name because I'm always mindful of privacy) and we dealt with issue for almost 2 hours on the phone. And I came out of conversation thinking that that was possibly the best customer service I ever received (that I can recall at this point). Tech agent was so helpful in trying to sort out issue and whatever problem came up, trying to figure it out. Also, he kept saying thank you for your patience all the time which I really appreciated. And it really helped ease the frustration I was feeling re the issue. And, at the end of it, I was able to stream a movie last night. So I'll try it again over the week etc and see if it continues to be good. Bottom line: what that tech agent did (his superb customer service) really smoothed things over for me and made me a much happier customer. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback and glad you had a positive experience once you contacted us for support. In the end it appears it was an initial problem with your router, but we got to the bottom of it and that’s exactly the type of over-the-top service we like to be famous for. We’re always happy to help when there is a problem, we just ask that we get the opportunity to do so before getting a negative review as this site isn’t really suitable for a technical support forum. Anyway, glad it all worked out in the end – if you have future issues, please give us a call first. ;) Thanks again and appreciate the follow-up post.

Sat, February 02, 2013

-1 Milton,
Just sent this email to Start Communications:
"Help !!
Got cable package installed and it is awful.
Got 20Mbps package and can't stream a movie (whether through Wifi or connected directly to modem) without buffering every few seconds.
Tried different movies on different sites.
Tried different wireless routers and tried connected directly to modem.
Download speeds ridiculously slow through Wifi and connected directly to modem.
Tried different files through torrent, through direct download.
No matter what time of day or night.
Really need fixed right away.
Otherwise, unfortunately makes no sense continuing with service at this rate, because not getting to do anything I use internet for."

Little frustrated right not because had such high expectations and can't really use internet now for what I signed up for in first place, given expectations re: service. Feels like I'm back to dial-up days. But will Start a chance to fix (really need a it simply to be fixed quickly, no stress) and will keep updated.
Please see above. ;) Thanks.

Wed, January 23, 2013

1 Toronto,
I am a new Start customer and am extremely happy with the service. My modem was received quickly, my questions were all answered clearly and promptly by email or phone, and the transfer from Rogers to Start was seamless. I'm getting much more for my money than I was previously. I highly recommend Start Communications. Excellent, glad to hear you're enjoying your service and really appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. Thanks and have a great day.

Mon, January 21, 2013

1 Mississauga,
Superb service. Have been with Teksavvy for almost 3 years and lately, wasn't happy at all, having to rebbot modem every day. Did some research and switch to Start Communications. No worries and no rebooting anymore, and internet faster too. Extremely satisfied and would highly recommend. Transition went smoothly too. Glad to have you aboard and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that everything is working and really appreciate your recommendation. Thanks and have a great evening.

Thu, January 17, 2013

1 Mississauga,
I just wanted to say how excited I am to begin my service with Start Communications. Already in two days since I signed up, I have received two emails and a follow up call. Wow! I've also been informed that I should have a seamless transfer since I have an existing cable internet line already.

I can't wait to start with Start! Reading these comments from this website is what tipped me over to your company. The amazing feedback over the ISP's is what sold me on Start. Word of mouth is still one of the biggest marketing tools, and if you have great products and great service, you can't go wrong.
Excellent, we're looking forward to having you come aboard and appreciate the feedback on our install process. Word of mouth has definitely been our best advertising and for that a big thanks to all those that share their experiences and support us. Thanks again and have a great day.

Thu, January 17, 2013

1 Bolton,
I just ordered the cable service with Start tonight. I spoke to Ryan who was most helpful and a joy to deal with. He wasn't even in sales, he's from tech support and they handle overflow calls for sales (every one rolls up their sleeves). I didn't even know this until late in the call. Thank you Ryan. You deserve to be recognized. I have been with Bell for a long time and I finally hit the wall with them last week (very long story but probably not a unique one). My friends told me about Teksavvy and I tried to sign up with them but they were completely inflexible with their pricing. Couldn't get cable service in my area because they don't have agreements setup with Rogers yet for my area so I was left with no other option but their DSL which costs an extra $16.96 for dry loop. This made their total price equivalent to what I was paying Bell for similar bandwidth. When I thought there were no other options, I started to do some research and found this site When I read the Acanac reviews I was stunned to see how bad they were, I came close to signing up with them after finding out Teksavvy wouldn't work out. Turns out from these reviews that Teksavvy isn't all roses either. That's when I found Start. Great reviews and excellent net promoter score. In fact, I read the response from one of the owners of Start on a negative review (Dec 2,2012). Would the owner of Bell,Rogers,Teksavvy or Acanac care enough about these reviews and their customers to even respond? Being an owner in the IT services business myself, I was blown away and it sealed the deal for me.

I only placed my order with Start an hour ago and I haven't even experienced the internet service yet and I'm already a huge fan! I have no doubt that Start will not make my premature comments here make me look like a fool. I have every confidence that they know how to service clients and if there are problems, make me whole.

LOL I already made 3 referrals! Keep up the great work Ryan and Rocco. Start has the right attitude and the right formula for success.

Thank you very much for your feedback on Ryan, I've passed your comments on to his manager. Should you ever need to draw on anyone else from the team I hope you'll find them equally helpful and courteous as customer service is really the cornerstone of our success. :) Looking forward to having you with us and thanks again for taking the time to detail your experience!

