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IAAK Technologies Inc

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AAK Technologies Inc. is an innovative start up technology company established in 2013. Our goal is to improve Internet experience to all Canadians at a lower price point. We are certified CRTC internet service provider and Shaw Business Reseller. We currently provide fast Broadband Cable Internet to all Lower Mainland, British Columbia. We are team of Canadian Engineers with over 15 years of experience in Networking, Software Development and Electronics. We teamed up to provide many of the technologies available for the Business platforms to our homes. bla bla bla ....Great! Another Internet Company. Like we need another one. Why should I bother? That's a great question! We are not going to tell you that we are different or give you two more paragraphs on how we care more or provide better services. You will find that out yourself. We are Engineers, we don't talk much, and we say as it is, so here is why! "Canadians have almost Third World access to the Internet, which is grossly overpriced. It’s almost a human rights violation what they’re charging for Internet access in Canada.”- Ted Sarandos, CCO at Netflix.

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Téléphone (604) 945-4225
Bureau chef situé à Coquitlam, BC
Langues servies:
(Support client et technique)

Services résidentiels

Meilleur Prix 
Service de base
GB autorisé
Cable Cable $29.99 5,15,30 SANS LIMITES
Wireless Wireless $30 5,15,30 SANS LIMITES

Cout d'installation à partir de $85
Attribution d'adresse IP DHCP
Systèmes d'exploitation supportés Windows, Mac,
Méthodes de paiement acceptées pour les services résidentiels American Express, Monthly Invoice (Check), MasterCard, Visa,
Serveurs permis? No
Nombre d'adresses IP disponibles 8000
Heures de ligne téléphonique fournies avec large bande No
Posséder son modem est-il possible? Yes
Frais mensuels de location d'un modem N/A
Dépôt pour la location d'un modem? No
Nombre d'adresses courriel fournies?
Services Anti-Spam disponibles? No
Accès Usenet fourni? No
Espace web fourni? No
Grandeur de l'espace web fourni (megabytes)
Services VoIP disponibles? Oui (Voir IAAK Technologies Inc site de web)

IAAK Technologies Inc a mis à jour ses informations sur sur Wed, Apr 29, 2015.

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