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Sun, Nov 03,

I called the support centre to solve my connection issue and the teller wanted me to follow trouble shooter, but it didn't solve anything for 90minitue. I asked to send a technician, but the teller told that I have to pay $99 for requesting technician. I told the teller about my error issue including error name, but the teller didn't have any idea about the issue. However the teller wanted me to try next trouble shooter even though I spent my valuable time for 90 minutes. After I complained their customer service especially technical support, teller threated that if I don't follow the teller's direction the teller would terminate conversation. I complained that how long would take to solve the issue, but the teller didn't have any idea. I asked to talk a manager, but the teller said no one in the office but only the teller. Finally While I tried another trouble shooter, the phone was accidently disconnected but the teller didn't call back to me. Still my issue wasn't solve and didn't work the internet properly.
City: Coquitlam,