Mon, January 07, 2013

1 Richmond Hill,
After 15 years with Rogers getting nickel and dimed for going over the 60GB limit I finally had enough. I verified the service details with Start (300GB download limit vs 60GB with Rogers) and called Rogers to cancel.
Of course they all of a sudden could also offer me 300GB as long as I signed up for a year. The fact that I used them for the last 15 years did not seem to matter. Anyway, my Rogers cup was full so staying was not even an option so I bought a $75 Thomson modem (instead of spending $48 a year in rental fees with Rogers). The day before the end of my service with Rogers I unplugged the Rogers modem, plugged in the new one and powered everything up, and was ready to go without interruption. Service and speeds have been great and at least I don't have to watch my bandwidth anymore. And that without a contract. Best decision we ever made.
Excellent, welcome aboard and glad to have you with us. We love to hear that our customers are saving money and don't have to deal with the low caps! :) Thanks for your feedback and have a great day.

Fri, January 04, 2013

-1 Brampton,
Hi everyone. After hearing so many great things about Start, I decided to make the jump. Just to make sure that I had all of my ducks lined up, I called them to verify that my modem would work. The CSR said that she would check with their Provisions department and let me know. Good to her word, she emailed me the same day informing me that my modem could be used when I activated my service. So I called Rogers and cancelled, and of course they require 30 days notice. When I called to activate my account (speaking to another CSR) a week later, I was informed that my modem was not allowed and that I would have to either rent or purchase one. I asked the new CSR to check with the previous CSR and make sure. After a few hours, CSR #2 called me back and said that she had checked and that my modem was in fact approved, she also apologized several times for the mix-up. So I am thinking, great! I received another call today from Start from a gentleman who said that management had flagged my account, and that my modem was in fact not able to be used. After numerous phone calls and speaking to THREE different people, I am now told that I have to buy or rent a modem. The gentleman did say that management had "allowed" me to get a free modem rental for three months...seriously? After all this hassle, only three months? Had I known that this was going to happen, I would not have switched. I am very disappointed with the service and communication from Start. Not sure what to do now, maybe Rogers might take me back? Hello and sorry there was some confusion around your modem. Unfortunately the firmware you have ends in RRR which is a custom Rogers retail firmware close but not the same as the RES version which is approved. The correct one is posted on our site and I will look into why one of our agents said it would be okay as it never is. Adam offered the 3 months and sent the ticket for management review when you said you weren't happy with that but then you placed this complaint here before our service desk manager could respond to that ticket. In any case we will provide a free rental for the duration of your account. Thanks and hopefully this should rectify the concern around a rental charge. Have a good weekend.

Fri, January 04, 2013

-1 Richmond Hill,
We switched over from Rogers with high expectations. Transferring was seamless, literally plug in the modem that we bought and we were good to go. The first day and half we had amazing speeds, in the high 20s. Its gone downhill from there, we are now peaking at 12 and going as low as 5. Start loses it appeal with its inconsistent speed delivery. If it werent for that we would stick around but its back to the drawing board at this point. I'm sorry to hear you are seeing inconsistent speeds however I'd urge you to contact our support desk to trouble-shoot and resolve the problem as that is not typical and we do not have any capacity issues at all. Thanks and have a nice day.

Sun, December 23, 2012

1 Oshawa,
After being with Rogers for over 12 years, I was tired of paying more and getting less...especially as now with netflix, etc, I use more bandwidth than 12 years ago. One thing I'll give Rogers is that I rarely had a downtime. It was because of this, I never switched to another ISP. What made me switch to Start was something that happened with my cell company (Wind). After being on a promo-price with Wind for a year, I was told (and knew) that my price would go up to such-and-such $. Before the price went up, Wind texted me and said "thanks for your loyalty, we're going to keep you at your original price". When has a company ever done that? Rogers certainly never did. Even when I called to cancel they couldn't beat Start's 28 down, 1 up. Anyways, at that point I started looking for a cable ISP provider, and came across Start. Other than an initial issue with Rogers (who, although had it on their 'records' that I called to cancel, never hit 'send' or something...?), my transition to Start was seemless. Within 10 mins. of plugging in my router, it was up and running. Very happy! Thank you for your feedback and glad to hear we made your jump as painless as possible. I hope to earn your loyalty for the next 12 years or more. :)

Thu, December 20, 2012

-1 Whitby,
Switched from TekSavvy couple of days to Start DSL (15 Mbps) and only got 5 Mbps, which is worse than I had before. Latency went from 5s to 20s. Start has made error on their side and I am stuck now with slower internet and I have to wait another week to get the service I have ordered. Starting to think that I made the wrong move. I'm very sorry to hear that there was a problem during the install process. If you can email me at I'd like to review your account and see what we can do to make it right. Thanks.

Wed, December 19, 2012

1 Stouffville,
Been with Rogers since 1997 and been loyal to them for quite sometimes. Just that 60G of bandwidth a month is no longer an option. Getting a game download from Steam eats up 10G easily specially during Black Friday or Boxing week.

Switching to Start was so smooth as long all the information has done correctly to begin with such as 30 days of notice to your old ISP provider and 2 weeks before the switch over. If you are on cable, you save an extra $50 :)

Start called me when they shipped my Docsis 3.0 modem and the day during the switch over. Very nice attitude and courtesy. I'd wish them to keep up the good work and growth exponentially with the increase number of staff to keep the same service for years to come. Don't become like Tekksavvy getting out of control and poor on customer service.

Good customer service + good speed as advertised or better + getting help when needed = Retain of Loyal customer like myself.

