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Fri, Dec 04,

Dropped them. Was a customer for years, usually poor service when needed. From youmano to mustang to altima, company/name keeps changing and not getting better.
My service stopped working recently, and several agents and hours on the phone didn't identify or solve the issue. I bought my own modem so the last person told me to contact the modem manuf. to get the right settings for the modem to connect to the altima network.
I asked tech support for the IP address of the server I connect to, to ping for a connection. She said they don't have IP addresses on their servers. (An outright lie or really stupid)
I paid 41.87 for 5meg dry dsl, getting a top of 3.8M consistently, for years, and they never improved it nor were able to give a better deal. Once I started the rigamaroll of ditching them, all of a sudden they would provide me a new free modem, and increase it to 50Megs for the same price.
Typical fat company, only cares about customers when they leave, tech support mediocre at best, and they couldnt care less about loosing a customer.
You can find better.

I switched to CarryTel, far FAR better package and both customer and tech support people were knowledgeable, seemed to genuinely care, they returned calls, and even gave a follow up call days later to make sure new service was working well. There was a short outage recently which they gave status updates on their homepage. Impressed so far, except the billing ahead almost 2 months.
Service: drydsl
City: Guelph,