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Tue, December 01, 2015

0 dsl
I've been with them for over 5 years, and have only had one brief outage. Service and price are good. My biggest complaint is their invoicing. I pay quarterly in advance, and am paid up to the end of this month, (29 days to go). Yesterday I received an invoice telling me I was 15 days in arrears. Unfortunately this is not uncommon and happens frequently. Z I D will usually straighten this out when I contact them. However, in our automated world, I am sure that arrears reports are automatically sent to the credit reporting agencies, which could affect my hard won exemplary credit rating. I'm moving on to another company with a billing system that actually works.

Tue, June 30, 2015

-1 dsl Toronto,
Terrible, insulting service. They have a serious problem paying attention to customers. The billing department and tech support do not know what each other are doing.

Here's what happened to me:

I ordered 7 mbps download, 1 mbps upload.

I was not getting the speed I ordered so I called them. My modem was up to the correct speed specs and was otherwise working fine, but they asked me to buy another modem which I did. The problem was not resolved. Then I get an email stating the following:

"Hello Sir,

We received the stats of your Bell Canada line everything is normal.

Bell Response -client on 7mb/512K profile line should be stable and speed issue not caused by line. 1 min.

The problem is the modem and wiring cable. Please try another DSL modem and change the phone cable from the modem to the jack or even try another Bell Tel Jack in your house."

Huh? They just send out bogus form letters without actually investigating the issue. I wrote back...

"I am supposed to have 1 mb upload, not 512. The fact that Bell has the wrong upload speed could be part of the problem."

The fact is, I am lucky to get 150K upload, and as for 7 mbps download? Never seen it. What a joke.

And then I never hear back from these people. Not for months. I am being billed for a service I am not getting. And this company does not even respond.

After reading some decent reviews I signed up with this hapless ISP, but now I am sorry I did. Sure, I thought I was saving some money over a more established carrier, but since they are billing me for slower service than I am getting the savings are illusory. This carrier does not deliver. Stay away!!!

Now, I have a general rant about internet service in the Banana Republic of Canada.

Internet bandwidth/speed is often advertised "up to" a certain speed in Mbps or kbps. But actual performance, in my experience, never comes anywhere close. This is unfair and deceptive.

Aside from complaining about the slow speed, or cancelling this service and trying another, I have no recourse. Frankly, the prospect of finding an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that actually delivers the advertised speed is pretty bleak.

I propose a couple of solutions:

1. Nationalize internet service. The internet infrastructure is too important to leave in private (profit seeking corporate) hands. Private companies have utterly failed to provide reliable, fairly priced, service in this country. There is no reason to believe this will change.


2. Require fair advertising, and minimum standards. Instead of "up to" bandwidth, the emphasis should be on "minimum" bandwidth under which the cost should be either pro-rated or given free. This would incentivize ISP's to meet minimum standards of service, and prevent the epic rip off we have now.

Internet service in Canada has all the hallmarks of a 3rd world hell hole. There is no real competition, only a crony capitalist system that keeps a few players in business and Canadians at their mercy. Liberia, or Russia, probably has better and cheaper infrastructure and service. For a so-called "developed" country our internet service is a travesty, which is costing us economically and socially.

A quick and easy first step in the right direction would be to demand honesty in advertising, and standards of service quality.

I wrote a letter to my local MP, Carolyn Bennett (Liberal) about this issue. I got a terse reply that my letter had been received, but otherwise, no response of any kind. Of course, what I need to do is get 10 friends to write similar letters or make appointments to see her in order to press the point. And then get those 10 friends to get another 10 of their own. Of course, don't vote for any politician who simply ignores you! Nothing happens without an effort. I urge you to do the same. Unless you do, we will continue to see epic rip offs, in the internet and cellular industry.

Sun, February 01, 2015

1 drydsl Montreal,
i used them for few years, nice
people, really good tech support,
always there when you need help

Sat, January 10, 2015

1 drydsl
used Zid for a few years. everything was as advertised and customer service was great.

Wed, October 01, 2014

-1 drydsl Laval ,
This company is the definition of incompetence and terrible customer service.
I signed up for their dsl 6 mb/s unlimited service. Not once in the whole duration of my time with them did I have that speed for a full day. Just never, always at 3 mbs at best. That would be OK for me if it wasn't for the constant and I do mean constant and daily DISCONNECTIONS. If you are a gamer or rely on your Internet connection for video/phone calls you'll understand quickly how frustrating that can be.

Trying to return a modem with them, which is what they blamed the speed/disconnect issues on, and they wanted me to pay for the return of their broken equipment. The service goes down for days, impossible to reach their support team, but they will never refund any part of your monthly payment even if you are down from their faulty equipment.

My advice, stay away from this company at all cost. Just not worth the headache from their poor service. Switched to distribute....... 10mbs, same 55$ I was paying and so much better hassle free Internet.

Mon, April 07, 2014

1 Toronto,
I used this ISP at 2 different apartments in Toronto and they are excellent. I use their 6MBps up 0.8 MBps down service which is essentially Teksavvy resold but without the big bucks. There is no throttling, no contract and unlimited bandwidth. Thumbs up!