I wanted to highlight one of the issue that I had when I flipped my Cable Modem Docsis 2.0 to 3.0. The speed was slower than before. I ordered the Advance Cable Internet of 28mbps down, 1mbps up. With Rogers I had 18 down and 512k up. After the flipping, I had 13 down and 1 up. I did call start to get some help but we couldn't get it to the speed of my package. They were very friendly and did tried to help but they did all they could because I knew it was not their fault. I did my homework before I called them.

There are 2 things I would advise everyone do in their future flip over is as follow:

1) Ensure your cable modem and router are 6 feet apart. Sometimes the router are not shielded and cause interference. If you have router/modem all in one like Rogers sell this day, they are fine. Only for those modem and router separate will make a huge impact. I got 30-40% faster in down/up speed.

2) If you have a switch, make sure it is a good brand one. Lucky I had a spare switch and figured out the culprit of the issue from 18 down to 13 down. But doing my recommended step 1) will help as well for more speed for sure.

Last but not least, my home work before calling them was plugin my PC/Laptop directly to the cable modem, I got the speed as Start advertised but was not sure if there was a compatibility issue of the new modem with my router,etc. Sometimes little things could make a difference as the new modem didn't work out with the existing gigabit switch.

Thanks Start.
Thanks for your detailed review and we look forward to earning your loyalty over the next 15 years! :)

In regards to your trouble-shooting, excellent job. Most times when there is a persistent speed issue it ends up being networking gear in the home and a direct test from the modem is a great way to determine the root cause.

Thanks again for your support!

Sat, December 15, 2012

1 Oshawa,
After several years with the cable company for internet, I did the change over to Start Communications 3 days ago (cable). I ordered the modem online from Start, and they shipped it express post and it arrived 3 days later. The switchover was seamless. I simply unhooked the old Docsis 2 modem I had, and replaced with the Docsis 3 modem purchased from Start. So far the speeds I'm experiencing are better (faster) than advertised. Welcome aboard! Glad to have you with us and appreciate the feedback on your experience. Thank you very much and have a great weekend.

Mon, November 26, 2012

1 Toronto,
I signed up with Start Communications 2 months ago through their website. I received my rental modem within 2 business days and was up and running within a week. Communication from Start was clear and concise.

There was some miscommunication between Rogers and Start regarding the scheduling of my installation. However, Start handled the situation professionally and to my satisfaction.

The service itself is fast and consistent. I am on the Cable Advanced Plan and achieve the posted speed.

Start has been a welcome change from one of their large corporate competitors. I have already recommended them to friends!
Thank you very much for your feedback and recommending our services to your friends. We love to hear that our customers have had such a positive experience with us that they tell others! Thanks again for your support and have a great night.

Fri, November 23, 2012

1 Georgetown,
I setup with Start recently after having a huge revelation that Cogeco was adding imaginary usage to my meter and overcharging me every month. *they would not refund my last months ridiculous 40gb/$40 overcharge
Now with Start I pay over $20 less and get 400gb (150gb more than my Cogeco package) and I get a solid 31mb Download and 2mb Upload and 5ping (from
The service was amazing, I got my modem promptly in the mail and connected on my switch day with no problems, and they even called to make sure I was ok.
Also I can check my usage in realtime (practically) with an up to the minute online status page. *cogeco would take at least 1 full day to update my usage for the previous day
Thanks for taking the time to review and glad to hear you're so happy with the service. We aim to please! Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Sun, November 18, 2012

0 Orangeville,
I had DSL service with another company but the download speeds were unreliable. So, I decided to try Start's cable service. I had to pay a $50 install fee - which was amusing since the tech who showed up wouldn't even run the cable for me. He brought it into my basement from outside and left it to me to complete. Aside from that I have had the service for almost a month now and so far I am pleased with the download speeds, they are better than what I was getting before with DSL. The upload speeds are an entirely different story. With DSL I always had .65 mgs/sec upload. Since switching to cable I never get higher than .20 mgs/sec upload (usually in the .10 - .17 range). Ultimately the download speed is more important to me but it is still annoying when trying to send an email with a picture or video attachment, etc because it takes forever. Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear you had a problem getting setup, but glad you're online now. In regards to your upload speed, if you want to email me at I'd be happy to review your account, however I'm guessing based on the speeds mentioned that you picked the lite package which (depending on your area) is 256Kbps upload. We do have a range of faster speeds such as our Standard, Advanced and Pro packages that have faster upload (and download) speeds if you wanted to look at upgrading to something faster. Thanks again and have a great day.

Sat, November 17, 2012

1 Aurora,
Switched from the phone company to Start two months ago and like everyone else I couldn't be happier.
From my first enquiry to setup the process was flawless.
Speeds are always what I signed up for(18 Mbps /512 Kbps) plus. I thought I might have to move up to Advanced @ 1Mbps upload as I'm now using VOIP but find no need as it works perfectly as well.
My only problem is trying to find a place to spend all the money I'm saving.
I love to hear the term flawless when it comes to our setup process! Thanks for providing feedback and your support. As for the extra cash, my vote is for gadgets! :)

Fri, November 16, 2012

1 Vaughan,
Just switched from Rogers. Cable transfer was seamless and the router worked perfectly out of the box, no issues. Was up and running in less than 10 mins. Very pleased with the service. Welcome aboard and very happy to hear you're pleased with the service. Thanks for your support and have a great day!

