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7 Internet Service Providers provide All Services in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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ISP (Click on ISP name for service details & offers.)
Cable Dial-Up DSL Dry DSL P2P Satellite Wireless TVoIP Home telephone (VoIP) service available Total positive reviews
No caps. No contracts. No worries.
Provides cable Provides dsl Provides drydsl Provides voip 9 Solutions Inc.
Provides cable Provides voip 22
GETUS Communications Ltd
Provides dsl Provides wir Provides iptv
Provides p2p Provides wir Provides voip
ZiD Internet div ZYMOS,inc.
Provides dialup Provides voip 22
Securitele Inc.
Provides cable Provides dsl Provides drydsl Provides voip
WRS Web Solutions Inc.
Provides dsl

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Note: Due to differences in provincial regulations & agreements with last-mile providers, not all locations have identical caps or prices. Check with the ISP for information specific to your province.

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