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Mon, February 03, 2014

1 Kitchener,
In October 2013 I will have been with Eyesurf for 1 year. I am on their VIP package which includes DSL upto 10Mbps unlimited bandwidth and Traditional (not VOIP) phone service (which includes Unlimited calling across Canada, Call waiting, Visual Call waiting, caller id (name and number) call forwarding and three way calling), for $50. I have to say aside from 4 times that I was down for a day due to their providers equipment issue I am extremely happy with the service. I am using a 2Wire 2701 modem and can obtain 8Mbps down and 1Mbps up. I would highly recommend anyone who is within their VIP coverage area to consider switching to Eyesurf. I am also quite pleased with their level of technical supper and were very prompt when any issues were reported.

Mon, December 10, 2012

0 Kitchener,
I went with Eyesurf after learning that no providers were offering cable internet in my area at the time (other than Rogers with their laughable prices and data usage caps). Service was pretty good for the first while. About 5-7 Mbps down most times according to enough to reliably stream at least 720p, and download files around 500-600 KB/s. Also happy with the unlimited calling to most places and especially the unlimited data usage.

I recently moved to a place about 60% further from my central office (CO), and now my speeds are below 1.5 Mbps. When the Eyesruf tech came by (not the Bell tech, that was the day before) for the install, he measured about 4 Mbps with his meter. Now I can't stream 720p for more than a couple seconds without it buffering, and files don't download much faster than about 100 KB/s. Also, my ping during a typical TF2 game to my usual server has gone from 60ms to about 110ms which is quite noticeable.

I'll admit I haven't had time since the move to contact Eyesurf directly about this so maybe it is fixable, but based on the comments from the tech I'm not optimistic.

It appears that a few ISPs do offer cable at my new place. Unfortunately I'm locked in my contract for a few more months after which I will absolutely switch if things don't improve.

I would recommend Eyesurf to anyone that is within 1 km of a CO.
Hello, and thank you for your comment. You're certainly correct about DSL speeds varying with distance. If the technician measured 4mb with his metre, and you are only getting 1.5mb according to your modem, then perhaps this could be a wiring issue. You mentioned that you have not yet reported this issue to technical support. I would encourage you to report this to see if there is anything provider-side that we can do to correct this. Our support team will also walk you through some steps to check if the trouble is local. You could also try testing at your inside terminal or even your NID (if you are able to) to eliminate your inside wiring from being a possible culprit. Last but not least, if you are still unable to resolve even after conversations with our technical team, please email to ask about our cable offering, which should be launching soon.

Fri, June 01, 2012

I am greatly disappointed with Eyesurfs service. I ordered DSL, and it was either down or running very slow speeds. They refused to acknowledge any problems by them, and blamed me for everything. They billed me for all this poor service, I quickly had to find another ISP. My current ISP works fine, so It's not me who has the problem. Hello,

We certainly understand your frustration, given the symptoms that you have described. However, we also feel that the manner you have chosen to portray our response/support is inaccurately depicted.

While it is true that there are cases where bad wiring is the culprit of such trouble, it important to note that we would only make such a conclusion after our support agents have had a chance to thoroughly investigate.

This investigation process is a prerequisite to making such a conclusion, which we feel that you have unfairly excluded from your comment. For example, in your case, perhaps you were serviced from a CO with us, and a remote using your new provider. This would explain the difference in quality after switching to a new provider.

In any case, if you feel that our support agents had blindly blamed the trouble on your wiring without an explanation or investigation, then you would certainly be eligible for a refund, and we encourage you to email to have your account reviewed

Eyesurf Customer Service

Mon, April 09, 2012

Eyesurf is a friendly provider, though their speeds do vary greatly from location to location. The majority of their support staff are local and friendly, though several do have thick accents. They are usually more than happy to transfer you to someone with clearer speech if you ask politely.