Wed, November 14, 2012

1 hamilton,
I've had Start for 4 months and am very impressed with the customer service and connection speed.

They have nothing to hide and make sure to tell you what you are paying for before you sign up.

I've called and emailed with questions and received a response through both means of communication.

The connection speed is ridiculously high throughout the day (no slow times).

I'm glad I switched.
We're glad you switched too! :) Thanks for your review, we really appreciate your support and I hope you have a great weekend.

Mon, November 12, 2012

1 Stoney Creek,
Great service. I signed-up with as a secondary internet line. My DSL service from Bell Canada was proving too unreliable, and I can't afford to lose a full day everytime they have have truck in my neighborhood. So I have cable internet running on one router, and bell on the other. By far is the more reliable of the two. I am considering switching my DSL connection to as well. Only I like the idea of having two independent services. Welcome aboard, I love to hear we have another happy customer. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and for your support. Have a great day.

Wed, November 07, 2012

Location: Kanata (North), ON
Age of the house: 5yrs
Time for delivery of modem: 2 business days to Kanata, ON (Ottawa)
Set up time: 5 min's
Total: $64.99/mth ($73 and change taxes incl)

We were with the big red and white @ company for a while. If you know their commercials, you know whom I speak of.

We were paying $99.99/mth for 72mpbs/5mbps with a max cap of 250GB/mth ($1.00/GB over up to a max of $100). Since we do a lot of gaming and streaming we were consistently going over the max cap.

After a while of having issues with their customer service we decided to switch. I used this site to help us navigate the waters and came upon Start Communications. From the first call I placed to them to the day we ordered the customer service was top notch. I've been in customer service, both in person and on the phone for over a decade, and the service we received was impressive.

As a matter of fact, I mixed up the live dates and intended on setting it up on November 5th, however on the 2nd I received a call from Start in the evening asking me how the installation went and if I needed any assistance from them setting it up. In life, it's the little things that count, and that one left a mark. The fact the company takes the time to place these calls, no matter how silly it sounds to some, shows you they care about the customer experience. Not only that, but by calling me they corrected the date I had in mind and we were live 3 days earlier than I thought!

We ordered the cable32 package, $59.99/mth plus $5/mth for modem rental. We chose to rent as I've had a few die on us in the past and anytime we buy them they always break out of we have to fork over more cash.

Before switching I did a speedtest with the @ company... 45mbps/0.98mbps was the result. We downloaded a file from a website (not p2p) and noted the speed. Plug Start in, test... 35mbps/0.98mbps, downloaded a similar sized file from same site, actually downloaded faster. Since the switch we have been experiencing speeds that were not available to us with the supposedly faster hardware from the @ company.

Start uses the @ company infrastructure to provide us with cheaper, more reliable service. Irony?

Bottom line, so far, so good. We'll see how things go over the next few weeks/months. If there are any changes to our opinion we will be sure to update this review.
We love making happy customers! :) Thanks for the detailed feedback, it's something we really appreciate. Thanks again for your support and have a great day.

Mon, October 29, 2012

1 Toronto,
I couldn't be happier with Start Communications. This is easily the fastest internet I have personally seen in Toronto. I am paying for 28mbps, and receiving around 50mbps regularly. With rogers we used to pay for 32mbps, and would never see it go over 18mbps if we were lucky. So far with start we've had no issues with throttling. The sales team did have a problem with finding my address originally, but that was solved without issues, and customer service is incredibly nice. I 100% recommend Start for cable internet. Keep in mind my experience is with Rogers, Bell, Tech Savvy (through friends) and now Start. But can you argue with getting almost double the speed you pay for? Don't think so. Glad to have you aboard! Thanks for your support and providing feedback on your experience. Have a great night!

Thu, October 25, 2012

1 Toronto,
Most excellent customer service. Got a call back right after ordering online to confirm everything. Flawless setup, and got a followup call asking how everything was. Best experience with an ISP in 20 years. Excellent, we aim to keep you just as happy for the next 20 years too! :) Welcome aboard and thanks for your support.

Mon, October 15, 2012

1 Milton,
I've been using Start's Standard Cable Internet service for 2 months now (8M/800k, 200GB cap) and couldn't be happier! Every speed test I've done shows they are delivering exactly what I'm paying for.

The local Cable TV service provider, in my opnion, is a

COmpany that
GEts off on charging
COmpletely rediculous prices

for Internet service. But for some reason, they seem to have a near-lock on Milton market for cable Internet. When I learned about Start, I didn't hesitate to sign-up.

There was a bit of a mishap getting the service going, but I believe it was the fault of the Cable tech, not Start. The first tech came out on a Thursday afternoon and re-used an old (and apparently faulty) coax cable running to the house. He supposedly tested the line, but since the service hadn't yet been "turned-up" he assumed everything was fine and left. Several hours later, I still wasn't getting a connection.

Start's tech support rep was top-notch (can't remember his name), getting another tech out early the next week to run a new coax and keeping me up-to-date with status phone calls through the weekend. Since the new coax was installed, it's been smooth-sailing. I don't hesitate to recommend them!
Thanks for the review and I'm glad to hear the new cable run did the trick. We really appreciate your support and if you need anything else just let us know. Have a great evening.

Thu, October 04, 2012

1 Toronto,
Just switched from Rogers. So far so good. No issues and simple, painless switch. No issues with performance. Thank you very much and glad to have you with us!