Tue, March 04, 2014

-1 london,
I called zid internet to upgrade my speed about 3 weeks ago. the man said it would cost me another 76 dollars give or take to do so as a rogers tech has to come here. i decided to look elsewhere. i found a new provider for internet and phone. called zid to cancel. they said i need to send them an email. so i look on the website under terms of service. this is what it said..Customers can cancel service at any time. The account will be cancelled at the end of the current billing period as specified in the customer's contract. Due to security concerns, all account cancellations must be done in writing via mai, email,l or fax with a valid signature of the primary contact of the account, account name, reason for the cancellation. If payment was made by check or bank transfer, the postal code/zip of the primary contact must also be included. OK so i send the email over 24 hours ago with out my signature as you cant sign an email phisically. that was over a day ago with no response. the new company requires a disconnection date in order for services to be transfered and now ive been trying to call all say, leaving messages, no return in email, and no call back. i am very frustrated with zid. i am very disapointed because i dont know if my email request is being ignored and they are taking to long to get back to me. the other company ive talked to twice already. i will note one thing. canadian isp gave me great reviews on the new internet company and thats what sold me to go there. CALL ME BACK ZID. I WOULDLIKE TO CANCEL MY SERVICES. THANK YOU! I checked with customer service and it looks like they already have replied to you with the de-connection date.
As for the upgrade fee, there is no $75 charge to upgrade speed. No technician visit is required to do a speed upgrade.

Fri, December 07, 2012

1 Laval,
I ordered the DSL service on Nov 30 2012 and I was up an running on Dec 6. I consider this to be fast! The download speed is at 5.3Mb at 6PM. The upload speed is at 620Kb. No problem so far!

Sun, April 08, 2012

Great ISP. I've been with them for over 5 years and everything has been as advertized. No slow down during peek periods. Would highly recommend them.

Fri, January 06, 2012

wow you need defiantly to update this side cause what i found was this on your homepage talk about false advertisement LOL

DSL Montreal and DSL Toronto available from ZID Internet. Dry loop Montreal and dry loop Toronto also available DSL Mpontreal with no contract

Residential DSL Internet Access for Quebec and Ontario.

ZiD offers DSL connections in Quebec and Ontario, where technology is available. Providing high speed Internet DSL for Montreal and Toronto greater metro areas, as well as the rest of Quebec and Ontario. Our ADSL2+ is the fastest DSL connection available at up to 24 Mbps with no cap or throttling of any kind! ZiD had been proudly serving high speed Internet DSL connection in Montreal and Toronto for over 10 years.

Dry DSL is available!
Less expensive than a standard telephone line, the DTL line, also known as dry DSL local loop, is recommended for clients obtaining their telephone service from a cellular carrier or by VoIP.
DTL service is a type of telephone line, but without telephone service, on which DSL service can be activated.

New Quebec cable Internet and Ontario cable Internet
Promotion First Month FREE **.
Get 4 port Wireless router/firewall/modem rental for only $5 per month.**

Our plans

DSL Quebec (735 bytes)DSL Basic (640k)

DSL Quebec (735 bytes)DSL Internet (5M)

DSL Quebec (735 bytes)ADSL2+ Internet Access (24M)

DSL Quebec (735 bytes)Home Phone and DSL

DSL Toronto (735 bytes) DSL Basic Internet Access (640K)

Account type Monthly
Cost Activation Traffic Email
Residential 640K Intermediate DSL Internet access- Unlimited (no modem) * $26.95 $25.00 Unlimited 8
Residential 640K Intermediate DSL Internet access- Unlimited (with modem) * $31.95 $25.00 Unlimited 8

Wed, November 09, 2011

In response to your response just below:

I DID! 3 times i called and tried to discuss the issue but no one seemed to understand basic math. I give you over $840 a year for several years and have paid for the hardware in rental fees already. I was willing to stay but your greed got in the way. Your clients aren't there to have their pockets picked. So you made a few dollars on the hardware, congrats, but now you lose a lot more.

Oh, one last thing, as other people leaving comments have already stated, Evelyn is indeed rude and should not be dealing with clients.
It is unfortunate that we could not accommodate your needs.

If you would like to send your contact info to we can route this to appropriate person to further the conversation.

Tue, November 08, 2011

Horrible, horrible, horrible. You are treated like garbage. They neither care nor are willing to do anything about keeping you happy. I am leaving them after almost 2 years. Good riddance! Stay away, not worth the trouble. They exploit you on hardware fees when everyone is including them. Even after having bought it over again with their fees they still want to sell it to me at full price! They will do anything to make a buck it seems. That kind of policy and attitude towards clients will be the end of the company. Well you just lost one here. Our staff treats every client with respect, and try to accommodate on requests of our clients.
Please call us at 1-877-659-6505 and ask for customer service or to speak to a manager and we will get this cleared up for you.

Thu, October 13, 2011

It takes 7 day to get connected.Which is fair.

