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Tue, Dec 15,

No, I don't recommend this carrier and let me tell you why. So basically I live on a really old street that has existed for over a century, but for some bizarre reason it's not on Canada Posts autocomplete system so when I go to some websites that use that system when I try to type my address in it won't come up, I have contacted Canada Post about the issue.

Anywho I've been living at this same address for almost a decade now and have had a myriad of DSL or cable services, either from Cogeco, start or teksavvy but I did have ebox for a few months with adsl about 5 years ago. So my address definitely MORE than qualifies for service. Anywho I hear that ebox is selling 1 gigabit service in cogeco areas and I am intrigued, I go to their website and long behold my address won't autopopulate in the system, figuring it's because they use canada posts bad autocomplete system for addresses. I type my moms address in which is only a few blocks away from mine and it shows she can get the gigabit service... (at this point I will mention I am a current cogeco customer with gigabit service and was just looking to switch to an alternative).

I call up ebox and they ask for my name and then my address.... she tries to punch in my address and it won't come up. I then have to go through the whole song and dance routine with her about how if they are using Canada posts system to autocomplete addresses it WILL NOT WORK. She tells ME 'the customer' to call Canada post myself and fix the issue with them. Reluctantly and annoyingly I call Canada post and they submit a ticket, and then 3 days later I get an email saying ticket complete but they literally did nothing, no issue fixed no nothing 'surprise surprise....'.

At this point I call ebox back and try to fully explain the situation with my address (not just my address in particular but the entire street). She asks for my address and then just echos what the previous rep said about my address not being in Canada Posts system and that I don't qualify for service because of it (ironic considering their foot print would be identical to cogeco, start, teksavvy etc). She said 'Their' technicians wouldn't be able to verify if I had service so they couldn't do it (as if they have any of 'their' own technicians...). I literally told her to go to and search for availability at my address, which she does and then comes back to say that I do qualify for gigabit service with cogeco at my address, and I also persisted to tell her I have had cable service with start as well as teksavvy and I had adsl with ebox 5 years ago. She then googles my street address on google maps and finds it and the street view but all she does is echo that they can't sell me service because my address doesn't come up in Canada posts system. I ask if they have a way to overwrite it since they know I can get service at my address given what I'm telling them and that she just verified availability on cogeco's website. She just says the same thing that because the address doesn't come up in their system that she can't sell me service.

Oh, at this point I will mention she's not just saying they can't provide me with gigabit service, she's saying they can't provide ANY service whatsoever (not cable, not dsl.. NOTHING) even though all the other companies can.

I was super annoyed at this point mainly because she clearly didn't have access to any REAL ordering method and it's like she was just using their website to submit orders (seriously?? a rep using a customer website) since she couldn't do a manual qualification and order submission. She just kept echoing over and over again about Canada post not having my address in the system. WHAT INTERNET PROVIDER RELIES ON CANADA POST??!!?? CANADA POST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME GETTING ANY UTILITIES! INCLUDING CABLE OR PHONE. Anywho, I try to give her some feedback that perhaps they need to fix their system and not rely on Canada post to find addresses and she tells me there is absolutely nothing wrong with THEIR system and it's all canada posts fault. I'm sorry lady, but if your system won't allow you to punch in an address manually and will only allow you to enter in an address with Canada posts autocomplete, IT'S EBOX'S LIMITED CAPABILITIES, I have the same issue checking service availability as well but at least there I can hit 'can't find address? click here to enter it in manually' and it will work just fine upon manual entry. Serious ebox, take responsibility for your bad system that you have for your reps... they seriously can't do a manual qualification and order? are they really just punching peoples info in on your junk website?
Service: cable

Thu, Nov 12,

j'ai été très bien servi par Mme Fatiha Bahh, très satisfaite