Sat, September 22, 2012

-1 Woodbridge,
Loss of connection to PC upon restart (up to 2 hours) and frequent loss of wifi connectivity (at least a few times day). Very frustrating. It's 2012, lets get it together. Customer service is friendly, but so is everywhere else, and their friendliness doesn't really help me when they can't solve my problems. I'd be happy if they were rude and solved my problems. I'm looking forward to switching somewhere else. All in all, very unreliable internet. I can't just pay for a service that Start gives me whenever they wish. Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear you're having problems. Your symptoms don't sound like a service issue however particularly as you mention your wifi is having a problem so likely an issue with your wifi router losing connectivity. If you email me your account # to I'd be happy to review your notes and assist. Thanks and have a great day.

edit: I located your account, from the notes it seems that after you reboot your PC to router connectivity is what takes 30 minutes - that's sounds like a router on the fritz - try directly connecting to the modem for a day to see if the problem goes away, if so then you know for sure. As always if you need assistance with doing that just let us know and we're happy to help. While I understand your frustration when things don't work, switching providers and keeping the same router will likely yield the same results. Thanks again and have a great day.

Sun, September 09, 2012

1 Scarborough,
Switched from Rogers earlier in the week. Transfer was painless. Excellent Customer Service. Truly a pleasure to deal with a company that values its customers. I will definitely be recommending Start to everyone I know. Welcome aboard and thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate the referrals as word of mouth has always been the best advertising for us. Have a great day!

Sat, September 08, 2012

1 Tottenham,
Switched to Start Sept 1st and am loving it. Had DSL before (was only able to get cable in my area from Rogers a year ago) but could stand how slow the DSL was. So far so good with Start and the customer service was beyond what needed to be done, am reccomending it to my brother when he moves into his new house next month! That's what we love to hear - that we're going beyond customers expectations. We hope you'll get used to it because it's what we expect of ourselves. Thanks for your business and the referral, very much appreciated.

Wed, September 05, 2012

1 keswick,
Amazing service, was set-up with 0 hassles when moving from Rogers.

Am now saving 50% of my bill when compared to Rogers. Amazing. So far 9 months and not a hitch.
Thanks for your feedback. We work hard to make transferring to us as painless as possible. Thanks again for your business and support!

Tue, September 04, 2012

1 Ottawa,
I switched to Start DSL after reading the great reviews it received here. My own experience reflects both the good internet service and professional, personal service Start provides.

Hookup took place on the agreed date; they phoned me to check that everything was working even before I had a chance to set things up.

When I had a technical question, my call was answered immediately (unlike the 5-hour wait my last ISP subjected me to) and the help was excellent.

The DSL service itself is consistent and (so far) unfailing; I get 5Mpbs/0.64Mpbs on their 6/800 DSL plan.
Thank you very much, I really appreciate your business and taking the time to review our services. Have a great day!

Fri, August 31, 2012

1 Oakville,
Great new alternative for cable internet. Very happy with the service. After a few months of usage I can say it is just as good as any other cable. Customer service is much better than anywhere else! However, there are occasional loss of service. It can last for a few hours or a day. Happens about once or twice a month. If anyone has the same issue please report. Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you're happy with the service but losing service for a few hours (or at all) is not typical. Please give us a call or email so we can get you fixed up. Thanks again for your business and have a great day.

Thu, August 23, 2012

1 Mississauga,
I've only had the service for a short time so far, but I *will* say that customer service has been SUPERB. Friendly, down-to-earth, patient, and highly interested in my satisfaction.

They said it takes x amount of days (not long) to do the activation. It did. They said a tech will visit on such-and-such day to ensure my lines are good. They did. Start also went out of their way to follow up with me to make sure everything was working right.

As for the quality and speed of my service (again, it's only been a short time), it's what it says on the tin: speeds are what I ordered and so far they're consistent. Their packages are competitively priced and are better suited to folks who actually *use* the internet: the caps are actually reasonable for the money I'm paying.

So far, so good!
Thank you very much for the feedback and glad that our service and support is what you are looking for. We appreciate your business and thank you for being with us. Have a great day.

Fri, August 10, 2012

1 Waterloo,
Used for 2+ yrs, great service Thanks for being with us and for the feedback - much appreciated!

Sat, August 04, 2012

1 Kitchener,
Great setup! I was late due to traffic and the setup guy was nice enough to leave me his # and told me to call if I had any trouble. At the very beginning it didn't work, but it ended up being that I was a little impatient and after I called the setup tech it turned on. Even though it started working he came anyways just to double check. Been working perfect since and getting great speeds (on my 3rd month). I'll be sure to come back and post if they start going down in the future but from the reviews and the service so far I'm feeling pretty positive!
Thank you very much for the feedback and review! Have yourself a great weekend.

Tue, July 24, 2012

1 Lindsay,
Super easy to set up, fast and friendly service.

For you tech savy folks. Here's a direct comparison with Cogeco Cable's 4MB/s service/60gb/month at $70 with a brand new modem, same PC without a reboot inbetween; and Start's $34.94 unlimited 4MB's:

Download: 2.27Mb/s
Upload: 1.00Mb/s
Ping 127ms

Start: (Taken 30 minutes later)
Download 4.85Mb/s
Upload 0.63 Mb/s (okay, took a hit there... none the less)
Ping 33ms

FANTASTIC, half the price for twice the performance and no caps? Why didn't I do this sooner?
Thank you very much for the review and glad to have you with us!