First months everything is ok the speed is there. Second month I am starting to have speed problems in the evening. The speed goes down to 1.4 so about 190 k which is unacceptable even for a dsl speed. and I am on cable.... Teksavvy is providing them the connection..I have my doubts about them..

Plus I am a network specialist...I do this for a living....So I know how troubleshoot these things. Sent them 3 email last night....No answer so far....Today I called but too late (their support top a 9 pm) left a message to call me back.

I pay a good amount of money for unlimited service I should not get riped off with the speed because of it.

I will see what will happen...but so far I think I am getting

Hi, I have spoken to Tech support and they tell me that they are in contact with you and working on the problem. We are a serious company providing Internet services for over 12 years and have clients that have been with us for all that time.

Mon, September 05, 2011

Been a client for over 5 years and service has always been good. Would recommend to my friends. Thank-you for you support.

Thu, August 18, 2011

Advertised rates aren't real. When tried tu buy, costs were much, much higher. From there you can imagine the future... The rates we post here are definitively the rates that we charge. The rates do not go up after 3 months or 1 year like other companies. The price you sign up at is the price that you pay.
If you would like more information or clarification on our prices, please call in and ask the to speak to the sales manager.

Sat, July 16, 2011

Disconnection problems. :(

Sat, July 09, 2011

Good experience so far. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Speed as promised. Thanks

Fri, June 10, 2011

Terrible, terrible customer service. I've been with the company for years and have been through 3 moves with them.However, ever since this past year I have had nothing but problems with billing and unauthorized charges and customer service withholding information. I've also never received a bill to the email that I use, but to an account that I didn't even know existed.

Looking for a new ISP right after I contact my bank about the extra unauthorized charges to my account.
None of what your described is part of normal relations with clients. Please call our office and ask to speak to a manager to get this matter taken care of.

Sat, April 16, 2011

Below average connection.
Low quality hardware.
Worst costumer service I ever encountered.
Stay away at all cost.
Please contact tech support at 1-877-659-6505 x 237 or so that we can address any issues that you may have.

Mon, February 28, 2011

Daily connection problems, and when I called tech support, the connection magically fixes itself.
They have too many customers and are using time sharing on their bandwidth.

Mon, January 03, 2011

Signed up a few months ago. Connection speed is decent and stable. Service has always been friendly. Thank you for your support.

Tue, December 14, 2010

Bad customer service, the lady I had the misfortune of talking to didn't know what she was talking about, several questions went unanswered, she had no clue what throttling was and other simple questions, she was frustrating to speak to, I can only imagine she got that job because she's related to the owner, because I can't believe she was hired for her competence nor people skills. I decided to try them out regardless for the price and no contract which I was looking for, I was hoping their internet service did not reflect that one person.I was never able to log on to their service, that could be for a reason outside of their control though. So I had to cancel, but they still wanted to charge me for a month of usage even though I never was able to access their system, I had to threaten to not send their modem back (a rental) for them to agree to reverse the monthly fee that I never used.

Don't bother!

Thu, November 11, 2010

service was good, VOIP wasnt entirely reliable. Technical service was semi useless and Im pretty sure billing/sales only has 1 employee and shes not nice or knowledgeable in the least.

Tue, September 07, 2010

Disconnects alot.

Mon, March 29, 2010

Frequent connection problems.
Bad customer service.
Please contact tech support at 1-877-659-6505 x 237 or so that we can look into the problem and resolve it for you as soon as possible.

Tue, February 02, 2010

Great ISP. Very few problems and solved quickly when there are.

Sun, December 13, 2009

Daily connection problems.

Wed, December 09, 2009

Great ISP!

Mon, November 30, 2009

Je l'utilise depuis 4 mois et la connexion de 5Mbps est très stable à un prix compétitif.

Wed, November 25, 2009

Abysmal customer service: they could not get the DSL working, told me I had two phone lines, demanded to know when I would disconnect at least one (I only have one and had no idea what they required), and when I would be moving (I moved 3 months before, so not sure why the question). Evelyn, who is the only one answering the phone, is strictly rude: never lets you finish the sentence, her email border on accusatory in tone, and when I said I would give my business to their competitors, she said "we have no competition". I guess they do not need more customers. STAY AWAY FROM ZID!

Sat, September 05, 2009

slow connection...05.sept.2009 very Hi,

Please contact tech support at 1-877-659-6505 x 237 or so that we can look into the problem and resolve it for you. Most likely a line problem which can be resolved quickly for you.

Fri, May 08, 2009

Daily connection problems.
Please contact tech support at 1-877-659-6505 x 237 or so that we can look into the problem and resolve it for you.

Sat, April 04, 2009

very good isp. thanks for your support.

Mon, March 23, 2009

Would only send technican with instructions to me that it would be between 9 and 5. Would not have technican call ahead so I could go home and meet him. I have a job. How can I meet a technician between 9 and 5 if I work? Then charged me the $35 activation fee without actually activating anything.

Tue, February 10, 2009

Daily problems with connection Hi,
Please contact tech support at 1-877-659-6505 x 237 or so that we can look into the problem and resolve it for you.