Fri, July 20, 2012

1 Barrie,
I researched an alternative to Bell for my internet service and settled on trying Start. I wanted good customer service AND I wanted to know exactly what I would be charged each month. I chose cable hook up because we decided to not have a home phone anymore. So far, I have been very happy with my service and we have not had any problems at all.
I have found the customer service at Start to be FABULOUS. I have had a few questions and each time their employees have been courteous and answered my questions quickly.
It is SO refreshing to deal with a company that seems to understand the importance of reliable customer service. I hope things don't change!
I plan on using Start for my daughter's university internet service as well.
Thanks for your feedback! Our customer service has been paramount to our success and I am glad to hear from our customers that it's working. Thanks again, appreciate your support and being a part of Start Communications.

Mon, July 16, 2012

Good experience...

I chose Start due to my ISP at the time telling me first that cable was available and then changing their mind telling me that Rogers was not allowing them to sell in my area even though I could have broke down and called Rogers and had the service installed (I live in a small town in the K/W area). So I called Start and they confirmed that cable was available in my area. My install date was May 17th 2012. When first installed, the service did not work. The tech team at Start was very helpful and we tried many things only to find out that it was a Rogers issue. It took 2 months to get the service up and running. This was not an issue for me as I had DSL to carry me through this downtime. I turned out that there were a few issues with the network in my area and I imagine that I was possibly in a new area to be serviced by Start.

At the end of the day the service is up and running very well. I have only had the service for a short time, but it works very well and I receive better than advertised speeds (test multiple times during peak hours).

I don't think that the issues I had were the fault of Start, and to their credit, the support team was fantastic. Job well done!! They called and notified me when major steps were taken toward getting my service up and running. As well, they were very helpful and polite. Also, what a new concept... an ACTUAL PERSON answers the phone usually after a very short wait on the phone for tech support!! I have only had service for a short period of time, so I cannot comment on reliability yet, but if issues arise, it is great to know that a live human will answer the phone after a very reasonable wait.

Thank you very much for all of your help in getting my service up and running!! I would recommend Start to anyone who asks... very glad I chose them.
Thank you very much for your feedback and glad we finally got you connected in the end. If there is anything else you need in the future please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks again and have a great day!

Wed, May 30, 2012

Package: Advanced Cable Internet
Speed: 28 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload
Usage: 300 GB
Price: $49.95
Rental: Modem rental for $5

**May 22: I signed up for Start Cable internet on May 22, 2012. When I was on the sign up page, I called Start about couple of questions. Within 30 seconds of calling I was able to talk to the customer service representative! He answered all of my questions and was very friendly. He seemed like he knew exactly what he was talking about.

I signed up for the service and picked the installation date and time. Although I have all the cable wiring at my house from rogers but I had to pay $50 for installation because I do not have an active* cable service (I left rogers about year and a half ago). I do not mind the installation fees at all.

After signing up I received an email with a receipt and it also said that Start will contact me. I called Start just to make sure that they send me the DOCSIS 3.0 modem. The customer representative told me they will send the correct one and also answered some of my other questions.

** May 24: This morning I got a call from Start about the confirmation of the installation date. It is on May 29 from 5-8 PM. I also asked him couple of questions about billing and he answered all the my questions. He also said because their billing cycle starts on the first of every month, I will get 3 days of free service.

Although I haven't used their internet service yet but because of the amazing customer service I feel like they care about the customers.

Received the Thompson 475 (DOCSIS 3.0) modem. It took less that 48 hours!!

**May 29: My schedule was from 5-8 PM but the technician came at 3 (which is perfect). He was not directly from Rogers but a company called Intek Communications (The car says "Under Contract to Rogers"). He didn't have to rewire my house because it was already done from when we had Rogers. But he had to replace the Rogers box and the wire that came from the main line to the box because there was no signal.

I connected the Cable line to the Modem. When I opened the browser it took me to Rogers page and said that the network couldn't connect to the modem. I called Start and took me only 10-20 seconds to reach the CSR. The person was very helpful and said to reset the modem. He said I might have to wait for 5 mins to 2 hours for the modem to synchronize with the network.

EDIT: I tried connecting to the internet couple of times within half an hour but same thing so I thought I should reset the modem again. And guess what, it started working after about a minute!!

Getting some amazing speed!! Let me do some speed tests and I'll post them soon.

Update: Did some speed tests and probably due to Rogers speed boosts, we're getting some very high download speed in the tests. So for more accurate results, tried to download couple of files. And the speed is awesome. I'm getting over 30 mbps (3.0 MB/s+).

Got a call from Start and the CSR asked if the internet is working! Now this is good customer service!

**Love the service. Amazing customer service, flawless set up, received modem in less than 48 hours and lastly very fast and reliable connection.**

I highly recommend Start Communications! Thanks for reading.
Thank you for your very detailed review. I'm glad to hear we're delivering on our promises and have happy customers spreading the word. I sincerely appreciate your feedback and for joining us here at Start. Have a great day.

Wed, May 16, 2012

I have been with start for about 5 month now and am very happy with my DSL connection. I only wish that I could get the advanced DSL connection without the cap.
All in all am am very satisfied with Start Communications and have had 4 households connected though referals.
Thank you very much for your review. We really appreciate your business and the referrals!

Fri, February 24, 2012

I had some modem related issues initially but the Start staff spent a lot of time with us to sort it out. Unbeatable customer service!!! Very glad I made the switch and would recommend( and already) to anyone. Sorry to hear you had some troubles getting going but glad to hear that we got to the bottom of it. Appreciate your support and recommendations!! Thanks for your business and have a great day.

Wed, February 22, 2012

I can't say enough about the service. The product delivers as promised. The tech help was experienced and helpfull. Thanks
Thanks Shaun for choosing us and for your feedback. Have a great day!

Fri, February 10, 2012

It's a great company. I recently switched from Acanac (see me review about Acanac on December 8, 2011) and everything is great so far. I had a few problems (modem-related) and Start Communication Customer Service replied to all my emails within an hour. Also, If you call them, you don't wait for 1 hour to talk to a technical support (like it was with Acanac). Moreover, with Acanac it took me a month to resolve the issue I had. With Start Communication it took me only 1 hour.
The speed is good (5Mbit / 600 Kbit). It's just slightly below advertised values but I'm happy with it. So far I've never had random disconnects.
I highly recommend Start Communication.
Thank you John, we really appreciate your feedback and business.

Tue, January 17, 2012

I am LOVING Start internet Service - I am in the Aylmer Area with NO possible alternatives other than Amtelecom wireless - this is both CHEAPER (on par with mainstream services) as well as MUCH CHEAPER than my current hostage taking price that Amtelecom charges. The Service department have been more than helpful (even in the cold rain that day of installation) and the accounts people have been very helpful and friendly - I am seeing consistent speed and packet quality. THANKYOU!

Clint Buchner
Thanks Clint! Glad to hear everything is working well and we really appreciate your business -- as well as the glowing review too of course. :)

Fri, December 02, 2011

My negative rating is a reflection of your automatic withdrawl "service". You take money out of my account on every day other than the date established by your staff. A billing date is setup to avoid financial mishps. I have spoken with "Richard" and have been continually insulted by this person. I have used due diligence and run through the proper channels and procedures and have never had my concerns and issues dealt with. Period. No credit to my account, no phone line fixing under the road which has been established to be the problem (as i have personally observed multiple Bell employees test and physically talked to them. Your excuse is always the same - Bell owns the lines -blah, blah, blah... I would be surprised if this rating ever made it to someone in your company who cares enough to thoroughly go over my case and realize the only one not doing their job is YOU!
I have lost time, money, effort and opportunity due to your peoples broken promises. Why is your time and money worth more than mine? When people ask me about start I tell them it was my only option for service, not that you are a great company.
Sincerely dissappointed,
Randy T. Droog
Hi Randy, I'm afraid I do not know what you mean about being billed every other date. We send it to the financial institutions with the 1st of each month and they process and send it to our bank - on holidays it comes out the next business day.

In regards to your case and this not being reviewed, I am one of the owners and was made aware of this 6 months ago when it happened. I cannot stress enough how much work and effort our team put in trying to have Bell dig you a new line at your request. Unfortunately the fact is that you are well outside of the range for ADSL and Bell has removed your address as qualifying for service because it is just technically too far from the central office. This was something we also fought to keep for you as they wanted to cancel the service when we were escalating it because they realized the mistake in their database at that time.

We really have gone above and beyond trying to accomodate your requests but we are restricted by the distance to your home. I wish I had better news, but unfortunately those are the limits of the technology available. I do believe we have been exceptional in our efforts and I cannot imagine another company would have gone to bat as hard as we did with Bell to keep your service connected - as you mentioned, no other ISP is willing to connect you now.

In any case, I certainly do understand and sympathize with your situation but please note that we have done all that was possible. If you'd like to discuss it again please feel free to email me direct at


Tue, October 18, 2011

I switched to these folks from Teksavvy (teksavvy has horrible support). I couldn't be happier. Start's staff are technical experts, they know their stuff. I called at 8:30 in the morning the day of my install - someone answered and fixed my problem instantly.

If you are with Teksavvy, it's time for you to switch to these folks.
Thank you, glad to have you with us and we really appreciate your business -- and the glowing feedback! :)

Fri, October 07, 2011

I posted comments in July 2011 about slow service at peak hours and wish to provide an update. Recent Start Communications wireless network upgrades have improved our internet performance. As always, customer service is top notch. In my opinion, this upgrade reflects the dedication Start Communications has to provide great service to their customers.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your feedback on the rural wireless upgrades, I really appreciate the update and your business. We are continuing to roll these upgrades through our wireless network throughout the Fall and Winter as well.

Mon, August 29, 2011

although there has been some outages due to power - they are upgrading and making more reliable - it is faster and Cheaper than my other provider in my area Hi and thank you for your feedback about our rural wireless service. Unfortunately some towers in a few regions did have power issues and damage with the recent storms but as you mention we are investing heavily in continued upgrades to bring more reliable and faster service to rural communities surrounding London. We appreciate your business and support!

Wed, August 03, 2011

I have been using Start Communications since I moved to London ON, and have been consistently happy with their service, and I have been delighted with their support. Compared to providers I have had in the past, their technical support team is top knotch, and tailors their solutions and language to your level of experience. My only complaint (minor) at this time is that I am literally across the street from their own network coverage area, and wish there was a way to get a little more speed out of my connection by leaving the Bell system and joining their local network zone. Thanks for all your kind feedback. Sorry we don't have direct coverage to you yet, we're continuing to expand. If you email me at your account number or address I can verify if our 12/16Mbps service is available. Have a great day.

Thu, July 28, 2011

Transferred from congested Rogers Rocket stick to Start Communications wireless service about a year ago due to slightly better service at peak hours and generous Cap. Instal was a little awkward because I was originally denied service and effort was required on my part to provide proof of line of site with tower site. I agree with comments that customer service is friendly and resolves most issues with the exception of system limitations. Hard to beat local and knowledgeable Customer service. That said service at peak hours or on holidays is severely impacted. Typical of most ISPs but nearly unusable likely due to increased customer demand i.e steaming video etc.
Another post mentioned increased latency and this was also confirmed when I questioned less than expected service at peak hours.
These comments are not so much as a complaint but a snapshot of what you could expect. Customer service is top notch but wireless system is limited. Choice depends on balance between ISP availability, price, usage cap and actual service experience.
Thanks for your feedback. If you can email me at I'd like to take a look at your connection.

Wed, February 02, 2011

I signed up with Start about a month ago. Installation was a bit of a pain (their installation times are 9-5, nothing more specific than that) but the service in the downtown core is PERFECT. No caps, no throttling and a completely fair monthly bill. I'd definitely recommend Start if you're inside the area they can provide direct service to. Thanks for your feedback and glad you're enjoying the service. Sorry about the 9-5 window, we're working on it. :)

Sun, January 30, 2011

They have always been friendly, polite and helpful. The service is reliable, and when I needed some filters for my lines they were provided for me free of charge, so long as I picked them up. Great company! Thank you, we appreciate your feedback and your business. Have a great day!

Tue, December 28, 2010

The people at start are great and friendly to deal with, unfortunately despite being very close to the tower, my speeds vary greatly. From <500 Kbps to better than 1.4 Mbps. When it was installed ping was 32 ms, now 6 mos. later is at over 160 - 500+ ms. Keep being told is limitations of the system. I have NO other option for highspeed, so I live with it. It worked so well when it was first installed. I just wish it had stayed that way. Thanks for your feedback about our people and sorry to hear you are having problems with your connection. With wireless there are dozens of possible things to look at so I don't want to speculate here what may be the problem, but if you email me at I'd be happy to look at your specific account and see what's happening. Thanks and have a great day.

Thu, November 18, 2010

I have been using start communication for few years and I have not seen any major problem. They answer call & respond to questions and concerns if I have any question. Sometimes I feel that the price could be lower, but I am pretty satisfied and I must say they have been very reliable. I would definitely recommend over Bell or Rogers. On the other hand, I do think they would get more business if they are little cheaper as the competition is getting fierce. Because of reliability I would 4.5 out of 5 if I were to rate it. (I like the reliability) Thank you very much for your feedback and recommendations, as well as your business over the past few years of course. In regards to the price, other than limited-time discounts I think our regular prices are one of the lowest out there, however please email me at and I'd be happy to review your account and see if there is anything I can do. Have a great day.

Tue, August 31, 2010

I selected this ISP based on the information on this website. Despite the NO CAPS posted all over this page.. there's a 20GB cap on upload. I didn't know that. Granted, it's posted on the website, but I didn't review the website, I read the review on Canadian ISP and based my decision. Not sure I'll be sticking around as a customer... I've verified a few other ISP providers with NO CAP limits who also prominently display this fact on their website AND the service is less expensive. I'm going to miss Starts' customer service though - truly first class.. but if I reached my 20GB limit in 2 days... clearly this isn't the right service for me. I got rid of cable so I could subscribe to legal online services and download only what I want to watch which is why I'm looking for a no cap service. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this site does not enable us to detail policies, and there is no cap unless file-sharing/servers are used and it's only on the upload. I'm not aware of anyone hitting the limit in 2 days, particularly as we don't do any calculations until the 5th, but if you email me at I'd be very happy to review your account. Thanks and have a great day.

Edit: Just an update, the upload quota for file-sharers was removed a few months ago.

Sat, August 28, 2010

There is no confusion, the tab “/about/unlimited” is not as you say “prominently posted” on you web side. No such a post. I am happy to review your account and if we can't find a solution then provide a refund no problem at all. Just email me at and I can take care of that. Have a great day.

Sat, August 21, 2010

Despite no cap policy they will throttle you down after 20 gig upload (my upload 20.1 gig download 90 gig and my connection speed is throttled to 1 mb slightly better than dial-upl up for the rest of the month) – beware.... Sorry for any confusion, our unlimited download policy is prominently posted at If you email me at I'd be happy to take a look at your account for you.

Edit: Just an update, the upload quota for file-sharers was removed a few months ago.

Fri, July 02, 2010

Good points
1.Quick response from technical support if there is a problem
2.No caps

Bad point
like any bell reseller...if its a line glitch then its out of their hands...and up to Bell to fix it...dont hold your breath
Thanks for your feedback. We certainly work hard to get Bell issues co-ordinated and fixed as quickly as possible.

Mon, March 01, 2010

I have had service with Start for many years now and I have never been disappointed. Thanks for your feedback!

Fri, September 25, 2009

There is not a better ISP. They are competetively priced, their customer service is top knotch and they take the time to really help you. I am never made to feel like a bother when I call.

Fri, September 25, 2009

There is not a better ISP. They are competetively priced, their customer service is top knotch and they take the time to really help you. I am never made to feel like a bother when I call.

Thu, March 26, 2009

Awesome ISP. In house support, friendly staff, cannot ask for better service!

Tue, February 24, 2009

Awesome ISP. Best customer support I've ever encountered and a rock solid connection.

Tue, February 24, 2009

Awesome ISP. Best customer support I've ever encountered and a rock solid connection.